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In 2011 we took our first venture into SaaS sales training when we partnered with Microsoft to set up and run the Microsoft Sales Academy.  They were launching a new product called Office 365 and we were lucky enough to be chosen to work with them. 

Since then, the majority of our SaaS sales training clients didn’t quite have the same budgets or brand awareness as Microsoft and we’ve had to learn the hard way, proving product/market fit, systemising sales and scaling up with start-ups, SMEs and SMBs.

Regardless of what stage you are at, this course will help your team with both strategy, and the hands on, practical skills required for selling SaaS.

Our SaaS sales training course is a 60 day development programme where we work with you to transform your sales and lead generation results.  

We guarantee there is no other programme comparable to this in terms of the content and depth.  We will demonstrate and coach you through the process of finding, closing and growing customer accounts.   

This course is ideal for any customer facing SaaS salespeople and line managers of salespeople who need a solid grounding in selling SaaS solutions.  Previous attendees have included:

  • Market Development Reps
  • Sales Development Reps
  • Account Managers
  • Business Development
  • Line Managers
  • Entrepreneurs/Founders

Traditional SaaS sales training is designed around calls, scripts and cold email programmes.  Whilst each of these are important, they are tactical and not strategic. 

Studies show that traditional sales training delivered over 1 or 2 days leaves everybody feeling great, but they forget up to 90% within 30 days. This means you have wasted up to 90% of your budget and sales are still stalled.

We don’t deliver training, we deliver results designed to grow MRR and scale your sales.

  • Session 1 – Sales Psychology.  Build the mindset, goals and activities of a Sales Winner. Discover the psychology behind every sale and how you can use this to your advantage.
  • Session 2 – Discovery and Qualifying.  In order to sell you need to be in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message.  Get this right and sales becomes a lot easier
  • Session 3 – Mastering the complex Sale. How to identify different decision makers with different and often competing priorities.  
  • Session 4 – Filling your Sales Funnel. Discover short and long term strategies for driving new sales enquiries whilst maximising your productivity.
  • Session 5 – How to demo SaaS products. Create a measurable,  repeatable and winning process for delivering powerful SaaS demos.
  • Session 6 – Driving renewals and reducing churn. Build a repeatable process for customer renewals.  Discovering the root cause of churn and develop strategies to reduce this. 

People learn by doing not sitting in class rooms discussing sales theories.  Furthermore, without an opportunity to practice a new skill salespeople will lose the skill within 30 days.  We use a training methodology called “work based learning” which helps salespeople learn while they are working.  We do this by creating sales campaigns and working with your team to implement them.  We typically achieve:

  • Up to 90% higher adoption of new skills
  • A proven system to follow for everyone in the company
  • Deeper integration between sales and marketing
  • Increase in overall sales productivity
  • Motivating goal setting strategies with personal action plans for everyone

All our training is delivered via the “work based learning” model.  This means that we work with teams in advance to set up live sales campaigns in order that participants are given opportunities to use the new skills they are learning.

This model ensures that attendees retain as much of the information as possible.  We run this in parallel with our live pipeline coaching which helps participants convert existing deals they are already working on. 

The course can be delivered live onsite or via 6 x 90 minute sessions delivered live on the first three calendar weeks over a period of 2 months. 

After booking you are automatically added to the next course which starts on the first Monday of every calendar month. For onsite delivery please check dates with us in advance of your booking.

During the two months of  training each participant has a access to a dedicated coach via telephone, email and live chat.  

Sales Reps leave our courses energised with new ideas, strategies and tactics but often additional questions can arise where they need a sounding board. We provide post course support through our Sales Coaching Platform built inside MS Teams where members can ask questions, via chat, mail and conferencing calls.

The platform uses the Microsoft Teams application and can be access via PC, Tablet or Phone and contains FREE Guides, Templates and Tools.

Ongoing 1-2-1 coaching is also available at an additional cost.

What level of sales experience do the sales training programmes cover?

Our clients have a wide variety of backgrounds but this course is most relevant for SaaS Business Owners, SaaS Sales Managers, SaaS salespeople and Account Managers. What they all have in common is a desire to learn and sell more.

Does the training work with other selling systems and methodologies?

Yes. If you have already trained your salespeople, our training and coaching works alongside any of the major selling systems, such as Miller Heiman, Richardson, SPIN or Solution Selling. In addition we can help you integrate our training into your sales playbook or help you build your own sales playbook. 

Will the training cover the sales topics that are important to me?

Yes – all our training and coaching includes an initial needs analysis where you can specify specific areas that are important to you on the condition they are related to sales and marketing.

Do you provide bespoke services for larger organisations?

Yes, and as examples we can help you create and run your own Sales Enablement portal, or provide speakers for sales conferences. Please email us via the Contact Us page with your enquiry.

What industries does the training cover?

Our sales training and coaching is specific to Business to Business selling, not to any specific vertical. We do however have lots of experience selling SaaS solutions within IT, Software, Pharma, Technology,  Digital Media,  Engineering, Oil & Gas,  and Financial Services.

Can I cancel my coaching plan?

If you have ordered additional Coaching we have no desire to “lock in” clients who are in any way unhappy so Yes.  You can cancel your coaching plan at any time and you will still have access to your coach and all the content up until the date of when the next monthly payment would have been due.

In order that no one group of salespeople dominate our Training Sessions we limit the number of attendees from one organisation to three people. 

If you have more than three attendees we can set up a separate schedule exclusively for your team at no extra charge.  

Additionally many of our clients require bespoke training programmes built around the specific needs of their organisation and people.

As examples, we can help you create and run your own sales programmes, internal sales academies, partner development programmes, sales enablement portals and sales kick-offs. 

Please use the Book a call function below to speak to one of our coaches.

As every business and its people are unique, it’s not unusual for people to still have questions.  You can book a no obligation call with one of our coaches who can answer any questions you may have.


The Microsoft Sales Academy changed my entire outlook on selling. Since attending Iain’s class I’m selling more effectively and generating great new business. The approach requires constant reinforcement and Iain is always extremely helpful in offering guidance and ensures we understand the material. Iain is a fantastic trainer and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Craig Taylor – Cloud Solutions Manager, Phoenix Software
Klozers have been helping to train members of my team who are both relatively new to sales and they have found this very useful and have come away from the training sessions inspired and much better informed/equipped. In addition, they have been extremely helpful in assisting me with the overall strategy for a certain part of the business often providing new thoughts they may have had. I can honestly say, attention to detail and vigour Iain provides goes way beyond the call of duty and I cannot recommend him and his company enough.
Antonia Ward – Partnership Director, GSI Events
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October 1600 - 1730
Tuesday 12th October 1600 - 1730Tuesday 19th October 1600 - 1730
Monday 4th October
1600 - 1730
Monday 11th October
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Monday 18th October
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Tuesday 2nd November 1600 - 1730Tuesday 9th November 1600 - 1730Tuesday 16th November 1600 - 1730
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Monday 3rd January
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Monday 10th January
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Monday 17th January
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Tuesday 1st February 1600 - 1730Tuesday 8th February 1600 - 1730Tuesday 15th February 1600 - 1730
Monday 7th February
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Monday 14th February 1600 - 1730
Monday 21st February
1600 - 1730
Tuesday 1st March
1600 - 1730
Tuesday 8th March
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Tuesday 15th March 1600 - 1730

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