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Consultative Selling Skills
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1. Introduction

After 10 years in training this course continues to be our best seller.

New and updated for 2020 this is our flagship sales training course with material specific to helping non selling professionals sell more, and feel good about doing it.

After completing this course participants completed the Sales Management Training Course

2. Course Price

This course costs:

US Dollars – $1,750 per person + applicable taxes

GB Pounds – £1,195 per person + applicable taxes

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3. Training Methodology

Unlike Traditional Training Companies we believe people learn by doing rather than following theory in text books in a classroom.

We use a workshop methodology where we have a blended mix of theory where appropriate, whilst focussing the majority of the time on real life sales challenges.

Attendees are guided through each session and individually undertake real life sales scenarios.

This ensures each attendee remains engaged and learning in a positive and supportive environment.

Each Course Module last no more than 90 minutes to ensure attendees can absorb the new strategies and tactics covered.

Consultative Sales Skills
Consultative Sales Approach

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4. Who Should Attend this Sales Course?

This Masterclass is designed for:

*Consultants who want to sell without being “salesy”.

*Non Selling Professionals who need to generate revenue

*Business Developers who need to find and open new accounts

*Account Managers who want to grow their existing client accounts

*Sales People who are simply hungry to sell more

5. Why you Should Attend this Course?

Spend time and learn from the experts who have developed top sales people and see why others rave about our ability to communicate key selling principles in clear, understandable and practical ways. 

Discover why our clients sell more, and have more fun doing it.

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6. Learning Objectives

*Learn the new sales process and how Consultants sell in the modern digital world

*Learn how to build trust quickly and more importantly the negative behaviours that destroy trust.

*Learn the Consultative Sales methodology and how to use it to differentiate yourself.

*Learn advanced questioning techniques that take the buyer through a process of self-discovery on why they should buy from you.

*Learn powerful story telling techniques to position you as a thought leader.

*Learn how to sell Value not Price with over 30 practical steps you can apply to any business.

Learn the proven ways anyone can build a sales pipeline and practical steps on how to apply them.

Learn Action planning techniques to ensure you deliver on your sales goals.

Consultative Selling Skills example
Consultative Sales Approach

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7. Consultative Selling Skills Training Course Outline

Module 1. Modern Selling

Discover the new Formula for Sales in a digital world and how you can apply this to your business & career for genuine break through results.

Module 2. Building TRUST

Discover what it really takes to build Trust & Rapport so prospects are comfortable buying from you and learn the most common reasons for TRUST breaking down.

Module 3. Understanding People

Increase your performance by understanding human behaviour, including your the psychology of selling to your clients, and your own strengths and weaknesses,   

Module 4. The Consultative Sales Process

Advanced root cause analysis questioning techniques, the sales process and value based selling.

Module 5. Action Planning

Bring everything together into a one page action sheet with powerful goals to ensure you get the sales results you deserve.

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8. Course Materials

Attendees are provided with full colour workbooks, videos and have access to course materials and .PPT online after the training.

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9. Post Course Support

Attendees leave our courses energised with new ideas, strategies and tactics but often additional questions can arise where they need a sounding board. We provide post course support through our Sales Coaching Platform built inside MS Teams where members can ask questions, via chat, mail and conferencing calls.

The platform uses the Microsoft Teams application and can be access via PC, Tablet or Phone and contains FREE Guides, Templates and Tools. Ongoing 1-2-1 coaching is also available at an additional cost.

Consultative Selling Skills Course Support
Consultative Sales Approach – Post Training Support

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10. What is a Consultative Sales Approach?

Prospects buy for their reasons not ours, and even if our reasons are aligned with theirs, it is always much more powerful to have the prospect verbalise their thoughts aloud.  The Consultative selling methodology helps salespeople create the right conditions for the sale by provoking and motivating the buyer with questions. 

From the outset, our mindset must be to look for and define a gap between where the prospect is now and where they want/need to be after the successful adoption of our product/service.  No gap means no sale.

Defining the symptoms means as prospects invariably are not subject matter experts on your product/service they can often misdiagnose their problems.  When the prospect misdiagnoses the problem they invariably then misdiagnose the solution.  Symptoms are what the prospect is experiencing at a surface level and often never the real problem.

By using specialised questioning techniques and active listening we can help prospects uncover the underlying problems behind the business pain they are experiencing and where necessary gently challenge their assumptions in a way that maintains rapport. 

By using a question based approach we prevent sales reps from delivering canned sales pitches of your product or service that makes them look and sound like a traditional sales person.

A consultative approach can be used throughout the sales process from discovering customer’s needs through to closing a sale.

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11. Lunch, Refreshments & Access

This programme is now delivered online and does not include lunch and refreshments.

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12. Consultative Sales Training Course Delivery Options

This course can be delivered as a stand alone or part of a wider sales enablement programme.

Unlike traditional training, this course is delivered using our unique work based learning approach. Attendees of traditional sales training courses often forget up to 90% of course material within 30 days. Work based learning is proven to increase learning retention by blending practical work tasks and coaching with training.

We work with sales leaders prior to the training to create sales campaigns to target potential customers that give course attendees the opportunity to learn by doing. All our training is supported by live coaching which is focussed on helping sales teams with the practical application of the new strategies and tactics learned during the training.

Our coaches are practical hands-on facilitators who lead from the front. We don’t just teach your sales team new skills, we show them how to execute the sales strategies live as part of the coaching. This may include live calls, meetings and presentations – theory is great, however, it’s no substitute for live demonstrations.

We work with sales reps to develop the most impactful pain points relevant to your prospect’s needs and your products and services, how to build trust, using a long term approach and the right questions to ask. Our training covers everything from active listening skills to, presentation and the steps required to close a sale.


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13. Training Evaluation Survey

As part of our Quality control we ask every participant to complete a Training Evaluation Survey after every workshop. The Evaluation focusses on the three main areas of delivery a) Training Content b) Trainer Delivery and c) Learning Environment.

B2B Sales tools - Sales Training Evaluation Form
B2B Sales tools – Sales Training Evaluation Form

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14. Reviews from Previous Course Attendees

“I found the course which I attended that Iain ran to be very informative, insightful and well structured. It covered a huge amount of ground but in very digestible pieces which meant that after two days I felt that I was leaving with a considerably greater understanding of selling psychology and a notebook full of helpful techniques. Would highly recommend his sales training to anyone.”

Michelle MacFadyen – Regional Manager

“I attended a Klozers Sales Training course on Consultative Selling Skills recently and it was definitely the best training I have ever had – in fact, anyone who knows me has heard me raving about it ever since!

Cheryl PhilipsonBusiness Development Director

Iain’s recent Sales Masterclass was an excellent course from which I learned much more than I expected. Iain has an excellent style of delivery, expertly mixing theoretical learning with real world examples in an environment which ensures everybody gains the maximum value from the course.

Allan Paterson – Communications Officer

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15. How to Book this Course

Individual places on Open Courses can be booked online via our course bookings page.

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