Bespoke Sales Training


Bespoke Sales Training programmes have many different applications where generic sales training is not suitable, and wouldn’t achieve the goals of either the participants or the business. Whilst there are undoubtably many commonalities in sales, no two businesses are the same, and equally, salespeople have different learning needs.

Build Your Own Bespoke sales Training Course

You no longer need to compromise with our industry leading modular framework, which allows you to build your own course.  You can choose from over 60 modules to ensure you meet the both your learning and sales objectives.  If you need something more specific we can create and deliver content completely unique to you and your business.  

bespoke sales training courses uk

Not sure where to start?  That’s okay we’ve included as much information as possible here to help you get started.  If you need to talk to someone then you can arrange a call free non obligation consultation call here.

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Let’s start with the easy parts first.  What is a bespoke training course?  In our world a training course is either a 1 or 2 day event and is made up of modules.  Specifically a 1 day sales training course is made up of 4 x 90 minute modules. A two day course includes 8 x 90 minute modules.  As you would expect, each course includes a break in the morning, lunch and an afternoon break.  All together, these make for a full day/s of training.  

Here’s an example agenda for a one day sales training course:

bespoke sales training agenda

When choosing your training modules there are a number of different options.  You should choose the options that fit best with your organisations structure.

  1. The most common way to choose the modules is to start with the standard course that best fits your needs.  These courses include the most popular modules for that particular type of training.  In most cases customers retain at least 3 out of 4 of the modules listed.  This means you will only have to choose 1 module, rather than building an entire course from scratch.
  2. Undertake a Training Needs Analysis.  We have included a generic template below, however you will need to customise this to meet the exact needs of your business.
  3. Stakeholder Assessment.  It’s possible to gather information on the training needs from the learners themselves.  This has the advantage of giving them “ownership” of the training, however, learners may not know what they don’t know and may also choose “easy” topics, rather than those that will challenge and help them grow.
  4. OKRs.  If your organisation uses OKRs you can choose the modules based on the Link the training to your Sprints and Key Results.
  5. Data. If you have access to targeted data that can analyse the different parts of the sales process that your salespeople need support with, you can build a targeted course based on your own sales data.
  6. Sales Strategy. A new or revised sales strategy may mean new skills are required.  Here’s some examples: 
    1. Market Expansion: Do we have the capacity to explore new verticals with our existing salesforce? Potential for untapped business in adjacent markets exists.
    2. Executive Engagement: Can we refine our approach to effectively engage and influence senior decision-makers within target enterprise accounts? This could significantly accelerate deal size and closing speed.
    3. Customer Focus: Should we prioritize generating inbound leads from new prospects, or dedicate resources to nurturing existing client relationships and driving upsell opportunities? Both paths present merits and require careful evaluation.

    Sales Training Need analysis

Each of our standard training courses already include what we have found to be the most popular training modules.  However, as we have acknowledged, every business is different and we’ve made it possible to swap modules and build a bespoke training course based on your individual needs.  

Here is the list of the 2024 courses and modules:


TRAINING MODULES (90 mins each)

Sales Fundamentals (Level 100)

Building your Sales Pipeline

Questioning Techniques


Handling Techniques

The Art of Klozing

AI for Sales

(Level 200)

Pre-call Intelligence & Strategic Targeting

Data Driven Negotiation and Deal Structuring

Hyper personalised engagement & Relationship Building

Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Differentiation

Consultative Selling Skills (Level 200)

Consultative Selling Intro

Perfecting your Value Proposition

Collaborative Problem Solving

Negotiation, Klozing & Customer Success

Story Telling for Sales

Skills (Level 200)

The Science of Storytelling: Why Stories Sell

Crafting Your Compelling Sales Narrative

Putting Your Stories to Work in the Sales Cycle

Storytelling Mastery: Taking It to the Next Level

Solution Selling (Level 200)

Uncovering Customer Buying Motives

Perfecting your Value Proposition

Mastering the Sales Conversation

Klozing & Building Long Term Partnerships

SaaS Sales Training (SDRs) (Level 200)

Sales Mindset of a Winner

Perfecting your Value Proposition

Outbound Sales Prospecting

Needs Assessment Discovery & Qualifying

SaaS Sales Training (AEs)

(Level 200)

Pre-demo Preparation

Selling Value not Price

SaaS Product Demos


Handling Techniques

LinkedIn Sales Training

(Level 200)

Building your LinkedIn Sales Arsenal

The Art of Persuasive Communication

Mastering the Sales Conversation

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Telephone Sales Training (Level 200)

Sales Mindset

of a Winner

Perfecting your Value Proposition

Telephone Sales Skills

Live Calling with Coaching

90 Day Sales Planning

(Level 100, 200 & 300)

Principals of 90 Day Planning

Creating an Effective Action Plan

Communication & Collaboration

Accountability & Motivation

Outbound Lead Generation

(Level 200)

Building a Value Proposition

Cold Email Outreach

LinkedIn Selling Skills

Telephone Sales Skills

Inbound Lead Generation (Day 1 of 2)

(Level 200)

Introduction and Case Study Review

Strategy and Planning

Creating content that converts

Building High Value Assets

Inbound Lead Generation (Day 2 of 2)

(Level 200)

Technical Requirements and Set up

Selling Online

Measurements & Reporting

Action Planning

Key Account Management (Day 1 of 2) (Level 300)

Unlocking the Power of Key Accounts

Understanding the Enterprise Landscape

Building Trusted Relationships


Crafting a Winning Key Account Plan

Key Account Management (Day 2 of 2) (Level 300)

Sales Negotiation and Deal Structuring

Implementing Your Key Account Strategy

Maintaining and Growing Key Accounts

The Future of Key Account Management

Sales Negotiation Training (Level 300)

Foundation of B2B Negotiations

Planning & Preparation

Mastering the Negotiation Dance

Beyond the Deal

Enterprise Sales Training

(Level 300)

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs.

