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Choosing the best Sales Training Opportunity:

A comparison between Sandler Training
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What makes Klozers Different?

Your number 1 priority when you launch your new business is sales
Here's how we help from day 1

Go to Market Strategy

We work with Partners to develop a bespoke Go To market strategy for their region.

working together

Network Opportunities

After initial training you can immediately start to earn income from the Klozers Partner Network

growing together

Market Differentiation

With thousands of Sandler trainers competing with you, how will you stand out from the crowd?

winning together

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No obligation call where you can talk with us and discover if Klozers Partner Program, is the right opportunity for you.  

Unlock your Potential: Klozers vs Traditional Training Franchise

1. Flexibility and Autonomy:

Klozers Partner Network

As a Klozers partner, you’ll gain the freedom to build your training business while leveraging the support of a well-established brand. You can deliver training in-person or remotely, expanding your reach and exploring global network opportunities.

Sandler Training

Franchises often come with stringent operational guidelines and restrictions. Your business is tied to the franchise’s established model, and sales methodology, limiting your flexibility and creative freedom.

2. Extensive Training & Expertise

Klozers Partner Network

Professional selling changes continuously – our training programmes, frameworks and models are reviewed annually to ensure we have the latest and most up to date sales strategies & content.

Sandler Training

Franchises focus on replicating an existing methodology and then implementing that same methodology with every client.  No two clients are the same and therefore the solution needs  flexibility.

3. Global Reach & Collaboration

Klozers Partner Network

Our partner model enables you to reach new markets beyond your territory. Collaborate with other partners, gaining additional revenue by delivering training on behalf of Klozers worldwide.

Sandler Training

Franchise expansion may be limited to the franchise’s predetermined locations, restricting your opportunities to explore international markets.


4. Multiple Revenue Streams

Klozers Partner Network

Klozers, offers diverse revenue streams, including game simulations and digital product sales. You can also recruit and mentor sub-partners, earning commissions from their activities within your territory.

Sandler Training

Franchise revenue is typically generated through the sale of products or services within the franchise’s specific offerings, with limited room for diversification.

5. Exclusive Brand Association

Klozers Partner Network

We maintain a limited number of partners, ensuring exclusivity in specific regions or industries. Partnering with Klozers grants you access to a premium brand image and an esteemed network.

Sandler Training

Many franchise Regions have multiple franchises within the areas, diluting the exclusivity of the brand association and reducing the potential for market differentiation whilst increasing competition.

6. Rapid Expansion

Klozers Partner Network

As a Klozers partner, you can rapidly expand outwith your Region with the support of of the Partner Network.

Sandler Training

Franchise expansion outside your Region may be a lengthy and complex process, hampered by legal, cultural, and logistical challenges.

7. Ongoing Support & Development

Klozers Partner Network

Klozers offer support with Strategy, Marketing, Branding and Commercial areas, which are vital if you want to build a business.  

Sandler Training

Franchisees receive support and training focussed on sales tactics, skills and sales training.  

8. Market Differentiation

Klozers Partner Network

Our new product development is focussed on genuinely different solutions with little to no competition.  To date, we are the first sales training company in the world to introduce live simulations.

Sandler Training

Most training organisations focus on the same old courses that every other training provider offers, which in many cases leaves you competing on price.

9. Cost

Klozers Partner Network

Klozers offer a tiered partner program starting at £20,000 and rising to £35,000

Sandler Training

Sandler Training costs in the region of $49,000 with $100,000 working capital required.  Source Frannet.

Big Enough to Win - Small Enough to Care

Klozers Partner Network

While traditional franchises have their merits, the Klozers Partner Network offers a level of flexibility, autonomy, and global reach that sets it apart. By joining forces with Klozers, you’ll access comprehensive training, continuous development, and the support of a premium brand. Embrace the freedom to grow your training business on a global scale, earn from multiple revenue streams, and take your place among the industry’s elite.

Don’t miss this chance to become a driving force in B2B sales training. Seize the opportunity today and be part of the Klozers family! 

Author & Founder


I am an ex Sandler Training franchisee and these are my personal opinions based on my own personal experience.  I further accept Sandler may have made changes since I left their network, therefore, please contact Sandler Training directly should you wish to clarify anything.  This content is for information purposes only.

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Iain Swanston

Iain has spent over 35 years in B2B sales, selling, training and leading teams both domestically and internationally.  In addition he serves as an Associate at the UK’s number 1 Business School based at Strathclyde University, where he has delivered the sales content for the Masters in Entrepreneurship since 2015.

**Unlock Your Potential: Partnering with Klozers vs. a Sandler Training Franchise**

Are you an experienced consultant seeking to thrive in the world of B2B sales training and consulting? As you explore different avenues, you might come across the option of starting a Sandler Training franchise. However, let’s delve into the key differentiators between the franchise model and the unparalleled opportunity of partnering with Klozers.

**1. Extensive Training and Ongoing Support:**
When you partner with Klozers, you’ll undergo an initial residential training program that equips you with the essential skills to deliver exceptional sales training. The training is continuous, ensuring you stay ahead in the industry and not only includes initial training, but ongoing in-territory support on sales, marketing, training, and growing your own business.

**2. Flexibility and Autonomy in Your Own Consulting Practice:**
With Klozers, you gain the freedom to build your own training and consulting practice while leveraging the support of a renowned brand. Deliver training face-to-face or remotely, giving you the flexibility to cater to diverse clients worldwide.

**3. Multiple Income Streams:**
As a Klozers partner, you’ll have the opportunity to generate client income through various revenue streams, including consulting, training, coaching, and product sales. Additionally, you can recruit and mentor sub-partners, earning commissions from their activities within your territory.

**4. Exclusive Brand Association:**
Klozers maintains a limited number of partners, granting exclusivity in specific regions or industries. By aligning yourself with Klozers, you’ll enjoy the prestige of a premium brand known for excellence.

**5. Industry-Leading Training Franchise:**
Klozers is at the forefront of modern training and does not follow the traditional franchise industry model, The Franchise Industry is essential run by Franchise companies for Franchise companies.  The Klozers Partner Opportunity is a partnership, not a franchise business.

**6. Thrive with Fellow Partners:**
As part of the Klozers network, you’ll collaborate with like-minded high achievers and fellow partners. The community aspect fosters learning, sharing, and driving success together. Unlike a traditional franchise we are set up to collaborate, not compete with fellow franchisees and offer global reach, networking opportunities and a truly collaborative environment set.

**7. Comprehensive Management Training:**
At Klozers, you’ll receive comprehensive management training, equipping you with essential skills to run a successful business. The pre-training program prepares you for the challenges and opportunities ahead. We’ll teach you the exact strategies and tactics we use to grow our own business.

**8. Embrace Corporate Training Opportunities:**
Klozers provides corporate training solutions, giving you access to high-value markets and international corporates. The opportunity for rapid international expansion sets you on a path for success.

**Unlock Your Success with Klozers!**

While a Sandler Training franchise can be a viable option for some, partnering with Klozers offers unmatched flexibility, comprehensive training, and global reach. Build your consulting practice, leverage the power of a premium brand, and embrace a community of like-minded professionals. Take the first step towards unlocking your potential and join the thriving world of B2B sales training with Klozers!