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Klozers provides B2B sales teams with a repeatable end to end Sales Enablement system that helps them to consistently find, kloze and grow more sales opportunities.

We put your sales on Fastrack and remove all the frustration, anxiety and missed sales targets that most Sales Leaders have to put up with.

b2b sales coaching

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Sales Consulting Services


Prescription without diagnosis is negligent in the medical profession and we believe the same should apply in sales.

Sales Training Courses


With award winning trainers and content we support  sales teams across many industries.

Klozers Sales Coaching


 Training is great but coaching is where we take the theory and help our clients apply it in the boardroom.


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B2B Sales Training


Having a winning sales strategy will make the difference between struggling and flying. We've successfully re-positioned many products and services to connect better with their target audience.

Value Proposition

If you're launching a new product/service understanding your value and how to position your product/service is vital.


With a combined total exceeding 30 years in sales leadership positions our Coaches know how to engage inspire and motivate sales people.

Systems & Process

Our expertise lies in creating repeatable and scaleable systems and processes for sales teams.


We still believe people buy from people and we have a deep understanding of buyer psychology and what makes sales people tick.

Sales Technology

Success in sales now requires your people to be proficient with technology. Whether its your CRM, Social Selling or other software we've got you covered


We work on specific projects for clients lasting between 1 and 9 months

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We have a range of 1, 2 and 5 day training courses

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We provide 3, 6 and 9 month coaching programmes

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Klozers Reviews

“All the sales ‘Training’ I have had up to Klozers has been just that – ‘Training’. What Klozers offer is transferable from class-room to board-room, is to develop an understanding of the business I work in and apply proven techniques that will work.” – Nik Hood, Commercial Director – Superglass

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Register for a Free account and get instant access to our tools, templates & frameworks.