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs.

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs.

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs.

Bespoke Sales Training

(Level 100, 200 & 300)

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs

Sales Management & Leadership

(Level 300)

Sales Benchmarking & Improvement Planning

Sales Leadership Styles

Sales Performance & Coaching

Hiring Sales Winners

List of training modules with descriptor:

Sales Fundamentals

Building Your Sales Pipeline: Starting with your ideal customer profile, you’ll learn how to leverage compelling events and build targeted sales messages that resonate with prospects. Discover how to repurpose your messaging via telephone, email and LinkedIn.

Questioning Techniques: Master the art of asking powerful, open-ended questions that spark meaningful conversations and reveal critical purchase drivers. Build trust and rapport via active listening, understanding client challenges, and demonstrating genuine empathy. Guide the conversation whilst steering it towards your value proposition and positioning your solution as the perfect fit.

Objection Handling Techniques: Anticipate and address objections before they arise, preventing friction and maintaining momentum. Develop robust rebuttal techniques that reframe concerns, highlight the value proposition, and leave clients confident in your solution. Hone your negotiation skills to secure win-win agreements that satisfy both your clients and your bottom line.

The Art of Klozing: Elevate your closing game to an art form, sealing deals with confidence and leaving clients excited about their decision. Craft compelling value statements that showcase how your solution uniquely solves their problems and unlocks their potential.

AI for Sales

Pre-Call Intelligence & Strategic Targeting: Transform your sales calls from tactical chats to strategic conversations. Leverage data and information to uncover gaps and weaknesses, hidden client insights and then tailor your approach.

Data Driven Negotiation and Deal Structuring: Quantify your worth and sell value not price. Master the art of data-driven deals, utilizing analytics to build compelling value propositions, negotiate with genuine confidence, and structure deals that maximize shared value and win-win relationships.

Hyper-personalised engagement & Relationship Building: Build deep connections using our unique combination of psychology and neuroscience to build relationships and trust. Converting leads and customers into long-term, loyal clients.

Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Differentiation: Outflank and outsmart your rivals in the ever-evolving B2B landscape. Gain deep insights into competitor strategies, identify their vulnerabilities, and position your value proposition with genuine differentiation.

Consultative Selling Skills

Consultative Selling Introduction: Shed the transactional sales hat and embrace the role of trusted advisor. Discover customer centric selling, equipping your team with the mindset and skills to identify client challenges, build genuine partnerships, and position themselves as Subject Matter Experts.

Perfecting your Value Proposition: Go beyond features and benefits. This module delves into the art of crafting compelling value propositions that resonate with client needs and aspirations. Learn to quantify your solution’s impact, articulate tangible outcomes, and position your offering as a must have.

Collaborative Problem Solving: Move beyond unilateral solutions and unlock the power of teamwork. This module fosters the skills of active listening, collaborative brainstorming, and co-creating strategies that address client challenges with shared ownership and commitment.

Negotiation, Klozing & Customer Success: Secure win-win agreements and forge lasting relationships. Master the art of effective negotiation, crafting strategies that address client concerns, maximize value for both parties, and ensure a seamless transition towards ongoing success.

Story Telling for Sales

The Science of Storytelling: Why Stories Sell: Unveil the hidden drivers of human decision-making. This module delves into the neurological and psychological principles that make stories compelling, fostering trust, and influencing action. Equip your team to leverage this innate human response and craft emotionally resonant narratives that guide prospects towards engagement and action.

Crafting Your Compelling Sales Narrative: Move beyond features and benefits, delve into the transformative impact of your solution. This module empowers your team to develop compelling narratives that illuminate customer challenges, showcase your solution’s transformative potential, and paint a vivid picture of a desired future state.

Putting Your Stories to Work in the Sales Cycle: Seamlessly integrate narrative magic into every interaction. Learn to strategically deploy captivating narratives throughout conversations, presentations, and proposals, guiding prospects along a captivating journey towards commitment and closing the deal with confidence.

Storytelling Mastery: Taking It to the Next Level: Hone your storytelling skills to a razor-sharp edge. This module refines your ability to adapt narratives to diverse audiences, anticipate and address objections with finesse, and leave a lasting impression that seals the deal and fosters long-term client relationships.

Solution Selling

Uncovering Customer Buying Motives: Discover the hidden drivers that shape client decisions. Explore the underlying motivations, aspirations, and anxieties that fuel purchase behaviour. Equip your team to delve deeper, understand the “why” behind every “what,” and tailor their approach to address those specific needs.

