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Face to Face Sales Training

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Face to Face Sales Training Courses

Klozers provide a range of face to face sales courses in the UK and Internationally.  The majority of these courses are in-house training and thereby exclusive to the companies own employees. 

In addition to bespoke training, our most popular sales courses are:

Sales Fundamentals

B2B Lead Generation

SaaS Sales Training

Key Account Management

Consultative Selling Skills

Sales Management Training

Enterprise Sales Training

Telephone Sales Training


One of the benefits of in-house training is that you will save on travel costs and potentially the accommodation costs of sending your staff to another venue. 

You will, however, have to pay for your sales trainers travel costs, but this may be work out more economical. 

Furthermore, in-house training means that you can choose how many of your sales team attend the training and even shape the schedule and course contents to your exact needs.

Enterprise Sales Training

Enterprise sales training covers both large organisations who need to train their sales teams and smaller Mid-Market companies who need to sell to enterprise organisations.  In many cases the course content is bespoke to the particular company, sales professionals and the desired outcomes.  It can take place on a one-to-one basis, but is more often in a group setting, conducted by an experienced sales trainer.

Enterprise sales training courses are an excellent way for large companyies to:

·        Include in an annual sales conference

·        Launch a new campaign

·        Launch a new product or service

·        Reinforce a sales conference theme

·        Support a sales offsite

·        Provide targeted sales support 

Face to Face Selling

Internal training is more cost effective for employers, because they do not have to pay for travel time or costs. 

Furthermore, the cost per employee is reduced if you train a large group, compared to sending employees out to different training courses. 

Having sales training within a normal place of work, is more convenient for employees, especially if they have other commitments such as childcare.

Internal training allows for training courses to be customised to the company’s needs. When training is tailored in this way, companyies tend to see higher returns on investment.

Having a large cohort of employees receiving the same training at the same time can improve team bonding. Furthermore, it can also help with retention of information, as colleagues can remind each other of the skills and experience taught at the sessions.

Internal training can however, add an extra administration burden on the company, as they will need to find suitable accommodation, training materials and candidates for each session.

In house Sales Training

When companies invest in their employees, they are more likely to see successful results and retain high quality staff. Recruiting new staff and embedding them into your company can be a resource heavy process, and retaining your best staff can pay dividends in the long run.

However, in return for loyalty, many staff expect their employer to provide the training and support they need to do their job.  Even better if that training can contribute towards the sales reps professional development.

Online sales training and virtual sales training have seen an increase in recent years, but there is still room for the more traditional face to face sales training and in many cases, a hybrid approach works well.

Face to face training can be an excellent opportunity to help build team motivation and spirit. It allows people to share their experiences within the training, which the trainer can then adapt the training to. 

The sales team can also learn new skills, experience and gain confidence from the others in the group – this is called peer leaning and is hugely important.

Results can often be better from face-to-face training, especially in the case of beginner sessions. This is because people tend to be more willing to engage and change their behaviours when the sessions are held face to face.

Traditionally face to face sales training has been delivered over one to two days. Some clients prefer this method, as it allows for an intensive (boot-camp style) learning experience, where a lot of learning is crammed into one or two days. 

Alternatively, remote training can be spread out over a number of weeks or months, which some clients prefer.

A good sales training provider will include practical and interactive experiences for sales reps when the training is conducted in person, to ensure maximum engagement and to create the best possible learning environment. 

Another important consideration is that it’s much easier for sales trainers to pick up on the sales peoples’ body language when doing face to face sales training.  Many trainers use body language to “judge” the mood in the room. 

For example, if from a body language perspective, a sales trainer can see that the person isn’t engaging or is looking distracted they can try to get them more engaged with questions. 

Alternatively, if someone’s body language shows that they are nervous, then the sales trainer can identify this, and not ask them difficult questions in front of the group.

Unless you are in your own room, online training can also have its distractions, whether it be background noise from a busy office, or when at home someone knocking on the door. Face to face training is obviously less affected by these issues.

Teams or Zoom fatigue’ is a term coined during the Covid pandemic, which is defined as tiredness, or burnout caused by the overuse of video calls. 

This phenomenon can also happen in online training as students can lose concentration over a longer period of time. Only well thought out and executed online sales training can overcome these issues.

