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Sales Negotiation is a vital component of not just winning new business, but winning business on price and terms that work for both parties.  Most salespeople think of negotiation as the final part of the sales process, when in reality, there are many opportunities to from the very start of every sale that can be used for both position and leverage.  

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This course is ideal for any customer facing salespeople and line managers of salespeople, who need a solid grounding in the sales negotiation skills.  Previous attendees have included:

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Consultants
  • Pre-sales professionals
  • Business Development professionals
  • Key Account Managers
  • Sales Managers/Directors
  • VP of Sales
  • Business Owners/CEO’s

It’s not unusual for people, not just salespeople to struggle with negotiations.  It’s human nature and easier to give in and win the deal, rather than hold out for a better price and potentially lose the deal.  

In addition to all the practical strategies and tactics, this course helps build the confidence and mindset needed to succeed.   

Course attendees receive our negotiation templates and checklists, which makes post course implementation quicker and easier for attendees.

We provide a framework and a methodology that participants can use to prepare and successfully negotiate better prices and better terms, more consistently. The negotiation framework will compliment any existing sales methodology you have and integrate with your standard operating systems and processes such as your CRM system.

  • More confidence and self-belief
  • A non-salesy and non-aggressive way for introverts to negotiate 
  • A proven system to follow
  • Strategies, techniques and skills
  • Motivating goal setting strategies with personal action plans

Spend time and learn from the specialists who have developed top salespeople, and see why others rave about our ability to communicate key selling principles in clear, understandable, and practical ways. 

You’ll learn why our clients sell more and have more fun doing it.

Foundation of B2B Sales Negotiations: Lay the groundwork for success. Demystify the intricate world of B2B negotiations and equip yourself with fundamental principles, key frameworks, and ethical practices. Learn to analyse your competitive landscape, identify leverage points, and approach negotiations with unwavering confidence.

Planning & Preparation: Leave nothing to chance. This module empowers you to conduct meticulous pre-negotiation research, define clear objectives, and craft compelling value propositions that resonate with your counterpart. Learn to anticipate objections, formulate persuasive arguments, and enter the negotiation arena with a strategic roadmap to success.

Mastering the Negotiation Dance: Hone your skills in active listening, strategic questioning, and assertive communication. Learn to handle objections gracefully, counter proposals with confidence, and navigate unexpected curveballs with unwavering composure. Witness the negotiation transform from a battleground to a collaborative dance towards a mutually beneficial outcome.

Beyond the Deal: Cultivating Lasting Value: Extend your impact beyond the handshake. This module delves into the art of fostering trust, exceeding expectations, and building long-term partnerships that thrive beyond the final agreement. Learn to address post-negotiation concerns, nurture relationships through proactive communication, and solidify your position as a valued partner worthy of future collaborations.

Unlike traditional Training Companies, we believe people learn by doing rather than following theory in text books in a classroom.

We use a workshop methodology where we have a blended mix of theory where appropriate, whilst focussing the majority of the time on real life sales challenges.

Attendees are guided through each session, and individually undertake real life sales scenarios.

This ensures each attendee remains engaged and learning in a positive and supportive environment.

Each Course Module last no more than 90 minutes to ensure attendees can absorb the new strategies and tactics covered.

Work Based Learning


This course can be delivered:

    1. For best results the modules within this course can be delivered via a 1 day sales workshop. Minimum 5 people and additional travel charges may apply.
    2. Remotely via 4 x 90 minute virtual training sessions delivered live for your team, dates and times confirmed on booking.

During the training period each participant has access to a dedicated coach via telephone, email and live chat. 

Attendees leave our sales courses energised with new ideas, strategies and tactics, but often additional questions can arise where they need a sounding board. We provide post course support through our Sales Coaching Platform built inside MS Teams where members can ask questions, via chat, mail and conferencing calls.

The platform uses the Microsoft Teams application and can be access via PC, Tablet or Phone and contains FREE Guides, Templates and Tools.

Ongoing 1-2-1 coaching is also available at an additional cost.

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What level of sales experience does the sales negotiation training require?

This course uses unique content and a unique approach to negotiation.  Because of this we have successfully delivered this course to graduates who are new to sales, and experienced sales professionals who are looking to both refresh and top up their sales skills.

Does the training work with other selling systems and methodologies?

Yes. If you have already trained your salespeople, our training and coaching works alongside any of the major selling systems, such as Miller Heiman, Richardson, SPIN or Solution Selling.

Will the training cover the sales topics that are important to me?

Yes – all our training and coaching includes an initial needs analysis where you can specify any areas that are important to you.

What industries does the training cover?

Our sales training and coaching is specific to Business to Business selling, not to any specific vertical. We do however have lots of experience in IT, Pharma, Technology, SaaS, Professional Services, Digital Media, Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Banking, Software and Financial Services.

Can I cancel my coaching plan?

If you have ordered additional Coaching we have no desire to “lock in” clients who are in any way unhappy so Yes.  You can cancel your coaching plan at any time and you will still have access to your coach and all the content up until the date of when the next monthly payment would have been due.

Should you require training for 4 or more participants we can set up separate sessions exclusively for your team at a date/time convenient to you. 

Furthermore, if time and  budget permits we can tailor the material in advance of the training in order that the context and relevance meets the needs of your organisation.

 Please use the “Book a call” function below to speak to one of our coaches.

As every business and it’s people are unique, it’s not unusual for people to still have questions.  You can book a no obligation call with one of our coaches who can answer any questions you have.


I found the course which I attended that Iain ran to be very informative, insightful and well structured. It covered a huge amount of ground but in very digestible pieces which meant that after two days I felt that I was leaving with a considerably greater understanding of selling psychology and a notebook full of helpful techniques. Would highly recommend his sales training to anyone.
Michelle MacFadyen – Regional Manager
I attended a Klozers Sales Training course on Consultative Selling Skills recently and it was definitely the best training I have ever had – in fact, anyone who knows me has heard me raving about it ever since!
Cheryl Philipson – Business Development Director
I have been working with Klozers for preparing a sales presentation for Suma Rührtechnik, a manufacturing company in Germany. I was working together with Iain, a very professional and helpful person. He helped me in understanding what customers want, how to sell our products successful and how to understand, analyse and serve the target market. Thanks to Iain, my presentation had been truly a success and I gained confidence in selling and promoting our products. I would work with him again anytime!
Lena Thurwachter – Marketing & Strategic Development

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Sales Negotiation Training Course

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