Perfecting your Value Proposition: Go beyond features and benefits. This module delves into the art of crafting compelling value propositions that resonate with client needs and aspirations. Learn to quantify your solution’s impact, articulate tangible outcomes, and position your offering as the catalyst for their growth.

Mastering the Sales Conversation: Elevate your team from order-takers to conversation architects. This module hones their skills in active listening, insightful questioning, and strategic storytelling. Empower them to navigate conversations with finesse, guide decision-making, and create shared visions for a successful future.

Klozing & Building Long Term Partnerships: Close the deal and secure the foundation for lasting loyalty. This module equips your team to solidify trust, exceed expectations, and nurture partnerships that thrive beyond the contract. Learn to actively cultivate client relationships, address concerns with agility, and ensure sustained value that fosters loyalty and advocacy.

SaaS Sales Training (SDRs)

Sales Mindset of a Winner: This module forms the bedrock of success. It redefines the sales narrative, instilling a mindset of ambition, resilience, and unwavering belief in yourself and your solution. Develop the mental fortitude to thrive in a competitive landscape, embrace challenges as opportunities, and drive relentless pursuit of goals.

Perfecting your Value Proposition: Move beyond generic features and benefits. This module empowers you to craft a compelling narrative that articulates the unique value your solution delivers to clients’ specific challenges and aspirations. Learn to quantify impact, paint a vivid picture of desired outcomes, and position your offering as the catalyst for their success.

Outbound Sales Prospecting: This module hones our Omnichannel prospecting skills, equipping you to identify ideal clients, engage with targeted outreach strategies, and qualify leads with laser focus. Transform cold calls into warm conversations and unlock a pipeline brimming with promising opportunities.

Needs Assessment Discovery & Qualifying: Discover the art of asking powerful questions that reveal clients’ true needs and motivations. This module trains you to actively listen, uncover hidden anxieties and goals, and conduct insightful assessments that ensure a perfect fit between your solution and their desired future state. Leave no stone unturned and elevate your qualification process to an art form.

 SaaS Sales Training (AEs)

Pre-demo Preparation: Equip yourself with meticulous pre-demo planning skills that ensure a flawless performance. Learn to research client needs, anticipate objections, and craft a personalized narrative that showcases your SaaS solution’s true potential. Set the stage for an engaging experience that inspires and motivates buyers.

Selling Value, Not Price: Shift the conversation paradigm and break free from the price trap. This module empowers you to articulate the unique value your SaaS product delivers, translating features into concrete benefits that address client challenges. Quantify the impact, and position your solution as the catalyst for their desired future state. Leave clients focussed by the value you offer, not the price tag.

SaaS Product Demos: Transform your demo from a rote presentation to an interactive workshop. This module hones your skills in live product walk-throughs, weaving captivating storytelling into clear explanations, and handling objections with ease. Learn to leverage interactive elements, anticipate questions, and guide clients on a journey that culminates in a resounding “yes.”

Objection Handling Techniques: Anticipate and address objections before they arise, preventing friction and maintaining momentum. Develop robust rebuttal techniques that reframe concerns, highlight the value proposition, and leave clients confident in your solution. Hone your negotiation skills to secure win-win agreements that satisfy both your clients and your bottom line.

LinkedIn Sales Training 

Building Your LinkedIn Sales Arsenal: Craft a winning LinkedIn profile that transcends a mere “online resume.” This module empowers you to showcase your expertise, attract ideal clients, and establish yourself as a trusted thought leader. Learn to leverage powerful networking strategies, optimize your profile for visibility, and engage in meaningful conversations that build credibility and drive sales.

The Art of Persuasive Communication: Move beyond generic templates and master the art of crafting LinkedIn messaging that resonate. This module hones your skills in writing compelling introductions, tailoring messages to specific needs, and delivering value through every interaction. Learn to avoid the dreaded “sales pitch” trap and cultivate genuine connections that turn prospects into clients.

Mastering the Sales Conversation: Transform LinkedIn interactions into productive conversations that build trust and move deals forward. This module equips you with the active listening skills, insightful questioning techniques, and strategic storytelling to guide prospects through the prospect phase. Learn to handle objections with grace, nurture relationships, and close deals directly through the power of LinkedIn communication.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Go beyond basic search and unlock the advanced prospecting power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This module demystifies its intricate features, teaching you to identify highly qualified leads, target decision-makers with precision, and gain valuable insights that fuel successful conversations. Maximize your ROI and turn this powerful tool into a lead generation and relationship-building powerhouse.

Telephone Sales Training 

Sales Mindset of a Winner: This module forms the bedrock of success. It redefines the sales narrative, instilling a mindset of ambition, resilience, and unwavering belief in yourself and your solution. Develop the mental fortitude to thrive in a competitive landscape, embrace challenges as opportunities, and drive relentless pursuit of goals.

Perfecting your Value Proposition: Go beyond features and benefits. This module delves into the art of crafting compelling value propositions that resonate with client needs and aspirations. Learn to quantify your solution’s impact, articulate tangible outcomes, and position your offering as the catalyst for their growth.

