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Online Sales Training
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Studies continue to demonstrate that people forget up to 80% of training content delivered at 1 and 2 day event based training within 1 week

If you’ve ever attended a training event, no matter how good the content or the trainer it’s impossible to both remember or implement all the information that’s delivered.

In adddition after most 1 and 2 day training events participants:

  1. Return to a flood of emails and spend the next 2 -3 days catching up on where they were before the training.
  2. Don’t have either the time or the motivation to implement the changes they learned at the training.
  3. Find it’s easier to carry on doing what they’ve always done which is ironically the reasons they went on the training initially.

There’s a better way to deliver Sales Training

Online Sales Training + Work Based Learning

Online Sales Training

Training on it’s own, whether it be online, or face to face, has a limited impact. This is because human beings learn by 70% doing, 20% watching and 10% by discussing.

We use a proven work based learning framework that focuses on the 70% doing, by providing a step by step, practical approach to learning new skills and strategies.

Our sales training provides the participants with a choice of sales actions they must complete every month.  These are not theoretical or classroom based activities, they are hands on, practical, and actional sales activities that drive bottom line results.

LIVE Sales Training

In addition to Videos, Audio and Workbooks our modern online sales training includes live training & sales coaching.

Our Live Sales Training allows participants to go over any topics they feel need reinforced, in addition to learning new material.

Our Live Sales Roleplay allows participants to practice in a safe environment the new strategies and skills they need to win new business and lock in existing accounts.

Ongoing Support

Making changes to your sales strategy can be daunting as there are so many different areas where you can start.  We provide that starting point, and more importantly the ongoing support you need to make those changes.

We provide support through our Sales Membership portal where in addition to our coaches we have a community of B2B Sales Professionals just like you.

In addition to our online support we also provide support for field based sales people via our integration with Slack.

Online Sales Training - Easy as 1, 2, 3


Set powerful sales goals

We help clients set inspiring and motivating sales goals that support the organisation. Equally important is installing the belief they can achieve those goals
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Plan for success

We work with clients to create bespoke and powerful 90 day action plans to support their sales goals.
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We create repeatable and scaleable sales processes and frameworks for sustained success.
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Cheryl Philipson, Corporate Business Development Manager for the Difference Corporation talks about her experience and the benefits of attending a Klozers Sales Training course.

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Online Sales Training Reviews

Every time I work with Klozers I am left with a real feeling of enthusiasm and motivation to get on and get results. They are excellent at helping me clearly see the way ahead and identifying the steps to take to move forward, both at work and in terms of pushing my own personal development.
Online Sales Training
Sally Atkinson
Sales Consultant @ Advanced
Klozers have played a crucial role in helping us develop a thoroughly professional and industry leading sales and customer service team. Having worked with us for two years, they have become our trusted advisor on all matters related to our sales strategy.

Online Sales Training
Steve Tigar
CEO @ Money Dashboard
I went into this thinking I was undertaking sales training for my work but did not realise I was actually signing up for on-going coaching that would change my daily (working) life so dramatically - for the better. Klozers involvement is visibly raising my sales game in terms of condidence, ambition, pipeline and results.
Online Sales Training
Jennifer Elliot
Sales Consultant -@ ECS
Online Sales Training

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