The Solution

Klozers provide advanced sales reporting which informs Sales Leaders:

  1. Red Reports The service will prevent unauthorised access to confidential documents and data such as customer lists, price lists or contract information, including those downloaded to a USB stick.  Unauthorised access could be external hackers, former employees, competitors who have acquired documents from clients, or simply instances when tablets, laptops and phones have been lost and fallen into the wrong hands.
  2. Amber Reports – The service provides evidential reports that prove clients not only received, but opened and read documents such as Terms & Conditions and Legal Disclaimers for regulated industries.
  3. Green Reports The service reports where every single piece of sales collateral is distributed and read.  These are strong indicators of the progress of existing opportunities and a source of new sales leads from sales collateral that is being shared in the open market.

Each report includes the dates, times, locations and the email address of the user who tries to access the documents or data.