Telephone Sales Skills: Command the Art of Conversation and embrace the phone as a powerful sales tool, not a dreaded necessity. This module shows the psychological dynamics of phone conversations, equipping you with the conversational skills, objection-handling techniques, and confidence-building strategies that put you in control. Learn to navigate call flows with ease, address concerns, and leave a lasting impression that converts dials into appointments and prospects into clients.

Live Calling with Coaching: Take your skills from the classroom to the live arena with expert coaching by your side. This module provides a real-world platform to put your newly acquired telephone sales prowess to the test, with experienced mentors offering real-time feedback and guidance as you conquer your cold calls with newfound confidence. Witness your anxiety dissipate and your success rate soar as you navigate live conversations with a proven approach that just works.

90 Day Sales Planning 

Principals of 90-Day Sales Planning: Ditch the reactive sales cycle and embrace proactive, strategic goal-setting. This module empowers you to craft a customized 90-day plan – your roadmap to success. Go beyond SMART goals and prioritize activities that drive maximum impact for personal and business success. Set a clear course and navigate towards tangible achievements in a focused, empowered manner.

Creating an Effective Action Plan: Transform ambitious goals into actionable steps. This module equips your team with the tools and techniques to build practical, well-defined action plans. Learn to prioritize tasks, allocate resources efficiently, set realistic deadlines, and establish measurable milestones. Witness your 90-day plan metamorphose from theoretical blueprint to a dynamic, actionable guide for sales success.

Communication & Collaboration: Unleash the collective potential of your team. This module fosters a culture of open communication, collaborative problem-solving, and knowledge sharing. Develop effective communication strategies, learn to leverage team strengths, and build an environment of trust and support. Watch as synergy ignites, propelling your team towards shared goals with exponential power.

Accountability & Motivation: Sustain the momentum and keep your team firing on all cylinders. This module delves into the crucial aspects of accountability and motivation in the sales arena. Learn to create a system of clear expectations, implement effective feedback mechanisms, and celebrate both individual and team achievements. Foster a culture of ownership, intrinsic motivation, and unwavering commitment to your 90-day plan, ensuring tangible progress towards ambitious goals.

Outbound Lead Generation

Building a Value Proposition: Go beyond features and benefits. This module delves into the art of crafting compelling value propositions that resonate with client needs and aspirations. Learn to quantify your solution’s impact, articulate tangible outcomes, and position your offering as the catalyst for their growth.

Cold Email Outreach: This module equips you with the technical set up, strategic messaging, captivating storytelling, and targeted personalization. Learn to craft attention-grabbing subject lines, build rapport through compelling narratives, and guide prospects towards engagement and action. Witness improved open rates, response rates, and your pipeline growing with valuable connections.

LinkedIn Selling Skills: Go beyond profile optimization and unlock the true prospecting power of LinkedIn. This module empowers you to leverage targeted searches, strategic networking, and persuasive communication to forge valuable connections that turn into conversions. Master the art of engaging strangers, building trust through insightful conversation, and seamlessly transitioning online interactions into productive real-world relationships.

Telephone Sales Skills: Command the Art of Conversation and embrace the phone as a powerful sales tool, not a dreaded necessity. This module shows the psychological dynamics of phone conversations, equipping you with the conversational skills, objection-handling techniques, and confidence-building strategies that put you in control. Learn to navigate call flows with ease, address concerns, and leave a lasting impression that converts dials into appointments and prospects into clients.

Inbound Lead Generation (2 Day Course)

Introduction & Case Study Review: Discover the transformative power of inbound marketing. Immerse yourself in real-world success stories and dissect the strategies that drive consistent lead generation. Gain a thorough understanding of the inbound methodology and prepare to build your own high-performing engine.

Strategy & Planning: Chart your course to lead generation success. Develop a laser-focused strategy aligned with your target audience and business goals. Define your buyer personas, establish clear objectives, and create a roadmap for attracting and converting qualified leads.

Crafting Content that Converts: Become a wordsmith of lead generation. Master the art of creating compelling content that resonates with your audience and fuels their buying journey. Learn to leverage blog posts, social media, infographics, and more to attract prospects and guide them towards conversion.

Building High-Value Assets: Elevate your lead magnets and watch your pipeline overflow. This module equips you to craft irresistible white papers, e-books, webinars, and other assets that act as magnets for qualified leads. Learn to package valuable insights and expertise in formats that capture attention and drive conversions.

Technical Requirements & Set Up: Bridge the tech gap and unleash the full potential of your inbound platform. Gain mastery in configuring your chosen platform, optimizing workflows, and integrating essential tools. Ensure your technology seamlessly supports your lead generation strategy and fuels operational efficiency.

Selling Online: Master the art of closing deals without ever leaving your digital doorstep. This module delves into effective online sales techniques, from crafting persuasive landing pages to leveraging email marketing automation for nurturing leads and securing conversions.

Measurements & Reporting: Track your progress, refine your strategy, and celebrate your victories. Learn to decipher key metrics, analyse campaign performance, and identify areas for improvement. Gain data-driven insights to continuously optimize your inbound engine and maximize its lead generation potential.

