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Make Your Sales Revenues  Stand Out

The Smarter Way to Grow Your Sales

Don’t take our word for it,

listen to our clients.



Alan Wood, Account Director of Microsoft talks about his experience and the benefits of working with Klozers Sales Specialists.  Alan enrolled in the Microsoft Sales Academy run by Klozers Senior Partner Iain Swanston.  The Academy was a 12 month bespoke sales training and sales coaching programme designed to deliver Sales Excellence for both Microsoft and the wider Microsoft Partner Network.  The programme focussed on Sales Process, Sales Methodology and Best Practice in Business Development and Account Management focusing on the Microsoft range of Cloud bases products and services for business.

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Sell More


Klozers Sales Specialists will show you proven sales strategies and tactics that will help you and your team close more deals, and bigger deals.  We have a proven track record of implementing sales improvements from initial Value Proposition, Lead Generation, Sales & Aftercare.  No two businesses are the same and we invest time and resources up front understanding your needs.

Sell Faster


Klozers Sales Specialists will help you reduce your sales cycles and lockout your competition with tried and proven shortcuts to success.  Our frameworks and tools will help you identify areas for improvements which together with your team we will prioritise the quick wins and areas that will deliver the greatest impact for both your people and your organisation.

Build Value


Klozers Sales Specialists will work with you to build long term relationships with your clients to secure future revenue and develop large accounts.  Identifying and developing strategies that will deliver long term recurring revenues, is key to building sustainable growth for any organisation.  These recurring revenues are the long term and ongoing value that “lock in” your clients for the future.

Don’t take our word for it,

listen to our clients.



John Anderson, Head of SME Engagement at Strathclyde University Business School talks about why they chose to Partner with Klozers Sales Specialists.  Strathclyde Business School and The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship use Klozers to deliver Executive Level Sales Education.  Strathclyde chose Klozers specifically because of their breadth of services from initial Value Propositions through to scaling companies.

Contact us now for a Free Consultation on how we can help your sales grow.

Kickstart your sales now

Klozers offer a range of open sales training programmes in Edinburgh, Manchester and London.  These programmes are typically 2 days in length and have a limited number of attendees, circa 12, to allow plenty 121 time between attendees and the programme leader.

For companies with a minimum of 8 attendees we offer bespoke inhouse programmes customised to your needs.  These events can be run on site, or off site in conference facilities depending on requirements.

We provide a free one hour consultation with one of our Senior Partners to help you understand the different options available to you.  Please contact us to arrange your no obligation consultation here

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