Free Sales Training

FREE Sales Training for Salespeople Made Redundant

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FREE Sales Training

Edinburgh based Business 2 Business Sales Specialists Klozers have launched a FREE Sales Training & Coaching programme for any Salespeople made redundant because of the Coronavirus.

Often Salespeople are the first people to be laid off during an economic downturn and Klozers goal is to help Salespeople made redundant through no fault of their own, develop their sales skills which will make them more employable when the crisis subsides. 

The online training programme which started as an easy way for Klozers sales trainers to share documents requested by their clients, now boasts the largest single repository of B2B sales tools, templates and frameworks. 

Need help writing an Elevator Pitch, a Business Case, a Customer Case Study, a Sales Performance guide or a one-page form to coach your sales people? Well there’s templates for all of these and many more available for download here on our website.   CEO’s and Entrepreneurs can also use Klozers Sales Audit tools to benchmark the sales function in their business and identify the areas for improvement. 

The templates help demystify sales with easy, practical and actionable tools that every business can use.  The tools are all designed to be easily customised so businesses can personalise the templates to suit their specific needs and circumstances.

In addition to then tools and templates Klozers provide live Coaching from a Klozers certified coach so Salespeople can receive targeted support that is most relevant for them. 

How to Apply

Salespeople can apply via the form below. At this stage there are no restrictions and by registering Salespeople are self-declaring their redundancy. Please do not register unless you have been made redundant as this reduces resources from those that need it the most.

Please note, Klozers training & coaching is delivered online via Microsoft Teams. This means you will need either an O365 account or a FREE Microsoft email account from

After applying you will receive an email with joining instructions. For those with MS Teams already installed you can use the Desktop version and those without O365 can use the web based browser system.

Our goal is to help as many Salespeople as possible back to work however for obvious reasons we cannot guarantee future employment for anyone.

For joining details please contact jo****@kl*****.com

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Iain Swanston has spent over 30 years in B2B sales selling, training and leading teams both domestically and internationally.Β  In addition he serves as an Associate at Strathclyde University Business School where he has delivered the sales content for the Masters in Entrepreneurship since 2015.

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