Action Planning: Transform your learnings into a real-world roadmap. This module helps you translate your newfound knowledge into actionable steps, set achievable goals, and assign clear responsibilities. Embrace a data-driven approach to implementation and ensure your marketing engine starts humming with lead-generating efficiency.

Key Account Management (2 Day Course)

Unlocking the Power of Key Accounts: This module dissects the intricate dynamics of the enterprise landscape, revealing the immense revenue and growth opportunities that lie within. Equip yourself to identify, prioritize, and navigate the complex ecosystem of decision-makers within these influential organizations.

Understanding the Enterprise Landscape: Go beyond basic industry knowledge and delve deep into the decision-making processes, internal politics, and unique challenges of enterprise buyers. Learn to decipher unspoken needs, anticipate shifts in power dynamics, and navigate the intricate web of stakeholders within key accounts.

Building Trusted Relationships: Forge bonds that fuel success. This module equips you with the interpersonal skills and strategic frameworks to cultivate genuine, long-term relationships with key decision-makers. Learn to build trust through active listening, insightful questioning, and demonstrating unwavering commitment to their success.

Crafting a Winning Key Account Plan: Translate understanding into action. This module empowers you to develop a customized, data-driven plan that addresses the specific needs and challenges of each key account. Learn to leverage market trends, tailor value propositions, and prioritize engagement strategies for maximum impact.

Sales Negotiation & Deal Structuring: Secure win-win agreements with finesse. Master the art of strategic negotiation and deal structuring, ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes that solidify your partnerships with key accounts. Hone your skills in navigating complex conversations, handling objections, and crafting agreements that drive sustainable value for both parties.

Implementing Your Key Account Strategy: Bridge the gap from plan to action. This module equips you with the tools and techniques to seamlessly translate your key account plan into real-world execution. Learn to manage and measure progress, navigate internal roadblocks, and ensure sustained focus on maximizing value for your key accounts.

Maintaining & Growing Key Accounts: Nurture relationships for lasting success. This module delves into the art of fostering loyalty and driving continuous growth within key accounts. Learn to proactively address emerging needs, adapt to changing priorities, and consistently demonstrate the irreplaceable value you bring to their organization.

The Future of Key Account Management: Stay ahead of the curve. This module explores the evolving landscape of enterprise sales and equips you with the foresight and adaptability to thrive in the face of disruption. Gain insights into emerging technologies, changing buyer behaviours, and future-proof your key account management strategies for long-term success.

Sales Negotiation Training

Foundation of B2B Sales Negotiations: Lay the groundwork for success. Demystify the intricate world of B2B negotiations and equip yourself with fundamental principles, key frameworks, and ethical practices. Learn to analyse your competitive landscape, identify leverage points, and approach negotiations with unwavering confidence.

Planning & Preparation: Leave nothing to chance. This module empowers you to conduct meticulous pre-negotiation research, define clear objectives, and craft compelling value propositions that resonate with your counterpart. Learn to anticipate objections, formulate persuasive arguments, and enter the negotiation arena with a strategic roadmap to success.

Mastering the Negotiation Dance: Hone your skills in active listening, strategic questioning, and assertive communication. Learn to handle objections gracefully, counter proposals with confidence, and navigate unexpected curveballs with unwavering composure. Witness the negotiation transform from a battleground to a collaborative dance towards a mutually beneficial outcome.

Beyond the Deal: Cultivating Lasting Value: Extend your impact beyond the handshake. This module delves into the art of fostering trust, exceeding expectations, and building long-term partnerships that thrive beyond the final agreement. Learn to address post-negotiation concerns, nurture relationships through proactive communication, and solidify your position as a valued partner worthy of future collaborations.

 Sales Management & Leadership Training

Sales Benchmarking & Improvement Planning: Unleash the potential within. This module equips you with the tools and frameworks to benchmark your sales performance against industry leaders, identify critical gaps, and chart a data-driven course for improvement. Learn to analyse key metrics, pinpoint areas for optimization, and develop a customized action plan for propelling your sales engine to new heights.

Sales Leadership Styles: Inspire Peak Performance and Lead your team. Explore the nuanced landscape of effective sales leadership and discover your own unique leadership style. Learn to motivate and inspire your team, delegate effectively, foster a culture of accountability, and create an environment where every member thrives. Witness your team flourish under your guidance and watch your sales take off.

Sales Performance & Coaching: Build a Champions League team. Master the art of coaching for improved performance. This module equips you with the techniques and strategies to provide constructive feedback, set realistic goals, and cultivate a culture of continuous learning. Learn to identify individual strengths and weaknesses, personalize coaching approaches, and empower your team to consistently exceed expectations.

Hiring Sales Winners: Build a powerhouse from the ground up. Recruit for success. This module demystifies the art of identifying and attracting top talent in the competitive B2B sales landscape. Learn to craft targeted recruitment strategies, conduct insightful interviews, and assess potential for long-term success. Build a team of passionate, skilled individuals who embody your values and propel your sales engine to unstoppable growth.

The delivery of your training is equally as important as the content.  Most companies base their delivery mode on the availability of their sales team. 

In Person Delivery: Face to face training is always popular with Salespeople as they prefer the learning environment this facilitates.  Our In-Person delivery can be at your business premises, or at a remote venue like a hotel or conference centre. 

