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Klozing the gap between your revenue dreams and your revenue streams

Traditional marketing is broken

Many businesses struggle because their marketing doesn’t generate enough sales leads and they end up missing their sales targets.

We specialise in helping SMEs and Mid Market organisations take on and beat brand leaders.

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Our certified sales coaches help you find more opportunities, kloze more opportunities and grow existing accounts so you never have to worry about sales again. We provide practical strategies and tactics that any business can implement immediately and get results.

Sales Team Coaching & Training

OKR Based Sales GRowth

Discover how to align your business, sales and training goals in one simple, but powerful program.

Results Driven training

We’re transforming the way companies manage, train and coach their sales teams.  

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Sales Strategy Workshops for CEO’s & Sales Leaders

Sales Training Courses

We work with SMEs & Mid-market organisations to help them take on the brand leaders in their industry and win.

We specialise in building powerful sales campaigns that we use to teach and deliver results at the same time.

Outbound & Inbound Sales Specialists

Sales Training Simulations

Discover the POWER of our sales training simulations

Business Growth Game
Sales & Marketing Game
Customer Service Transformation Game

Sales Training Courses

We offer a broad range of sales courses for our domestic and international clients, which are designed around both the sales skills required, and the sales role of participants. From Sales Professional, to Sales Manager and business owner, we’ve got your chosen career and skillset covered.

Each sales course includes the exact same strategies, tactics and sales techniques that we use to grow our own business.

Our training courses can be delivered as a stand alone sales courses or as part of our OKR based Sales Team Coaching programme.

Training courses are available for both Inhouse training and as open courses.  Each of our courses can be delivered In person or as online courses for remote learning.

Whether you are looking for a one off sales course, personal development or continued professional development we would love to talk to you.

Our goal is simply to help you win more business.  We would like to support your organisation in terms of future growth and help deliver a tangible and real impact in your sales results.

Sales Training & Consulting Services

Why we're Different

outbound + Inbound

Many traditional sales training companies are experts at Outbound selling which is important, but this is only half the solution. Klozers are also experts at Inbound lead generation and more importantly, how to combine the two channels.

As a company we only teach the sales strategies and tactic that we use in our own business. This way, we have a deep understanding of how things work and what will help your business.

okr based training

Many of our clients are using KPIs which is great, however, we use a powerful business goal setting system that some of the largest brands in the world are using called OKRs.

We help our clients set big ambitious goals and then understand what Key Results they would need to achieve to reach those goals. Then we create powerful Sales Sprints that your team can use to drive results.

we're just like you

We are not out of work VP's with a training PowerPoint. We are not course aggregators stuffing bodies in a room, and we are not big enough to not care about our clients, and their results.

We are just like you, working hard to grow and scale our business profitably across the globe.

Don't buy training - buy results.