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The All in One Sales Coaching & Training solution to build a winning sales team

Traditional sales training is great, however, many companies have now moved to sales coaching to help build and develop their sales teams and here’s why.

  1. Salespeople learn by doing and not sitting in classrooms.
  2. Salespeople struggle to absorb everything they learn in 1 and 2 day training.
  3. Salespeople need follow on support after any training, to help them implement and perfect new sales strategies and skills.

This sales coaching programme is designed for Sales Leaders, Sales Managers and Sales Representatives of B2B companies who are serious about sales development, and sales growth. 

There is no magic wand or quick fix in B2B sales and whilst 1 and 2 day sales bootcamps are great, there is a limit to the ROI you can achieve with only one days investment in time and money. 

This coaching programme gives you access to an experienced and effective sales coach who will work side by side with your sales managers and your sales reps, to grow your sales revenue.

As a minimum, at least one senior executive from your organisation who has the authority to make any changes required across the sales and marketing function, in the business is required.  Sales knowledge or experience is not a requirement, only an open mind and a hunger for success.  

Our sales coaching programme provides a sustainable and effective sales coaching framework covering:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Planning
  • Sales Training & Coaching

Many clients come to us for sales training, but also need support in other areas of sales.  This programme provides a holistic approach to both training, coaching and sales leadership.

We work with sales leaders, owners and sales managers to help them identify and execute strategic sales objectives, that are important to their organisation.

We then turn these objectives into projects and use them to train their sales teams. This ensures sales reps learn new sales skills and strategies faster whilst increasing their retention of the new skills.  

Our sales coaching program uses a combination of OKRs and Sprint methodology as we work with your sales team to help them execute on the sales objectives that you have chosen. 

If you are not familiar with OKRs they are the Management system that companies like Adobe, Dell, Deloitte, Ebay, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Panasonic, Uber, VM Ware and a tonne more.

This coaching program includes any sales training that your team may require, from the sales courses listed on our website.    

Sales training is an important part of building any successful team, however, it’s important not to rush into training if you want to achieve the best possible results. Some simple advanced planning can make a huge difference to both the sales training and the outcomes.

Our approach ensures that salespeople have “bought” into the idea of sales training, and fully understand the connection between what they are learning and the impact it has on the company’s sales goals. 

It’s also worth noting that in many cases, sales training is neither the correct answer to the actual sales problem, or the best starting point. As an example, sales training will have little impact if the course content is not linked to the objectives of the sales organisation. Sales training will have little impact if there is no reinforcement or ongoing training and coaching strategy in place after a training event.

Many companies come to us after they have tried traditional sales training programs.  Often their sales reps had a good time at the training, but within days they had returned to the original sales behaviours that the training was supposed to overcome.  We deliver results, not training.

No two companies are the same, however, our sales coaching clients tell us they like our approach because:

1. Sales Leaders and their sales teams have continuous access to an experienced and effective sales coach via email, live chat and telephone.

2. The training and coaching is delivered via sales sprints, so they don’t waste time and money on sales reps travelling to and attending training classes in hotels and conference rooms.

3. Sales representatives are included regardless of their location, which better serves those working from home, and National and International sales teams. 

4. Their sales teams learn and adopt new selling skills faster as they are learning while they work, meaning faster results for them and the company.

5. Best practices in selling, managing and coaching are identified, documented and shared with other sales team members and other departments. 

5. Lower cost of entry than traditional training as we offer a fixed monthly fee for up to 12 sales reps and NO long contracts

6. Increases in accountability, productivity and sales performance across the board, as everyone on the program receives effective sales coaching from Klozers sales coaches.  

7. Sales Leaders, Sales Managers and Team Leaders receive separate training and coaching to help the sales organisation become self sufficient.

8. Sales Leaders and Sales Managers get hands on support to help them identify and achieve sales objectives that are important to the company.

9. Quota attainment becomes more consistent, which drives revenue goals across the business. 

10. The organisation develops an effective coaching culture and an environment where sales reps thrive and consistently hit their sales targets. 

Each of our clients is assigned a personal Sales Coach to work with throughout the sales coaching programme.  Where applicable, the sales coach will use additional sales coaches and trainers from Klozers to support the program.

The sales coaches primary role is to facilitate the programme and in order to do this, they will typically host:

Weekly Team Meetings, Sales Performance One to Ones, Sales Pipeline Review Meetings, Role Plays and Training sessions.

As no two companies and their people are the same, each programme is unique to that company and the Sales Coach will confirm the program as they work with you in the planning process.

You can see a sample agenda in the Delivery Details section below.

Whether you’re looking for Sales Management Coaching because you need to support a Sales Manager, or you have a Sales Manager that you want to start coaching your sales team, we’ve got you covered.

Sales Managers have an important but difficult role and can often make or break a sales team. Sales Managers have often been top salespeople with the ambition to move on and up, without anyone preparing them for a Management role. Sales Management is a completely different skill to being a salesperson and many of the traits that make someone good at sales often work against them as a Sales Manager.

