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Check out our Sales Training Reviews and hear directly from our clients on their experience of our training & coaching services. We are grateful to our clients for taking time out to provide this feedback.

These reviews are taken from testimonials and recommendations on LinkedIn and Google.

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Elliott’s Story

I joined a Klozers online sales coaching programme to learn more about Consultative Selling, and how I could apply this when I sell to Enterprise organisations. The more skills and knowledge I have, the better prepared I can be on every outbound call I make.

Having a sales coach and someone to support me through the inevitable ups and downs of sales has really helped me improve my game, book more appointments and more deals.

My coach was really flexible and was happy to talk in between my scheduled coaching slots, especially when I had burning questions and needed support fast. The debriefing calls we had after my sales meetings not only helped me understand where I could improve, they also gave me the right words to say, in the right sequence and at the right time.

I would happily recommend Klozers online coaching – talk to them, you have nothing to lose.

Elliott Boll – Business Development Specialist, Strategy Insights
Absolutely top notch!  Can’t thank you enough for todays session, my head is absolutely buzzing with ideas.
Craig Buchan – Founder Qpal
I found the course which I attended that Iain ran to be very informative, insightful and well structured. It covered a huge amount of ground but in very digestible pieces which meant that after two days I felt that I was leaving with a considerably greater understanding of selling psychology and a notebook full of helpful techniques. Would highly recommend his sales training to anyone.
Michelle MacFadyen – Regional Manager
The recent Sales Masterclass was an excellent course from which I learned much more than I expected over two days. Iain has an excellent style of delivery, expertly mixing theoretical learning with real world examples in an environment which ensures everybody gains the maximum value from the course.
Allan Paterson – Communications Officer, Highland Life

I would gladly recommend Iain & his team to anyone in the sales environment .I had the pleasure of attending one of Iain’s sales master classes, after which I found a whole new impetus & drive to take forward on the numerous meetings I have had since .His wealth of experience in sales tied in with his excellent method of teaching make for a very interesting and insightful experience.

Stuart Horsburgh – Senior Contracts Manager, MBMS
Klozers are the Sat Nav for sales success.
Alan Wood – Business Manager, Microsoft
Having worked with Iain for about 6 months now I feel qualified to describe his fresh & committed approach and his enthusiastic, challenging, direct & honest (yet diplomatic!) way of interacting with those he works with. Iain has a genuine desire for those he is training and mentoring to succeed and exceed their own expectations of what is possible and always leads by example.
Alexandra Stewart – CIO, Tesco Bank
Iain is an outstanding sales trainer and coach. He has played a crucial role in helping us develop a thoroughly professional and industry leading sales and customer service team. Having worked with us for two years, he has become our trusted advisor on all matters related to our sales strategy. His passion for what he does is infectious and I would highly recommend having a conversation with Iain to see if he could help your company’s sales performance.
Steve Tigar – CEO Money Dashboard

Lynne’s Story

Going onto LinkedIn, I really look forward to reading blogs from Iain Swanson. One of the reasons is I still hold Iain in high regard with my own career since the Sales training he provided me and my colleagues 7 years ago.

This was my first ever sales training and genuinely still the most pertinent in my sales career.

I was ‘persuaded’ to become a Key Account Manager in the Water industry from my then CEO and Corporate Director having been a Key Marketing Manager (supporting the KAMs) for 5 years.

I had never considered Sales as a career move, having spent early years since graduation in marketing research to a breadth of marketing activities in a newly competitive, deregulated Water market.

I’d only attended a handful of customer meetings before Iain’s training sessions. Wow! Myself and a colleague, who had also just joined Sales from being a billing manager, kept glancing at each other in the sessions with nodding heads that we’d been making the same mistakes, that Iain explained were very common in sales people.

Iain also taught us how to take leads through the sales journey from lead to opportunity to closure, I still use these skills today, 7 years on and encourage my colleagues to do the same.

Personally my career in Sales has been very successful, having been head hunted to a larger Utility company, and becoming a successful challenger brand to a move to one of the big 5 energy organisations-

I believe my sales stats set me apart from the competition for the role.

Recognition includes internally being awarded sales person of the year when the English water market opened up in 2017,

Externally, as a team we won ‘Sales Squad of the year’ in Energy Live awards in Dec 2017 and within 9 months of my career in energy, I was promoted.

My earnings have more than doubled since Iain gave that pertinent training and his latest blogs have been shared internally between our sales and marketing teams as the advice rings true to what we are currently working on as a department

I can’t thank Iain  (and my ex organisation, Business Stream) enough for developing us and I will continue to read Iain’s blogs to keep learning and continue improving.

Lynne Hall – Strategic Accounts Manager, E-ON Energy
Tremendous session yesterday. The most useful and interesting days training I’ve ever had. Love your style!
Gary Stewart – CEO Spyglass
Iain has been helping to train members of my team who are both relatively new to sales and they have found this very useful and have come away from the training days inspired and much better informed/equipped. In addition, he has been extremely helpful in assisting me with the overall strategy for a certain part of the business often dropping in or phoning with a new thought he may have had. I can honestly say, attention to detail and vigour Iain provides goes way beyond the call of duty and I cannot recommend him and his company enough.
Antonia Ward – Partnership Director, GSI Events
The Microsoft Sales Academy changed my entire outlook on selling. Since attending Iain’s class I’m selling more effectively and generating great new business. The approach requires constant reinforcement and Iain is always extremely helpful in offering guidance and ensures we understand the material. Iain is a fantastic trainer and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Craig Taylor – Cloud Solutions Manager, Phoenix Software
I have just completed a two day course with Iain learning all about sales techniques and even more about myself. I have a successful business. I have been a “natural” sales person all my life. I assumed that it was something that you were either born with or not. Well guess what? This stuff can be learned, in a clear and structured way. Its not rocket science but it is a science. Importantly for me, even with years of experience, clear profits and a sales force under my belt, my own skills were significantly improved. I enjoyed all of it but the best bit was the “A ha!” moments when everything became clear and the way forward easy and bright. I think that Iain has a hunch that he is good but actually he is great. I am delighted to recommend him.
Gaynor Turner – Director, MacIntyres
Iain has helped me; reduce my sales cycle, increase my selling time and set myself aside from the competition by approaching business that works against the tried/tested Features and Benefits system. Would highly recommend to experienced sales professionals who think they can’t improve any further – you can with Iain’s guidance! Brace yourself for some uncomfortable techniques that become instinctive but highly effective! His service may or may not be a good fit for your business, if it’s a no, at least you can still be friends. It’s just business.
Cathie Swan – Account Manager, Saphire Solutions

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