one day sales training courses

One Day Sales Training Courses

Results Driven Sales Training in from the B2B Sales Experts

One Day Sales Training Courses

Our 1 day sales training courses provide participants with a high intensity and impactful sales training experience.  

The courses provide beginners with the fundamental skills required to succeed or refresh the skills of experienced practitioners. 

It’s more important than ever that salespeople are provided with the right selling skills and sales techniques to succeed. 

With the advent of remote selling, B2B sales has made sales more difficult for most sales professionals, and many need a new sales approach in order to win more business.

How to learn Sales quickly

High intensity 1 day courses can ensure that salespeople learn professional sales skills fast. 

Our 1 day sales bootcamp can be delivered either virtually or in-person at your premises or offsite at a location of your choosing. 

A one day course is also a great way to kick off a longer term professional development programme that may be required for companies involved in Enterprise or complex sales.

Our sales trainers have delivered thousands of workshops and are experts at delivering short sales workshops that will help you win more business.

At Klozers, we offer a wide range of value based sales training courses, to cover every eventuality. This includes intense 1 and 2 day in-person sales courses, remote courses and a mix of in person and remote learning.

Our sales courses are designed around the most common selling skills and job roles and include:

Telesales Training

Sales Foundations

B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn Selling

SaaS Sales Training

Consultative Selling Skills Training

Key Account Management Training

Sales Management Training

In House Sales Training

Many of our clients opt for in-house training courses which we can deliver either at there premises or an external venue.  

Whilst an external venue undoubtedly ads to the overall cost of the training, many companies have found this an essential part of the overall experience.  

Removing sales teams from their regular environment for sales training increases engagement, facilitates team building and minimizes distractions from their business as usual activities.  

Our team have organized many events of this type and are happy to either support your internal events team or take full ownership for the event ourselves.

In addition to our one and two day inhouse sales courses we provide open courses every month.  

These are open to anyone from any company, however, to ensure that the sessions are open and effective for all, participation is limited to 3 people per company. 

This ensures that any training session isn’t dominated by any one organisation. 

If you are looking for sessions to be directly tailored towards the needs of your organisation, then in-house training is obviously a more appropriate training delivery approach for you.


Online Sales Training Programs

Many of our clients have geographically dispersed sales teams and simply getting everyone in the one location can be difficult and expensive.  

Every sales course we deliver is designed with remote delivery in mind, and can be delivered virtually via our online learning platform inside Microsoft Teams.  

From a learning retention perspective, online sales training tends to be more successful if it is offered in shorter bursts, and as such, we predominantly offer online sales training courses as 4 sets of half days.


All our sales training courses have been updated to include the latest in remote selling techniques.  

Our course content includes everything we personally do to generate new sales leads, sell remotely and grow our own business.  

Our Sweet spot is working with SMEs and Mid-Market organisations to help them take on the big brands in their industry and win.

Accelerated Learning Techniques

Each training course includes accelerated learning material to make the learning process faster and easier.

From easy to customise prospect profiles, through to sales playbooks, our tools and templates make the implementation of what we teach much easier for participants.

Our goal is to help you win more business as quickly as we can so you can see an immediate impact in your sales results.

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Sales Skills Workshops

Sales Kick Offs & Conferences

With an experienced event management team Klozers have all the skills in house to support your sales kick offs and conferences.

We provide bespoke 1 day sales training courses, sales speakers, breakout sessions to companies as part of a short term high impact sales solution. There are many different use cases for this, however, some examples are:

  • New product launches
  • Support of a new sales strategy
  • Relaunch a product, service or sales team
  • Provide targeted sales support

These workshops are highly customized depending
on our clients needs and range from the simple delivery of sales workshops, to the full organization and running of a sales conference.  

One day sales training courses
Professional Sales Trainers

Experienced Sales Trainers

We have a great team of sales trainers at Klozers who bring a wide range of skills having worked across many industries.  Based in the United Kingdom with local offices in Australia, Holland, Germany and the USA.

As a team each of us still actively sells as part of our role, which ensures everything we teach is grounded in reality and not classroom theory.


Sales Management Training

Sales Managers are arguably the most important component within your sales department.  Many sales managers are promoted from senior sales roles, however, the skill set required of a sales manager is very different to that of a sales rep.

Our Sales Management training is designed for busy, quota carrying managers who need to support their sales force.

In addition to our courses our team can support you with:

Selling skills, sales process, sales methodology, virtual selling skills, listening skills, engage buyers, cold calling, qualifying sales opportunities, skills training, sales performance, sales presentations, discovery, sales planning, sales objectives and negotiation skills.

If you are a sales manager we would love to work with you to help you develop your role and your sales career. 

Post Course Support

Whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered with our Online Sales Coaching portal
  • Proven Coaching Frameworks
  • Support the practical application of new sales skills in the field
  • Mentor & Support Future Leaders
  • Project based coaching for large deals
  • Mentor & Support Non Sales Professionals
  • Easy to Follow Videos, Audio and Workbooks

One Day Courses - Reviews

I attended a seminar with Iain from Klozers recently and found it to be very interesting and informative. Iain was engaging and showed genuine interest in each of the businesses represented in the room. He tailored parts of his presentation to suit each individual in their own area and stage of startup. Definitely a worthwhile seminar and I would highly recommend attending.
Leanne Howie
Iain Swanston’s style, content and delivery of sales training is unusual – it works ! When I put the recommendations into practice I found them to be the very effective. Iain’s training turns the art of sales on its head and makes no apology for reinstating the sales role as the key driver in any organisation.”
Alison Taylor
If your looking for pragmatic advice and support when it comes to sales Iain is your man. We’ve been fortunate to get Iain to support our sales training activities and his relentless and consistent approach has been a big help in helping us drive the sales side of the business.
Alex Ogilvie

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