Often Sales Managers need training and coaching to help them, in turn, be better at coaching their salespeople. Many Sales Managers will claim they are too busy or there is no need for coaching because “I talk to my people every day”. There is no substitute for a transparent, structured and objective coaching process that meets the goals of the coachee and the goals of the business.

In addition to an individual coaching session, we provide the Sales Manager with sales coaching templates we use in our own business to deliver effective sales coaching and sales performance reviews.  These templates act as a guide and framework for them to follow, making each sales coaching session and the whole sales coaching process much easier for them.

Sales Performance Coaching is very similar to Performance Management Coaching, however, it is specific to sales whereas Performance Management usually relates to the wider business.   

Sales Performance Coaching should:

  1. Inspire the company’s “A” players to push on and break existing sales records.
  2. Provide the support that “B” players need to improve and become “A” players in their own right. 
  3. Should be used to onboard new Salespeople and Graduates to ensure they get the best possible start in the business.  

As a CEO or Sales Leader, we would encourage you to develop a coaching culture within your business which supports both the organisations learning & development goals and the business goals.

Sales Coaching

Whilst we always endorse internal coaching by Sales Managers, in most cases we have found Sales Managers:

  1. Don’t understand the value in sales coaching and therefore don’t make time available for coaching
  2. Don’t have a formal sales coaching process
  3. Haven’t been trained to coach sales reps 

Developing a culture of coaching within the business engages and empowers the whole sales team. Studies show:

  • 80% of the workforce who have experienced coaching say it positively impacts their work performance, productivity, communication skills, and well-being.
  • 65% of those in a coaching culture are highly engaged.
  • Organisations with a strong coaching culture report revenues 34% higher than their peer group.

Sales Coaching and mentoring are similar but different skills and activities.

Mentoring is typically a long term (1-3) year process where a Mentee is guided by a third party who has typically gone through the same challenges and can therefore empathise and bring a different perspective.

Mentoring is normally more informal and doesn’t have any particular process or structure to it.

This can cause issues as, without any process or structure, there is little to no accountability from either side and often the mentoring relationship fizzles out.

That said a good mentoring programme can provide real benefits when designed and managed well.

Sales Coaching is typically a short term (9 month) process where the Sales Coach is supporting the Coachee with the practical application of strategies and tactics.

Sales Coaching should have a clearly defined and transparent structure and process.

We are extremely proud of our growing team of sales coaches, each of which specialises in B2B Sales.  In order to ensure we are providing the effective sales coaches all our team have undergone additional personal development training via a third party, for the delivery of sales training and sales coaching.

Each of our sales coaches have many years experience on b2b selling and still sell today.  They are not corporate presenters, but hands on sales professionals who know exactly what is required to design, facilitate and execute a successful sales coaching program.

The most important skill our sales coaches bring is their ability to facilitate each workshop in a way that maximises engagement from your sales team.   

Our sales coaches will help your sales team:

Build confidence, provide positive reinforcement and help motivate each sales rep

Improve the selling and people skills of each sales rep

Develop the sales reps emotional intelligence and self awareness 

Identify areas for improvement and teach sales reps how to conduct self evaluation for personal development

Create genuine behaviour change across the sales team

Provide effective sales coaching techniques for Sales Reps, Team Leaders and Sales Managers


With the world becoming smaller and electronic communications getting better, we now deliver all of our sales team coaching programmes online. We recommend using MS Teams for Sales where you can custom build your own sales portal which is reliable and robust. 

Our own Teams Portal allows us to track OKRs and design and track the  Sales Sprints in the coaching programme.  We communicate, share documents, guides and templates with you as and when required.

Inside the portal, we can each track and measure your progress to your goals and all our sales support content is available to you 24/7.

The Teams portal also provides chat, email and video conferencing facilities, however, if you don’t have Microsoft O365 don’t worry you can access MS Teams through our license on IOS or Android with a free email account from Microsoft. There’s also an app available, so if we need to talk when you are away from your desk, it’s still really easy for you.

Exec Sales Coaching Support

There are many different Coaching styles, however, our belief is that the style should be based on what works best for the Coachee not the Coach. In order to create a successful sales coaching programme it’s important to follow a transparent structure and process, however, the way the Coach and the Mentee work through the process can be very different. The Coaching Styles we work with are:

Directive Coaching

Directive Coaching is where the Coach will explain and demonstrate new strategies, tactics or skills to the Sales Reps. Each Sales Rep is given objectives and where appropriate a “learning path” to follow. This approach does not follow the typical lifestyle or business coaching methods, which are primarily question based.  In our experience, our clients are extremely busy and want answers quickly, not questions. 

Non Directive Coaching

Non Directive Coaching is based on the principles of Socratic teaching which conveys knowledge through critical thinking and reasoning. This format is a question based approach that encourages the individuals to work out and discover for themselves the answers to the problem. Whilst this may take the Sales Rep longer to get there, the process can be more empowering as “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”. What we mean by this is, telling is not always the best way to convey knowledge.

Collaborative Coaching

Collaborative Coaching is where the Coach and the Sales Reps work together to discover the best approach and answers. In many cases Sales Team Coaching requires this, as whilst the Coach may know the answers the context might make the answers less effective. The Sales Reps know the organisation, it’s structures and people better than the Coach but working together they can find the best solutions to move forward.

