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Great sales management is at the heart of every successful sales unit, however, this role requires a very different set of skills and knowledge on top of the sales experience, that most people have.  The modern sales manager has to be both an expert in data, people and of course sales and marketing. This course provides a perfect foundation for anyone new to sales management, in addition to a refresher for existing managers looking to re-energise their sales.

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The modern sales manager is the backbone of every sales team with multiple responsibilities.  This course covers the most common areas of responsibilities of Sales Management with practical, hands on strategies for managing a modern sales team.

In addition to all the systems and processes Sales Managers set the performance and expectation levels of the sales team.

Without good sales management a culture of “satisfactory under-performance” will pervade which means good sales people will leave and under-performing sales people will stay.

The Sales Manager is arguably the most important part of the sales team.

This course is perfect for salespeople who are about to make the step up into a more senior role and existing sales managers looking to upgrade their skills.  In addition this course is perfect for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are managing their own teams of salespeople, or those about to hire their first sales reps.

  • Salespeople
  • Sales Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • SaaS Founders
  • Business Owners
  • CEO’s

We provide a management framework and a methodology that participants can implement in any B2B sales operation. The framework is designed to compliment any existing management systems you may already have and includes over 30 sales templates, tools and guides for easy adoption.

Attendees leave with:

  • More confidence and self-belief
  • A self assessment tool to accurately identify priority areas for improvement
  • A proven performance management system to follow
  • Strategies, techniques and skills for moving reps from B players to A players
  • Sales Planning frameworks to help you plan for success

In addition to the core content attendees learn the connection between all of the main functions of modern sales management and will provide you with the practical strategies and tools you can implement in your business immediately to develop your sales.

  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Process
  • People
  • Channels
  • Technology, Data & Tools
  • Customers
  • Sales Leadership

Module 1. Sales Bench-marking & Improvement Planning

Audit your sales unit against Industry best practice and the Sales Maturity Model. How to create powerful sales transformation programmes that will drive your organisation forward and set winning sales strategies.

Module 2. Leadership Styles

Discover the style of leader you are and the good and the bad that comes with every style. Understand when you need to manage versus when you need to lead.

Module 3. Sales Performance Management

How to create an objective sales performance programme that aligns the day to day activities of salespeople with the companies growth strategy and objectively measure and record the sales team.

Module 4. Coaching Sales Winners

How to create a culture of coaching to develop and coach sales winners by aligning personal goals with business objectives. Coaching your people is the number 1 way to increase your sales.

Module 5. Hiring Sales Winners

Finding and hiring sales winners and not someone else’s failed sales rep.  Remove the lottery of salespeople who interview well, but never deliver.

Module 6. How to Plan and Run Meetings with Impact

Meetings cost time and money.  Discover how to get the most out of every meeting. Complete with meeting structures, templates and notes.  

Unlike traditional training companies, we believe people learn by doing rather than following theory in text books in a classroom.

We use a workshop methodology in our sales training programmes where we have a blended mix of theory where appropriate , whilst focussing the majority of the time on real life sales challenges.

Attendees are guided through each session and individually undertake real life sales scenarios.

This ensures each attendee remains engaged and learning in a positive and supportive environment.

Work Based Learning

This course can be delivered:

  1. On site as a two day bootcamp (dependant on Covid restrictions).  Minimum 5 people and additional travel charges may apply.
  2. Remotely via 4 x half day workshops. Dates and times confirmed on booking.
  3. Remotely via 8 x 90 minute virtual training sessions delivered live, on the first three calendar weeks of every month. 

During the training period each participant has a access to a dedicated coach via telephone, email and live chat. 

Option 3 – the open classes run every month and are restricted to 12 participants to ensure classes are not overcrowded. 

In addition, we do not allow more than 3 participants from any one company so the session time is never dominated by one organisation. 

Should you require more than 3 places we are happy to schedule a separate online class at no extra charge. 

What level of sales experience does the sales management training cover?

Our clients have a wide variety of backgrounds but attendees of this course are predominantly made up of Business Owners, Founders and Salespeople about to move into a more senior role. 

Does the training work with other selling systems and methodologies?

Yes, our management training and coaching works alongside any of the major selling systems, such as Miller Heiman, Richardson, SPIN or Solution Selling.

Will the training cover the Management topics that are important to me?

Yes – all our training and coaching includes an initial needs analysis where you can specify specific areas that are important to you.

Do you provide bespoke services for larger organisations?

Yes, and as examples we can help you create and run your own Enterprise Sales Training programme, a Sales Enablement portal, or provide speakers for sales conferences. Please use the “Book a Call” below to speak with one of our coaches.

What industries does the training cover?

Our sales training and coaching is specific to Business to Business selling, not to any specific vertical. We do however have lots of experience in IT, Pharma, Technology, SaaS, Professional Services, Digital Media, Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Banking, Software and Financial Services.

Can I cancel my coaching plan?

If you have ordered additional Coaching we have no desire to “lock in” clients who are in any way unhappy so Yes.  You can cancel your coaching plan at any time and you will still have access to your coach and all the content up until the date of when the next monthly payment would have been due.

Many of our clients require bespoke training programmes built around the specific needs of their organisation and people.  As examples, we can help you create and run your own sales programmes, internal sales academies, partner development programmes, sales enablement portals and sales kick-offs.  Please use the “Book a call” function below to speak to one of our coaches.

As every business and it’s people are unique, it’s not unusual for people to still have questions.  You can book a no obligation call with one of our coaches who can answer any questions you have.


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Absolutely top notch! Can’t thank you enough for todays session, my head is absolutely buzzing with ideas

Craig Buchan – Founder Qpal

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