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We Turn Busy Into Effective

Results Driven Training

Cheryl Philipson, Corporate Business Development Manager for the Difference Corporation talks about her experience and the benefits of attending a Klozers Sales Training course.

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Sales Mindset

Our Sales Training will help you develop the mindset of a sales winner and become sales fit. Learn how to sell in a manner that is congruent with your belief system, and your values. Being honest and authentic will boost your confidence and enable you to stop discounting, handle stalls and objections, negotiate better deals and boost your self -esteem.

Sales Activities

Discover how to set powerful and motivating sales goals, underpinned by detailed sales strategies and planning. Develop a sales focus that will transform you from being busy to being effective. Our Sales Training teaches best practice in Business Development, Account Management and ethical Sales Negotiation.

Sales Craft

Learn new strategies, techniques and tactics that will set you apart from traditional sales people. Our most popular Sales Training course consultative selling skills sets the new standard in professional selling and will allow you to become the rainmaker that matches your ambition and desire.

Sales Training Insights

We help clients set inspiring and motivating sales goals that support the organisation. Equally important is installing the belief they can achieve those goals


Set powerful sales goals

We work with clients to create bespoke and powerful 90 day action plans to support their sales goals.


Plan for success

Our trainers provide ongoing monthly support to coach and mentor our candidates to ensure they meet or exceed their sales goals.


Accountability & support

Sales Training Programmes

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