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Sales Enablement Solutions

  • Fall in Love with Sales All Over Again
Five Stars - Klozers Sales Specialist - Klozers

“Klozers are the SatNav for Sales Success”   Alan Wood, Business Manager – Microsoft

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Fix Your Sales Once and For all

Client Comments

  • "We no longer feel that there is a constraint in sales and we have a system that we can expand on, and enjoy further growth over the coming years."
  • "Our Sales people are now more focused and motivated than ever before, and there is a really positive buzz in the sales office."
  • "Even the members of the team who were at first sceptical have come around, and are performing at a higher level."

Client Results

  • "We increased the productivity of the sales team by 156% compared to the same calendar period last year."

  • "At the start of the project we were 11.46% behind our Annual Sales Target and we ended 0.14% ahead of target - that’s an overall improvement of 11.6% in 90 days."
  • "The sales team pro-actively generated more sales opportunities in the last 30 days than they did in the whole of the previous 12 months."
Five Stars - Klozers Sales Specialist - Klozers

“Our Sales Management team now actually have the belief that we will break our annual sales target.”
Mike Glaire, Managing Director – ETCV

What we do

  • Raise the Bar in Sales Performance
  • We Support Time Poor Sales Leaders
  • Planning, Structure & Process for Sales Growth
  • Manage your People, Manage your Outcomes
  • Lead, Motivate & Inspire

Implement a Proven End to End Sales System

Sales Enablement Solutions

How Top Sales Leaders
Make an Impact in 90 Days

We Make Sales Happen for You

  • Over 15 Easy to Follow Frameworks & Tools
  • Step by Step Sales Process & Methodology
  • Outcome Based Governance & Accountability
  • Support for Geographically Dispersed Teams
  • Ongoing support and mentoring
  • Sales Enablement Solutions that
    Drives Sales Performance you will LOVE

What is Sales Enablement?

Our Sales Enablement solutions provide an End to End process that includes all the content, tools, coaching, structure and governance required to drive your Sales Growth.  Our system starts by helping you FIND more opportunities,  then KLOZE more opportunities and finally pro-actively manage & GROW your client accounts.

Who We Work With

We work with Chief Execs of Mid Market organisations who need a Trusted Advisor specialising in Sales to provide objective & pragmatic advice.

They typically have a great product or service, but are frustrated with their sales results and often need additional support for their time poor Sales Leadership Team.

We work with companies who need to drive improvements and performance across the whole Sales function, and provide the vital Lead Generation strategies to hunt down, and Kloze new business opportunities. 

We have a great clients who love us because we recognise no two businesses are the same, and therefore we spend time upfront to learn about the business and the people, before we make any recommendations. 

Our Sales Enablement Approach

Our proven Sales Enablement approach includes:

1. Sales doesn’t happen in isolation from the rest of the business, so we look at the business as a whole from a sales perspective, and we will help you make the necessary changes across your business to “grease the sales wheels”.

2. We work with you to implement our system and then we will help your team with the execution.  Our clients like this approach because they don’t have the time to do all these things themselves and they recognise the benefits of an end to end  sales enablement solution.

3. In most cases training is the WRONG place to start, because unless you have the systems, process, structure and governance in place, then in all likely hood the training will just be great fun, and we are more interested in results.  We will do training, but only when we’re sure it will be effective, and stick.

4. Once we implement our sales enablement system we will need your people to do certain things like phone, email, visit & network with prospects & customers.  There are no shortcuts for hard work. and if your sales people don’t like hard work, we cannot help them.  We will not coach or train these people as it is not a good investment of your resources or ours.

5. We do take everything personally because we care, and we want you to be successful.  We expect your people to be as passionate and hungry for their own success as we are. 

Klozers Sales Enablement Review

Alan Wood, Account Director of Microsoft talks about his experience and the benefits of working with Klozers Sales Specialists.  Alan enrolled in the Microsoft Sales Academy run by Klozers Senior Partner Iain Swanston.  The Academy was a 12 month bespoke sales training and sales coaching programme designed to deliver Sales Excellence for both Microsoft and the wider Microsoft Partner Network.  The programme focussed on Sales Process, Sales Methodology and Best Practice in Business Development and Account Management focusing on the Microsoft range of Cloud bases products and services for business.

How Top Sales Leaders
Make an Impact in 90 Days

Reviews for Klozers Sales Enablement Solutions

"Every time I work with Klozers I am left with a real feeling of enthusiasm and motivation to get on and get results. They are excellent at helping me clearly see the way ahead and identifying the steps to take to move forward, both at work and in terms of pushing my own personal development."
Sally Atkinson
Sales Consultant @ Advanced
"Klozers have played a crucial role in helping us develop a thoroughly professional and industry leading sales and customer service team. Having worked with us for two years, they have become our trusted advisor on all matters related to our sales strategy."

Steve Tigar
CEO @ Money Dashboard
"I went into this thinking I was undertaking sales training for my work but did not realise I was actually signing up for on-going coaching that would change my daily (working) life so dramatically - for the better. Klozers involvement is visibly raising my sales game in terms of confidence, ambition, pipeline and results."
Jennifer Elliot
Sales Consultant -@ Advanced
Sales Enablement Solutions (6)

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Sales Enablement Solutions
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Sales Enablement Solutions
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We provide Executive level support of Mid Sized businesses looking to raise the bar in Sales Performance and specialise in Lead Generation, and developing teams to find, kloze and grow new business opportunities. Our solutions provide the content, tools, systems, process and governance to take your business to the next level.