Sales Training Courses

Our Sales Training Courses are available via our OKR based sales team coaching, or can be delivered as a stand alone training course.ย  Please check out the video below to ensure you get the best possible results from your training investment.ย ย 

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Simple, clear and practical strategies to help you manage a modern sales team.ย  Includes, strategy, planning and execution.

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How to sell to big companies.ย  Master the complex sale with our unique campaign based sales approach.

Bespoke training solutions available for specific sales campaigns, product launches, exhibitions & sales kickoffs.

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Sales Training Courses Overview

After nearly 10 years in business we firmly believe we now have a range of the best sales training courses available. Our sales training courses are more than just slick sales presentations.

Each of our sales courses cover the essential selling skills from those who are new to their sales role, through to more advanced training for sales leaders. Whether you require training for one sales rep or a full professional development programme for an entire sales team, we have the course content and a network of experienced sales trainers to deliver the business growth you are looking for.

Our training and sales methodology uses the latest work based learning, which focusses on the practical application of new selling skills, and not just classroom theory. Our sales courses are unique in that we only teach the sales strategies and skills that we as a company use to deliver our own business growth. This ensures we have a deep understanding of everything we teach and can show you real results, both good and bad.

Each of our sales training courses incorporate the latest virtual selling skills, in order that participants learn how to not only create new sales opportunities, but close more deals and improve sales.ย 

We firmly believe that people buy from people and encourage sales professionals to build positive relationships with both sales prospects and clients alike.

Learning new selling skills is important for every sales professional, but it’s especially important for new or inexperienced salespeople.

Our wide range of sales courses are designed to help sales teams learn the basics of selling, as well as more advanced sales techniques.ย 

There are many different types of sales training, including in person training, online training, and on-the-job training. Our sales training courses help sales professionals learn the following broad range of selling skills including:

  • The basics of selling and business growth
  • How to identify potential customers including customer segmentation, pre-call planning and how to engage buyers
  • How to approach potential customers using consultative selling skills
  • How to build relationships with potential customers and existing relationships
  • How to close sales and ensure repeat business in the future
  • How to handle objections easily and keep the sale moving forward
  • How to deal with rejection and develop the mindset of a winner
  • How to manage their time and be effective, not just busy
  • How to improve their sales skills, sales techniques and build their overall sales knowledge

Most sales managers did not start their careers as a sales manager. They started their careers as salespeople. Sales management is a different skillset than sales. Sales management is the process of training and developing the skills of sales managers.

Management training can help sales managers learn the following:

  • How to identify and develop new salespeople
  • How to coach and motivate salespeople
  • How to manage a sales team
  • How to handle difficult sales situations and address customer concerns
  • How to improve their sales skills and improve sales performance.

In addition to training and managing sales teams we also teach Sales Managers:

  • How to develop a winning sales strategy
  • How to optimise the Sales Process and reduce your sales cycle
  • Marketing management to generate a consistent supply of warm sales leads
  • How to deliver award winning customer service and customer experience
  • How to build a winning culture in your sales organization

Our sales courses for Sales Managers, Business Owners and Sales Leaders cater for both the new, and experienced sales managers. The courses have all the essential skills for either building a new sales team, or reinvigorating an established sales force.

In addition to our sales training, we provide ongoing support to our clients via our sales coaching. Sales Coaching is the process of providing guidance, support and advice to someone in order to help them achieve a specific goal or outcome.

Our sales coaching is primarily based around two different scenarios:

  1. Delivering skills based coaching to sales professionals who need to improve their sales and communication skills. This can take the form of either in person coaching or remote coaching. As an example, we may listen to recordings of sales calls and provide feedback to the individuals.

  2. Major Sales or Key Accounts coaching where we are coaching sales teams how to close existing deals within their sales pipeline. This may include support on the selling process, relationship selling, account management or professional selling skills.

Whilst both types of coaching are designed to increase sales they are both invaluable as part of a wider training program to help individuals develop a sales career.

Sales training is important for all salespeople, but is especially important for inside sales professionals and those working in the SaaS industry. Our Sales training covers the entire sales process for the most common sales roles such as Sales Development Reps, Business Development and Account Managers.

Learning new skills and the ongoing development of sales reps so they have not just a job but a career is essential if you want to retain the best sales people. Our SaaS sales course draws on over 10 years experience selling SaaS solutions from when we first started working with Microsoft to help them sell Office 365 in 2010.

We invest time before every sales training course to survey and consult with attendees on their priorities for the sales training. After consultation with the business these are then integrated into our training content to ensure each attendee gets genuine value from every sales course.

On successful completion of our sales courses, attendees receive a Certificate of Attendance which can be included on their LinkedIn profile.

We deliver live sales courses monthly in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cologne, Berlin and Munich.ย  As previously stated, all our sales courses are designed for both online/remote delivery, and in person/face to face.ย ย The majority of our sales training is delivered live in person. This is typically either on location at our clients premises, or at an external venue (mostly hotels) of their choosing.

If an external venue is required our internal team can project manage the entire training program, or our clients can do this and we simply attend on the day/s to deliver your sales training course.

In addition to our standard sales training courses we also provide sales speakers and workshops for Sales Kick Offs and conferences. Our bespoke sales courses include specialised training for completely customised for your organisational needs. This could be Product Launches, new sales initiatives, new sales strategy, new market entry, IT Sales Training, Exhibition Sales Training, Advanced sales courses, Advanced sales management training,ย  or simply to help improve sales performance.

Our online sales training programs are delivered via our own digital learning platform built inside Microsoft Teams. This allows sales people to learn at their own pace and embed new selling techniques, before moving on to the next topic. The self paced learning is guided by live trainers and coaches to ensure support is always on hand as sales reps move through their sales training course.

Our success has been built by simply doing whatever is required to ensure our clients success. This means that from the minute our clients engage with us we work with your sales management team and make ourselves available for support, regardless of when the training course may start.

Equally, after the course, we are always eager to arrange follow up calls with your sales team to help them implement the new sales strategies and sales techniques and sales skills we have covered in the sales training.

Our goal is not to simply improve sales. Our goal is to provide sales courses that provide the first step in your sales transformation journey.

Check out our most popular sales training videos below: