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Sales Management Training Course review
Sales Training – Choose Growing

1. Introduction

This course covers the main functions of modern sales management and will provide you with the practical strategies and tools you can implement in your business immediately to develop your sales.

Sales Strategy

Sales Process



Technology, Data & Tools


Sales Leadership

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3. Training Methodology

Unlike Traditional Training Companies we believe people learn by doing rather than following theory in text books in a classroom.

We use a workshop methodology in our sales training courses where we have a blended mix of theory where appropriate , whilst focussing the majority of the time on real life sales challenges.

Attendees are guided through each session and individually undertake real life sales scenarios.

This ensures each attendee remains engaged and learning in a positive and supportive environment.

Consultative Sales Skills
Consultative Sales Skills

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4. Who Should Attend this Sales Course

This Sales Management Training Course is designed for:

*Experienced Managers looking to refresh

*Newly promoted managers who need to up-skill

*Business Owners who are managing a sales team

*Entrepreneurs who need to scale their business

5. Why you Should Attend this Course

Sales Managers set the performance and expectation levels of the sales team.

Without good sales management a culture of “satisfactory under-performance” will pervade which means good sales people will leave and under-performing sales people will stay.

The Sales Manager is arguably the most important part of the sales team.

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6. Learning Objectives

*Learn how to create a culture of high performance

*Learn how to build a winning sales team

*Learn how to create Sales Improvement Plans

*Learn how to manage and coach under-performers

*Learn how to create & implement objective reporting and scoring systems that drive performance.

*Learn how to create new sales strategies that differentiate you in the market

*Learn how to audit your sales process and increase the speed of the sales pipeline.

Sales Management Training Course
Sales Management Training Course

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7. Sales Management Training Course Content

Module 1. Sales Bench-marking

Audit your sales unit against Industry best practice and the Sales Maturity Model.

Module 2. Sales Improvement Planning & Strategy

How to create powerful sales transformation programmes that will drive your organisation forward and set winning sales strategies.

Module 3. Sales Performance Management

How to create an objective sales performance programme that aligns the day to day activities of sales people with the companies growth strategy and objectively measure and record the sales team.

Module 4. Coaching Sales Winners

How to create a culture of coaching to develop and coach sales winners by aligning personal goals with business objectives.

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8. Sales Management Training Course Materials

Attendees are provided with full colour workbooks and and have access to course materials and .PPT online after the training.

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9. Post Course Support

Attendees leave our courses energised with new ideas, strategies and tactics but often additional questions can arise where they need a sounding board. We provide post course support through our Sales Enablement Platform where members can ask questions, via chat, mail and conferencing calls.

The platform uses the Microsoft Teams application and can be access via PC, Tablet or Phone and contains FREE Guides, Templates and Tools. Ongoing 1-2-1 coaching is also available at an additional cost.

Consultative Selling Skills CourseSupport
Consultative Selling Skills Course Support

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10. Sales Management Training Course Itinerary

0900 – 0930Introduction
0930 – 1100Module 1 – Sales Bench-marking
1100 – 1115Break
1115 – 1245Module 2 – Sales Improvement Planning
1245 – 1315 Lunch
1315 – 1445Module 3 – Sales Performance Management
1445 – 1500Break
1500 – 1645Module 4 – Coaching Sales Winners

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11. Lunch, Refreshments & Access

If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know and we will ensure that we can accommodate you. In addition if you have special access needs please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements with the venue.

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12. Course Delivery Options

12.1 Sales Management Training Course – London

This course is delivered as an Open Course near London Heathrow airport for easy access to Europe, London & the M4 Corridor. Individuals from any organisation can attend and Course prices, dates and availability are available online via our course bookings page.

12.2 Sales Management Training Course – Manchester

This course is delivered as an Open Course near Manchester airport for easy access to Europe, Manchester & The M62 Corridor. Individuals from any organisation can attend and Course prices, dates and availability are available online via our course bookings page.

12.3 Sales Management Training Course – Scotland

This course is delivered on a rotating basis between Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland. Course prices, dates and availability are available online via our course bookings page.

12.4 Sales Management Training Course – In-House

This course is available for bespoke delivery In House for companies who would like the course delivered exclusively to their own team and is available both in the United Kingdom and Internationally. Further information on prices and numbers please check our course bookings page.

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13. Sales Management Training Evaluation Survey

As part of our Quality control we ask every participant to complete a Training Evaluation Survey after every workshop. The Evaluation focusses on the three main areas of delivery a) Training Content b) Trainer Delivery and c) Learning Environment.

B2B Sales tools - Sales Training Evaluation Form
Sales Management Training Evaluation Form

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15. How to Book this Course

Individual places on Open Courses can be booked online via our course bookings page.

Attendees of this course also attended Key Account Management Training.

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