Remote/Online Delivery: If your sales team are not office based and working remotely from different locations, then online delivery can be a good option.  Many of our clients have salespeople in different countries and remote delivery is the only way to bring them together.

Please note for remote delivery we advise not to attempt to deliver an entire course in a single day.  Asking participants to sit in front of a computer for a whole day detracts from the learning experience.

For remote delivery we recommend 1 x module per week or two modules per week maximum.  This gives the salespeople time to go away, reflect, implement new ideas and get feedback on the next session.

Hybrid Delivery

Hybrid training delivery is currently our most popular training method.  This is ideally suited to organisations who require a behavioural transformation and involves a 1 day kick off workshop, followed by remote coaching

Training Workbooks:

As a company we have invested heavily in the content and quality of our training materials.  Our workbooks and associated materials add to the overall learning experience of participants.  

Please allow three weeks for the printing and shipping of workbooks for your training course.


We currently offer In-Person training in some countries via local sales trainers in the native language.  


Based in UK English our course content has been translated for delivery in Dutch, German, French and Spanish.  We are constantly updating this, so please contact us if you require a different language.

Many organisations host events where salespeople come together from different locations.  We can support these events with our training or public speaking.  Examples of events we have previously supported with bespoke training are:

  • New Product or Service Launch
  • Relaunch a Product or Service
  • Launch a New Business Quarter
  • New Global Sales Campaign
  • Kickstart a Tired Sales Team
  • Supporting a New Sales Strategy
  • Reinforce a Sales Conference Theme
  • Supporting a Sales Offsite
  • Provide Content for Conference Breakout Sessions
  • Provided Targeted Sales Support

Sales Training Programmes are long term initiatives to drive behavioural change.  They would typically involve more than one training event. We are happy to help you design the overall programme, however, from previous experience we recommend breaking the training content into the four main areas of sales training as follows:

  1. Product, market and industry training.

This content would focus on the product or service and may include topics such as Value Proposition, Product Market Fit, Competitor Analysis, Specifications, Features & Benefits, Pricing, Go to Market plans, Campaign details and selling across different industries.

  1. Technical Sales Training

This would cover training specific to selling the product/service such as Prospect Profiles, Prospect Pains & Gains, Lead Generation, Selling Skills, Sales Process, Stalls & Objection Handling, Sales Battle Card Training, Sales Negotiation, Questioning Funnels and Calls to action, Case Studies, Role Play & Customer Stories.

  1. Action Planning

This is what we want your sales professionals to go out and do after the training so should cover the planning, goals and activity that we want the sales team to do after the event.

  1. Conceptual Sales Training 

This content would be dedicated to removing and fear or self doubt and should be inspiring, motivating and engaging so that the team go out and sell their socks off. For would normally be the last session of the event but can be split.

bespoke sales training solutions

Our Campaign Based Sales training leverages the fact that salespeople learn the most while “doing”.  Therefore we would work with your Sales & Marketing teams to design and create a sales campaign and then use the campaign as the basis of the training.  The bespoke training is then delivered as the campaign is rolled out.  A typical engage would follow these steps:

  1. We work with the sales and marketing team to design and deliver sales campaigns that the sales team can get behind and help deliver. Each campaign is designed to generate new sales leads for those who are undertaking the training to follow up.
  1. We work with your sales and marketing team to help provide any relevant content and sales tools that are required to support each campaign  such as launch material, flyers, giveaways.
  1. We provide a training and coaching to the salespeople on how to execute the campaign in real time. This is the most powerful way to implement new strategies and skills quickly. 

Sales Training Courses

We’ve listed below the outline steps in our own Event Planning Template that we use to run bespoke training courses. You can use this whether you choose to work with Klozers or not.
Event Name      Give the Event an Inspiring and Engaging name or Theme and describe the purpose ie New Product Launch of XYZ Sales Campaign.
Sponsor   This could be the company’s own name, an outside sponsor or a senior stakeholder for the event.
Event Team  List all the people in the events team with their roles and contact details.
Budget    The event will need a budget and you should discuss this with the senior stakeholders as soon as possible.
Date    If you can’t pick a date because you are waiting on a venue confirming availability then start with an estimate.
Time    List the start and finish time for guests but also include the set up and breakdown time for the event.
Location   Remember you will want to create a good learning environment so make sure the venue is the best you can afford and the room is big enough so that delegates are not cramped. If you are using a Hotel as a rule of thumb take the numbers they say a room will hold and reduce it by 25% to avoid overcrowding.
Accommodation If attendees or speakers are traveling to the venue you will need to arrange accommodation. Try and keep everyone at the same location to avoid splintering the group.
Learning Objectives Overview  Describe the event and the Learning Objectives. For example: After attending attendees with be able to use advanced questioning techniques to uncover the top 3 business pains our solution fixes. After attending attendees will be able to identify who in their existing customer set is most likely to buy our new widget and how to approach them. After attending attendees will leave with a 90 Day action plan that they will follow to ensure they undertake the activity the business requires. Learning Goals are important because they will help you demonstrate and measure the ROI of your event.
Draft Agenda for the Day  Create a draft timetable to share with the team and any external stakeholders.
Event Planning Timetable This timetable will help you plan what needs to be done and when it should be done by and as an example: Event – T-90 Days, Planning complete and Venue, Accommodation and Speakers booked Event – T-60 days, Landing Page, Learning Objectives Agreed, Content creation started Event – T-60 days, Promotional Material & Communications plan Event – T-14 days, Agenda Confirmed, Review of Attendees Event – T-7 days, Confirm Numbers & Catering Event +1 Day Post Event follow up
It’s very easy to forget things in the run up to a conference or event so we put together this checklist that we use to make sure we have done everything possible to make the event a success. Please note this checklist is not definitive and you may need to add things on that are relevant for your event.

