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Thank you for visiting our website and considering Klozers as your potential training provider.

We understand this is an important decision for you, however, no website can provide you with the most important piece of your sales training jigsaw. This is the dynamics and relationship between you, your team and the actual trainer.

Before you make any investment in training we are happy to arrange a one hour lunch and learn with your team. This will give you an opportunity to “test” our trainers and ensure they are a good fit with you and your team.

Whether you are looking for a one off training course in Scotland or help with a sales transformation project, our team can help deliver the best experience and those all important results you are looking for.

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1. B2B Sales Training Scotland

Welcome to Klozers, the home of B2B Sales Training. Based just outside Edinburgh in the Central Belt we have delivered bespoke sales training and sales coaching to clients all over Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Perth, Aberdeen, Inverness & Kirkwall. Our solutions provide sales teams with specialist training that helps them to consistently find, kloze and grow more sales opportunities.

We put your sales on Fast Track and remove all the frustration, anxiety and missed sales targets that most Sales Leaders have to put up with.

Our solutions fall into two different categories. Our tactical solutions are short, high impact services designed to transition your sales to the next level. Our Strategic Solutions are long term and designed to radically transform your business which will include changes to your sales strategy, sales structure, sales systems and culture. Our transformation solutions are designed to build long term, sustainable sales machines.

Tactical Sales Solutions

Sales Training

Sales Coaching

Strategic Sales Solutions

Sales Growth & Scaling

Sales Consulting

If your dissatisfied with your current sales revenue then we should talk.

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2. Sales Training Courses in Scotland

We provide a range of training courses in Scotland centred around the Consultative Sales Methodology which is different to the traditional features and benefits ABC (Always be Closing) approach from the 1970’s. Modern buyers are better informed and educated than ever before and our modern training approach reflects this.

With 62% of buyers preferring to research and shortlist potential vendors online it’s more important than ever that Salespeople adopt a proactive approach and make sure they are on the modern buyers shortlist.

Our sales training courses in Scotland all feature our unique Work Based Learning which focusses sales teams on the high value activities of finding, klozing and growing more sales opportunities.

Our sweet spot is helping companies develop sales campaigns and then using those campaigns to provide real life training scenarios for their teams.  We especially like helping small and mid-market companies take on industry giants and whoop them. 

Consultative Sales Skills
Sales Training Course

Consultative Selling Skills

Our flagship sales course revised and updated post lockdown.

This course has successfully been delivered to hundreds of salespeople since it’s inception and consistently is given 5 out of 5 stars in client reviews.

Contact us know and discover how this course can transform your current sales teams performance and results.

Key Account Management

If your business is typical 80% of next years revenues will come from this years customers.

This also means that your top customers are competitions top targets.

Our key account sales course helps lock in your customers and lock out the competition.

Telesales Training

Changes in buyer behaviour and the shift to digital solutions continue, however, everyday salespeople talk with prospects and customers over the telephone.

Every call and every conversation is important. Unlike most training our coaches will make live calls, including cold calls with your team to demonstrate in a live environment the strategies and tactics they need in order to be successful.

Exec Sales Coaching

We work as trusted advisors to senior leaders who need to make improvements to their organisations sales.

Our sweet-spot is working with small and midmarket organisations and helping them challenge brand leaders in their industry.

Every business is unique and we work with every client to develop bespoke sales programmes for each client.

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3. Sales Training Glasgow, Scotland

We are lucky enough to have served the Glasgow business community for many years and have worked with local companies like Bridgeall, Redspire, Cordia & Kube Networks,

Our Lead Sales Trainer Iain Swanston also works as an adjunct Lecturer delivering the Sales Labs for the Masters in Entrepreneurship programme at Strathclyde Business School in Cathedral Street, Glasgow Scotland.

In addition to lecturing at the Business School we are proud to partner with the team at Strathclyde and have successfully co-delivered sales training programmes to the Scottish Business community on behalf of Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise and Glasgow based Scottish Edge.

In the video below John Anderson from Strathclyde Business School talks about why they chose to work with Klozers.

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4. Training Delivery in Glasgow, Scotland

In Glasgow we use the training facilities of our partner Strathclyde University Business School located at 199 Cathedral Street, Glasgow G4 0QU which is a 9 minute walk from Glasgow Queen Street Train Station (GLQ).

Clients visiting us for Sales Training Courses in Glasgow Scotland can reach us via:

Glasgow via Road

Glasgow via Air

5. Sales Training Edinburgh, Scotland

We have worked in Edinburgh since our inception and have built a strong connection with the Edinburgh business community.

We are proud to have worked with companies in Edinburgh and the Central Belt serving many different industries such as Telecoms, Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Business Services, Oil & Gas. 

In Edinburgh our clients include Microsoft, Martin Currie Investment Bank, ECS, CompanyNet, DataLab, ETCS, Galbraiths, Excellimore, Lettingweb, Jumpstart, DEM Solutions & Logicalware.

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6. Training Delivery in Edinburgh, Scotland

In Edinburgh we use the facilities at Microsoft UK at 2-4 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EG which is a 2 minute walk from Edinburgh Waverley Train Station in the heart of the city.

Clients visiting us for Sales Training Courses in Edinburgh Scotland can reach us via:

Edinburgh via Road

Edinburgh via Air

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7. Online Sales Training & Coaching

With more and more of our clients having disparate Sales Teams it’s not uncommon for us to deliver and support Salespeople who are working remotely. This could be anywhere in Scotland, but also many of our clients have remote staff working throughout the UK and often further afield in Europe and the US. (We also deliver sales training in London and Manchester.)

In order to support these teams we have developed bespoke online training and coaching solutions which can be used as the primary delivery mechanism or as a support tool for our workshop based courses.

Our online solutions include our Sales Management Training, SaaS Sales Training and Exec Sales coaching which are all delivered via our Sales Enablement Platform that comes complete with Sales Playbooks to assist with your Sales Management. We recognise that no two businesses are the same and can work with you to customise our content to match more specific needs.

Whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Consultative Selling Skills Course Support
Training Course – Online Support

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8. Sales Training Scotland Reviews

“All the sales ‘Training’ I have had up to Klozers has been just that – ‘Training’. What Klozers offer is transferable from class-room to board-room is to develop an understanding of the business I work in and apply proven techniques that will work. I now refer to this as Sales Coaching, which for me is very different to training.

Nic Hood – Commercial Director, TechnoNICOL, Stirling

“Klozers are the Sat Nav for sales success.”

Alan Wood – Business Manager, Microsoft Edinburgh

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