With the relaxing of social distancing measures, organisations are beginning to return to face-to-face sales training. In person training can be combined with virtual follow up sessions, to ensure that new sales behaviours and selling skills are reinforced after the training and continuing professional development is being followed.

However, face to face training is not without its downsides, and businesses will need to consider what works best for them and their sales team

Face to face learning often involves travel costs – either for the employees or the sales training provider. It may also require the booking of a venue, such as a conference room at a hotel, which will add to the cost of training. 

Many online sessions are recorded, offering clients the opportunity to refer back to them, which will help with retaining new information. A mix of online and face to face learning, could provide the perfect mix of the benefits and negatives of each approach.

Klozers provide a range of sales training courses, both in person and remotely. The majority of their sales training including their online sales training which is delivered live in person, and their internal team can project manage your sales development program.,

Support for Sales Managers

We view sales management as a vital part of the success of any sales training programme.  To this end we support sales managers by helping them create an effective sales strategy and build a repeatable sales process and winning sales structure. 

Once these foundations are in place our face to face selling supports sales people with identifying potential clients, their pain points and customer needs.  Contacting key decision makers, having better sales conversations, identifying key customer buying signals.

Our training helps you to maximise sales opportunities and help win more business.

Face to face sales training
Selling Skills Workshops

Sales Kick Offs & Conferences

In addition to providing training for sales kick offs and  conferences many of our clients prefer to deliver in house training away from their normal place of business.  

Our team includes experienced event planners who can support your internal team in designing and planning your sales events.

Alternately they can take on the ownership of the entire event leaving you to focus on your business as usual activities.  

If you require a bespoke sales training program we can work with you to develop the right course content to support your sales teams face to face selling and sales conversations.

One day sales training courses
Professional Sales Trainers

Experienced Sales Trainers

We have a great team of sales trainers at Klozers who bring a wide range of skills having worked across many industries.  

As a team each of us still actively sells as part of our role, which ensures everything we teach is grounded in reality and not classroom theory.


Sales Process

Whilst many companies have a defined sales process, in most cases we have found the following challneges:

  • Sales process is out is step with modern buying processes
  • Salespeople not following the sales process consistently
  • Salespeople unsure of the criteria required to move deals through the sales process
  • Salespeople lack the soft selling skills to move deals through their sales pipeline

These areas are often easily addressed and provide an immediate impact to the salespeople and the organisation. 

Sales Training Program

For many of our clients one off sales training is the starting point for a wider face to face sales training program. 

Our experienced team can help you create a bespoke sales training program and internal sales academies.  

This approach to professional development helps companies to:

  • Improve onboarding for graduates in their first sales role
  • Improve onboarding for new sales reps
  • Increased retention of high sales performers
  • Increased ROI from training

Face to Face Sales Training - Reviews

From my initial enquiry, Klozers were exceptionally responsive and helpful.They listened and understood our SaaS and sales development needs clearly and worked with us to develop a comprehensive learning programme which is now starting to deliver excellent results for our business already.Throughout the programme, Klozers continued to provide added value and develop new ideas with us.I cannot recommend them highly enough and would be pleased to work with them again.”

Daniel Leaver – HR Leader, Global Marine

I am the founder of Urban Yoga Lab and I took the Consultative Selling Skills & B2B Lead Generation course. The course was really amazing – it helped me to learn so many things I had no idea before. From SEO to sales strategies and from best webinars practices to adopting a consultative approach in sales, Klozers realy taught me everything. Their sales coach was amazing, giving me fantastic advice, and helping me recognize what makes our brand really unique. Big thanks to him and their entire team! If you have any second thoughts to buy their programme I gurantee you wont regret it. They are THE BEST!”

Alex Kafka – Founder, Urban Yogalab

Klozers are great! All the sales ‘Training’ I have had up to meeting Iain Swanston at Klozers has been just that – ‘Training’. What Iain and Klozers offer that is transferable from class-room to board-room is to develop an understanding of the business I work in and apply proven techniques that will work but need adapting. I now refer to this as Sales Coaching, which for me is very different to training. Iain is a great Coach and I learn from every session we have together. He is also on hand by phone or email to bounce ideas around and make sure I am on the right track! Thanks Iain!”

Nik Hood – Commercial Director, Technonicol Group

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