Event Planning Checklist Items Yes No Not Required Comments
Have the objectives and goals been identified for the event?  Scorecard metrics?
Has the agenda for the event been developed with times, speaking slots etc?
Have we finalised the presentation, including any content/input from external parties?
Where is the shared and secure location for the event PPT  / Docs
Have the agenda, objective, goals, etc., for the event been communicated to everyone involved?
Have we created a list of all internal & external people involved with contact details and shared it?
Have the event time and place been communicated to all parties involved?
Have we booked a speaker, facilitator and Trainer?
Have we booked a room and what size?
Have we booked accommodation for everyone?
Do we have the contact details including mobile of the room owner?
What is the layout of the room eg: conference, classroom, u-shaped, boardroom?
Logistics – Have we organized the projector, flipchart, screen and audio?
Have we organized catering?
Have we organized any handouts?

Arguably the most important part of any training event is the follow up afterwards. It’s important to have the structure in place to record, manage and report on any activity connected to the Learning Goals. In addition you should provide online support via chat, email and conference calls and include dedicated 1-2-1 coaching from Sales Managers at least once every two weeks to reinforce the new sales activities.

  1. Collect feedback from attendees based on the content, the trainers/facilitators and the learning environment.
  1. Ensure Line Managers get copies and hold salespeople accountable to their 90 day action plans.
  1. Record, manage and report on any activity connected to the Learning Goals.
  1. Provide online access to all event content such as slide decks, promo material and campaign details.
  1. Provide support and extra help for those struggling to get onboard or not making progress with their action plans.
  1. Provide internal comms to share good news stories new wins relating to the event.


As companies grow and move along the Sales Maturity Model there comes a time when they require a full learning & development strategy specific to the Sales function of the business. This is much more than Sales Training and Coaching as it ties into Employee Reviews, Development Plans and the organisations Talent Development programme.

Introducing a Long Term Sales Development plan to any organisation that has never had one will in most cases fail without adopting the principles of change management. Salespeople can be fiercely resistant to change and may derail your programme before it has got off the ground.

Where possible this should be aligned with the wider organisation and follow these 6 steps:

  1. Set Learning Goals

Based on the objectives laid out in the Sales Strategy the learning goals should match both the objectives and the milestones in the sales plan. For example if the new Sales Strategy requires moving the salespeople away from talking to existing channel partners and focussed on developing larger end user deals they may require support to do this.

If the salespeople have traditionally sold to SMEs and small mid market accounts they may require support if the Sales Strategy requires then to open new Enterprise accounts. Both these scenarios would require the creation of Learning Goals.

  1. Match Competencies to Learning Goals

Once you understand and have prioritised the learning goals you need to match the sales competencies that would enable the learner to achieve the goals.

Competencies are made up from the crafts, habits, activities, results and expectations. We call this the C.HA.R.G.E. Success Framework and you can download a copy of this tool via the Sales Tools page.

Whilst every item in the C.H.A.R.G.E list is important depending on the competency and context some will be more important than others.

bespoke sales training providers

  1. Benchmark the Sales Team

It’s important to know and understand your starting point so you will need to evaluate the sales team and measure their current competencies. This is often a mixture of objective measurements based on past performance and subjective measurements based on the line managers knowledge of the individuals. Some records may already exist such as HR and employee reviews however in most instances these are not specific enough to sales to be sufficient.

  1. Create an Organisation Wide Sales Development Programme

Create a tiered programme that all salespeople can work towards in terms of their personal development. The Tiers must be linked to their financial reward such as salary increases, bonuses or commissions. For most organisations we recommend a 5 tier system however this may need refining depending on the size and complexity of the organisation. Once the levels have been set it’s possible to map the goals, competencies and and learning and development needs against this as shown below.

Introduce a fair and objective Scorecard system where employees and managers can track and record sales relevant sales KPI’s. The scorecards should be reviewed weekly and tied into the monthly Performance reviews of the Sales Reps and the Sales Managers.

  1. Complete Personal Development Plans for Everyone

Personal Development Plans should include personal goals and be reviewed by the Line Manager. Some people will be happy in their existing role and have no desire to progress others will want to progress but need direction.

  1. Offer Formal Training

Offer training to employees who want to progress, however, for employees who don’t want to progress and don’t want training this can cause a problem as more often than nought these same sales people don’t hit their sales targets and simply stuck in their ways.

These people should have been identified at the start of the project when evaluating your Change Management plan and dealt with.

Allowing these sales reps to go unchecked will derail your programme and their own performance will not improve.

