Worlds Number 1 B2B Sales Tool

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Klozers Sales Training Worlds Number 1 B2B Sales Tool

Worlds Number 1 B2B Sales Tool

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We use it every day and it’s so convenient most of us have three – one at home, one at work and a portable one.  It has a truly global sales reach, and allows sales people to connect, engage and cement relationships, deals and opportunities of all sizes.  It is more than 130 years old, but continues to be reinvented, updated and modernized.   It’s inexpensive, easy to use and there is more business conceived and concluded using this B2B sales tool than any other.

So what is it, well Ladies and Gentleman I give you the humble Telephone.  It may not be fashionable, and it may not be your own personal favorite, but nevertheless, it is the world’s number one Sales Tool.  The Telephone has been abused, misused and the weapon of choice for some of the worst sales strategies and sales techniques, hence the words Telephone and Sales are now not always popular bed mates.  However:

It is not the fault of Direct Mail we get flooded with junk mail.

It is not the fault of email that people choose to send spam.

It is not the fault of Social Media that people choose to be rude, offensive and keyboard warriors.

Therefore it is not the fault of the telephone that people have made, and most of us have received, some lousy sales calls.

In the White House and in the Kremlin there sits two Telephones.  These telephones are the last form of communication to prevent a nuclear war.  There is good reason both Presidents have chosen the telephone to communicate and not direct mail, email or Social Media.  Selling is nothing more than effective Communication and the telephone is the best communication tool ever.  Face to Face meetings which are arguably the second best sales tool, are second because we need the Telephone to arrange the meeting in the first place.  The Telephone rocks; so in the same way that a bad workman blames his tools, we should not blame the Telephone for the lousy calls we receive.

Whether you use the telephone for Lead Generation, Business Development, Selling, Account Management, Closing Deals, Customer Service or Aftercare, if you want to get the most from the Telephone don’t take it for granted.  Don’t assume it’s so simple and easy that anyone can use it.  You need to TRAIN and COACH your Sales people to use the Telephone Professionally because if you don’t Train and Coach them Professionally, you will get the results of an Amateur.  Furthermore your competition may just be using Professional Telephone Skills to target YOUR own customers.

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