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Don’t deliver sales training, deliver results

Klozing the gap between your revenue dreams and your revenue streams

Traditional marketing is broken

Many businesses struggle because their marketing doesn’t generate enough sales leads and they end up missing their sales targets.

We specialise in helping SMEs and Mid Market organisations take on and beat brand leaders.

Start selling
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Our certified sales coaches help you find more opportunities, kloze more opportunities and grow existing accounts so you never have to worry about sales again. We provide practical strategies and tactics that any business can implement immediately and get results.

We work with SMEs & Mid-market organisations to help them take on the brand leaders in their industry and win.

B2B Lead Generation Training

What we do

Tactical Sales Solutions

We provide Tactical Sales Solutions to transition sales teams to the next level in performance.  We give your sales team the sales skills required for long term success. 

Sales Coaching

We provide sales performance coaching for Managers and Sales Teams who want to kloze the gap between the results they are getting now and the results they want.

Strategic Sales Solutions

We work with CEO’s & Exec Teams to transform and scale your organisational sales capabilities. We bring sales and marketing together to build powerful sales campaigns.

Sales Growth & Scaling

We work with CEO’s and Sales Leaders as Trusted Advisors to design and implement unique sales strategies to help companies grow and dominate their chosen market.

Sales Consulting

We deliver bespoke Sales Consulting services based on the unique needs of our clients. Every project is different and we recognise this in our approach.

Outbound & Inbound Specialists

Sales Consulting Services

We provide B2B sales consulting services for clients who need to augment their existing sales leadership resources.

We work as a safe pair of hands providing specialist sales management skills and experience to help move the business forward.

Some examples of the projects we have worked on are:

Sales Consulting Process

Our Sales Consulting is 100% client centered. This means everything we do is centered around the needs of you and your business.

In most cases our projects start with a Vision & Scope workshop where we facilitate a whiteboard session with all the stakeholders involved.

We include everyone to make sure we understand each and every perspective and take everyone on the journey with us.

This session is designed to capture your ideas and vision of the future.

Our role in the process is to facilitate the conversation and develop a process to take you where you want to go, in effect, we turn your dreams into reality.

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