  1. Create a Coaching Culture

The new ABC of sales is not Always be Closing but Always be Coaching. Introduce a structured Coaching programme starting with the Manager to make sure they know how to coach before rolling this out to the wider team.

What level of sales experience do attendees require?

We have been fortunate enough to work with people with all levels of experience.  This includes graduates with no sales experience whatsoever through to 4o year sales veterans. However, not all sales topics may be appropriate for everyone and we would work with you in the design phase to make sure each session is matched and relevant to the audience.

Does your training work with other selling systems and methodologies?

Yes. If you have already trained your salespeople, our training and coaching works alongside any of the major selling systems, such as Miller Heiman, Richardson, SPIN or Solution Selling.

Will the training cover the sales topics that are important to me?

Yes – all our training and coaching includes an initial needs analysis where you can specify specific areas that are important to you.

What industries does the training cover?

Our sales training and coaching is specific to Business to Business selling, not to any specific vertical. We do however have lots of experience in IT, Pharma, Technology, SaaS, Professional Services, Digital Media, Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Banking, Software and Financial Services.

Can you deliver training on site?

Yes, we are well versed with delivering Instructor Led Training sessions on site.  Please check with us for availability at the earliest opportunity.

Can you deliver training Internationally?

Yes, we have delivered sales training across North America, Europe, Middle East & Asia.

Please use the “Book a call” function below to speak to one of our coaches.

As every business and its people are unique, it’s not unusual for people to still have questions.  You can book a no obligation call with one of our coaches who can answer any questions you have.


Unlocking Sales Excellence: Bespoke Strategies for Success, 10 Reasons to Choose Klozers

In the dynamic landscape of business, sales professionals are the lifeblood of your  growth. Whether you’re a seasoned sales leader or a fresh-faced telesales representative, mastering the art of selling is essential. We live and breathe the world of sales, exploring strategies, techniques, and creating tailored approaches that can elevate our clients sales. No gimmicks, no magic wands, but there is some hard work involved.

  1. Aligning Objectives with Results

Sales success begins with clarity. We help you define your objectives, whether it’s revenue growth, closing deals, or hitting sales targets. We can also assess where you stand currently, and tailor our approach accordingly. Are you focused on B2B saas sales, face to face selling, selling via online channels like Teams and Zoom? Each stage demands a unique strategy.

  1. The Power of Tailored Training

Investment in professional development pays dividends. Bespoke sales training programmes allow you to maximize your team’s potential. Whether it’s refining negotiation skills, understanding buyer psychology, or overcoming objections, targeted training ensures excellence.

  1. Building Relationships

People buy from people – especially in B2B. Sales isn’t just about transactions; it’s about building lasting relationships. Actively listening to your clients, understanding their specific needs, and ensuring you excel in delivering value. Remember, credibility lays the groundwork for successful deals.

  1. Leadership Matters

In our world Sales leadership isn’t about control; it’s about empowerment. Leading by example, inspiring your team, and creating a culture of excellence. Whether you’re managing small sales teams or overseeing an entire sales organization, you are the most influential person in your salespersons life.

  1. Future-Proofing Sales

As you know the sales industry evolves rapidly. Stay ahead by embracing technology, understanding market jargon, and adapting to new ways of working. Future-proof your skills, and your sales performance will soar.

  1. Bespoke Solutions

No two businesses are alike. Our Bespoke sales courses address specific business needs. Whether you’re in the UK or any other market, tailor your approach. Remember, success lies in the details.

  1. The Heart of Sales

We believe in customer centric selling – at the heart of every successful sale is the customer. Understanding their pain points, offering relevant solutions, and achieving mutual success sounds easy – but we know it’s not. We empower your team to drive sales while maintaining their authenticity and keeping the customer front and centre at all times. 

  1. Overcoming Challenges

Inevitably sales involves overcoming obstacles. We help your team with role-play scenarios that are safe spaces for them to fail before they go live. Our coaching helps prepare them for the competition, and advise your team on the best way forward. Remember, excellence isn’t about perfection; it’s about progress.

  1. Measuring Success

ROI matters – we get it.  We don’t deliver training, we deliver results. We help you track your teams sales performance, record their achievements, and celebrate milestones hit. Whether it’s conversion rates, revenue growth, or hitting targets, data-driven decisions lead to success.

  1. Expert Guidance

Consider partnering with Klozers the expert sales trainers. Our insights, case studies, and practical experience can elevate your team’s efficiency.

Iain has helped me; reduce my sales cycle, increase my selling time and set myself aside from the competition by approaching business that works against the tried/tested Features and Benefits system. Would highly recommend to experienced sales professionals who think they can’t improve any further – you can with Iain’s guidance! Brace yourself for some uncomfortable techniques that become instinctive but highly effective!
Cathie Swan – Account Manager

From my initial enquiry, Klozers were exceptionally responsive and helpful. They listened and understood our SaaS and sales development needs clearly and worked with us to develop a comprehensive learning programme which is now starting to deliver excellent results for our business already. Throughout the programme, Klozers continued to provide added value and develop new ideas with us. I cannot recommend them highly enough and would be pleased to work with them again.

Danny Lever – HR Manager, Global Marine Power

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