Our Approach

We have discovered over the years that in order to serve our clients well our Coaches need to be able to use all three Coaching styles. Throughout our team coaching sessions, we have to be able to respond in the most appropriate style based on the scenario and the needs of the Sales Reps.

The Coaching Styles are part of the GROW Sales Coaching model that we use to add structure and process to our coaching sessions.

Sales Coaching doesn’t work for everyone and this normally relates to their leadership style. A study by Zenger Folkman the Leadership experts showed:

  • People become less coachable the older they get
  • Those who remain coachable maintained a high level of Leadership effectiveness
  • Leaders with the highest potential also scored high on coachability
  • Those who are more coachable are better leaders
  • As people move up into C level positions the most coachable are the most effective

In order for our sales coaching to work for you, it’s important that you understand:

  • That no Sales Coach in the world has a magic wand or quick fix for sales. Yes, cales coaching can help, however, it’s unrealistic to expect any Sales Coach to turn around sales in a month when you may have been trying for 4,5 years or more.
  • It’s your responsibility to have a good, reliable, product or service (not necessarily the best). There is no sense in trying to grow sales if your product or service isn’t good enough to win repeat business. Fix the product or service first and then look to improve your sales.
  • Growing and Scaling a business is not only hard work, it can also be very stressful. Sales Coaching can alleviate this, however, it will always be hard and stressful and your well being should always take precedence.
  • Much like when you go to the gym, you will be doing all the heavy lifting and like your Coach in the Gym, our job standing by your side is much easier. However, in the same way that when you come out the gym you feel much better and more positive, your sales coaching sessions will lift you. Often just knowing you are on the right track is the most important thing.

Our sales team coaching is available for both In-person delivery, online delivery and hybrid.  Please note: additional charges apply for onsite delivery based on your location.

The programme is delivered via weekly sessions, with dedicated calls the first three weeks of every month. There will invariably be times you would like us to talk to your sales and marketing teams and we are happy to do so as part of the programme.

Our coaching program follows our own framework that we have developed to include OKRs and Sales Sprints.  In practical terms the program is:

Session 1 – Objective Setting.  We work with you to identify 5 strategic sales objectives for the business.

Session 2 –  Sales Planning. We take 3 of your objectives and turn them into sales plans with key results. 

Session 3 – Action. Each sales rep would have an individual action plan and start working towards the objectives. In cases where Sales Reps do not have the required skills or knowledge to carry our their action plan sales training and coaching is available to support them.

In terms of the timeline, our goal is to complete Session 3 by the end of the third week of our engagement.  For some this would mean sales training, however, the content of Session 3 is driven by the previous 2 sessions. 

Sales Training only works for Sales Reps who are motivated to learn and hungry to improve themselves.  Most Sales Reps will tell their Sales Managers that they want sales training when asked, because they know it makes them look bad if they say no.

All our templates, tools and frameworks are included to aid learning and adoption. 

Sales Team Coaching
Sales Team Coaching

How many people does the coaching program cover?

The program has a minimum entry limit of 5 people.  For larger groups we charge £2,750 for 5-8 people, £3,750 for 8-11 people and £4,750 for 11-15 people.  POA for larger teams. 

Will the sales coaching cover the topics that are important to me?

Yes. All our training and sales coaching includes an initial needs analysis where you can specify the areas that are most important to you.

Do you provide bespoke services for larger organisations?

Yes, and as examples we can help you create and run your own Sales Enablement portal, or provide speakers for sales conferences. Please email us via the Contact Us page with your enquiry.

What industries does the sales coaching cover?

Our Sales Team Coaching is specific to Business to Business selling, not to any specific vertical. We do however have lots of experience in IT, Pharma, Technology, SaaS, Professional Services, Digital Media, Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Banking, Software and Financial Services.

Can I cancel my sales coaching plan?

Yes.  It is simply not possible to coach someone who does not want to be coached. As a company and individually, we only want to work with people where we can add value.

You can cancel your coaching plan at any time and you will still have access to your coach and all the content up until the end of your current month. 

Many of our clients require bespoke programmes built around the specific needs of their organisation and people.  As examples, we can help you create and run your own sales programmes, internal sales academies, partner development programmes, sales enablement portals and sales kick-offs.  Please use the “Book a call” function below to speak to one of our coaches.

As every business and its people are unique, it’s not unusual for people to still have questions.  You can book a no obligation call with one of our coaches who can answer any questions you have.


I never really enjoyed sales and selling until I did some training with Klozers.  If you’re wondering about the investment and if it’s worth it, I can only share my experience.  Of the many strategies and techniques I learned, every single one was relevant, however, one strategy in particular on negotiation has earned our business over £100k every year.  This stuff just works.
William Fairhurst – Managing Director, ECS

Iain is an outstanding sales trainer and coach. He has played a crucial role in helping us develop a thoroughly professional and industry leading sales and customer service team. Having worked with us for two years, he has become our trusted advisor on all matters related to our sales strategy. His passion for what he does is infectious and I would highly recommend having a conversation with Iain to see if he could help your company’s sales performance.

Steve Tigar – CEO Money Dashboard

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