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Sales Training in Stuttgart

Results Driven Sales Training in Stuttgart from the B2B Sales Experts

Welcome to Klozers

We love working with SMEs and Mid Market companies who need to take on the brand leaders in their industry and win.  If that sounds like you, let’s talk!

We deliver best in class Sales Training Courses in Stuttgart and onsite at your offices throughout the Baden-Württemberg region.  We have a full range of sales courses available, and can give your sales team the new sales skills and strategies required to win more customers, and grow your business.

We have a great team of sales trainers, each of which still sells as part of their role.  We don’t do theory, because you don’t.  Each training course is packed with hands on, practical strategies and tactics you can take away and implement in your own business. 

In addition to our Sales Training courses in Stuttgart we also deliver training in Cologne,  Berlin, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hannover, Munich, Munster, Rhein Main, Rhein Palatinate, Stuttgart and Ulm.

We also deliver bespoke training In-house and can customise our content to match your exact needs if required.

Why Choose Us?

Most traditional sales training companies focus on Outbound selling skills and these are hugely important.  What makes Klozers different is that we understand how to create powerful Inbound sales campaigns that are aligned with your Outbound strategy.

What this means for our clients is simple – better results in a shorter time period.  What’s more, we can build bespoke training programmes around new sales campaigns for you.  This way we are teaching your sales people new sales skills whilst they are working on these campaigns, giving you a faster and better ROI.  

Lastly, unlike many other training companies, we eat our own dog food.  What does this mean?  Quite simply it means that every sales strategy and all of the selling skills we teach, we use in our own business.  What’s more, we will show you exactly how they work in our business, both the good and the bad. 

This gives our sales trainers a deep understanding of real world sales, and how we can help you sell more and deliver real sales success. 

Quite simply if your sales team needs to become more proficient at developing better sales conversations, adopting new skills, following a proven and effective sales process, and winning new business please get in touch with us.

Sales Training in Stuttgart

We deliver our Sales Training Courses in Stuttgart at the Kronen Hotel, Kronenstrasse 48, Stuttgart-Mitte, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany.


Sales Training Courses in Stuttgart

We have a great range of courses covering the most common sales roles, selling skills and challenges sales teams will encounter.

  • Sales Fundamentals Training
  • Consultative Sales Skills Training
  • Telephone Sales Training Course
  • Key Account Management Training
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • SaaS Sales Training
  • LinkedIn Sales Training Course
  • Sales Management Training

Your Sales Trainer in Stuttgart

verkaufstraining stuttgart
Sales Training Stuttgart

Meet Susie

In Stuttgart and the DACH region our training is delivered by Susannah Mathieson.

Susie who is a fluent German speaker started training and coaching after a successful career in sales with ICI, AkzoNoble and Alldata.

Klozers has successfully delivered training to companies working in Professional Services, Automotive, Telecoms, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology, SaaS, Pharmaceutical, Defense, Construction & the Food & Drink industries.

Deutscher Verkaufstrainer
Sales Training Stuttgart

Meet Christian

Christian, an accomplished sales trainer, has a remarkable history of successful sales in various markets. From construction to packaging and several service sectors, Christian’s rich sales background grants him a profound insight into the intricacies of the sales process. 

His specialization in SaaS and telephone sales reflects his passion for developing interactive and hands-on training workshops.

Christian is also a sports enthusiast, excelling in Ironman and cycling. He uses his sports knowledge to make learning sales easier and more exciting. If you’re looking for a native German sales trainer Christian is the perfect teacher for you.

Sales Skills Training in Stuttgart

We are committed to ensuring that you get the most from your sales skills training and there are certain steps that you should take before the sales training takes place:

  1. Complete the pre-course questionnaire to advise us of your priorities in terms of training needs.
  2. Discuss internally how you will support and hold attendees accountable after the training to ensure the new strategies and tactics are implemented.
  3. Ensure attendees attend the monthly post course support sessions to ensure they keep learning and improving.

Each sales training programme that we deliver is hugely important to us.  We are keen to work with your sales manager to ensure every team member of your sales force enjoys and learns when they are with us.  

Sales Coaching in Stuttgart

Whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered with our Online Sales Coaching portal and certified sales coaches.  

  • Proven Coaching Frameworks
  • Support the practical application of new sales skills in the field
  • Mentor & Support Future Leaders
  • Project based coaching for large deals
  • Mentor & Support Non Sales Professionals
  • Easy to Follow Videos, Audio and Workbooks

Sales Training in Stuttgart Reviews

I admit, I had my doubts: a training schedule with 8 training units of 3 hours each – and that during the end of year rush. A virtual training no less. But my doubts were dispelled quickly. Already the first training revealed: This investment would pay off.

  • Contents – top!
  • Coach – top!
  • Teamwork – top!
  • Atmosphere – top!
  • Leader is actively incorporated into the training as participant – top!
  • Solving technical problems – top!
  • Testing acquired knowledge – top!”
Sales Manager, Telecoms

Klozers are the Sat Nav for sales success.”

Alan Wood – Business Manager, Microsoft Corp

I joined a Klozers online sales coaching programme to learn more about Consultative Selling, and how I could apply this when I sell to Enterprise organisations. The more skills and knowledge I have, the better prepared I can be on every outbound call I make.

Having a sales coach and someone to support me through the inevitable ups and downs of sales has really helped me improve my game, book more appointments and more deals.

My coach was really flexible and was happy to talk in between my scheduled coaching slots, especially when I had burning questions and needed support fast. The debriefing calls we had after my sales meetings not only helped me understand where I could improve, they also gave me the right words to say, in the right sequence and at the right time.

I would happily recommend Klozers online coaching – talk to them, you have nothing to lose.”

Elliott Boll – Account Executive, Docebo

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