in house sales training courses

In House Sales Training Courses

Results Driven Sales Training from the B2B Sales Experts

In House Sales Training Courses

We don’t believe you can grow sales in any industry or business unless you grow the people first. In house sales training is a great way to provide sales skills training to achieve this.

Sales is a fast paced and dynamic department involving numerous sales skills and strategies to attract customers, generating leads and win more business. 

With the numerous technological innovations, changes in market conditions, new ideas and strategies that keep evolving, it’s difficult to stay at the forefront.   

Quite simply, we would love to work with you, your sales managers, and your team, to help them develop their selling skills and win more business.


Bespoke Sales Training

Every industry and every business is different, equally so are the people within the business.  Because of this, we are keen to learn as much about the challenges you are trying to overcome and how we can tailor our training to meet your exact needs. 

Our sales courses are designed around the most common selling skills and job roles and include:

Telesales Training

Sales Foundations

B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn Selling

SaaS Sales Training

Consultative Selling Skills Training

Key Account Management Training

Sales Management Training

Online Sales Training

In addition to our In Person sales training we also provide online sales training and coaching.

We work with your Sales Leadership team in advance of these sessions to ensure the course content is on point and in many cases tailored in advance to the audience.  

We recognise that Teams and Zoom have limitations and have purposely designed our online training in a way that is more engaging and interactive.  

Each sales course is now available for delivery as a live training workshop online.

These are delivered via 90 minute sessions with a maximum of two sessions per day to avoid “Zoom fatigue”. 

Online training is a great way to:

Include sales people from different locations 

Deliver reinforcement sales coaching

Remove the cost of Hotels and conference centres

Continued Professional Development

Telesales Training

Many of our In house training clients need support with telephone skills.

Telephone selling typically falls into two distinct areas – Outbound and Inbound.

Outbound Telesales – this training is common for SDR’s, Business Development Reps and Account Managers who are using the telephone to generate new business. 

In most cases this is winning new accounts, but for some, it is up selling and cross selling to existing customers.

Inbound Telesales – this training varies from dealing with inbound sales enquiries to more customer service based skills.  

Regardless of your circumstances, as big fans of the telephone we would love to work with your inside sales staff and help them smash there sales goals. 

Essential In house Sales Skills

There are many different skills required to be successful in sales.  Here’s some selling skills you can work on with your sales team.

1. Sales Mindset

Whilst professional selling skills are an essential component of sales success, understanding your personality and what motivates you is arguably even more important when looking to succeed as a sales professional. 

Success in sales is all about sales results – reaching and beating your sales targets.  The reality is however, that most people lack the right attitude and mindset for success and unless this is addressed skills based training will have little impact.  

Each of our courses starts off with a session on Sales Psychology.  Building the mindset of a winner is the foundation for every successful sales professional.

These sessions help build confidence, motivation and overcome self doubt, fear of failure, imposter syndrome and self sabotage  which are all too common in sales teams.  In our experience mindset is the foundation of sales performence. 

2. Effective communication

Effective communication is essential for any sales professional. Having the right communication skills builds confidence and conveys authority and trust which are essential to having better sales conversations, engaging with new customers and winning new business.  Communication involves the ability to ask the right questions, follow a sales process and control the sales conversation.  

We believe in a consultative approach when selling, which is very different to traditional selling where sales people would get in front of prospects and just talk.  In the modern world, the best sales professionals are experts at questioning, uncovering the root cause of customer problems and correctly identifying the needs of the customer.

3. Digital sales

The internet and social media have developed into powerful sales tools.  However, you can easily post information on your product or service on different social media platforms, and receive no interest at all from your online network. Online selling is much more sophisticated than simply “spamming” your network with sales messages.  Social selling when done badly will only serve to put people off and damage your brand. 

With 720 million active B2B decision makers we focus our social selling training on LinkedIn.  We can train your team how to build their network, create and post content that engages prospects and generate new sales leads.

4. Relationship building skills

At Klozers we love technology, however, we still believe people buy from people.  Building relationships and networking for business is not just for account mangers, it’s an essential part of modern selling. Without our professional networks we would not receive any referrals which are a vital part of any sales strategy. 

We have experts and consultants at our firm who will guide you through various strategies for developing deeper and stronger relationships with your clients. By taking our in-house sales training, you’re sure of understanding how to build trust with customers, maintain relationships and enhance active listening. Our sales trainers can support your team with DISC and NLP training which are both great tools for relationship building

5. Delivering Demonstrations and Presentations

Presentations and demonstrations are often the most important part of the sales process as they are directly linked to closing sales and winning more business.  However, with the advent of SaaS selling demos and presentations have become somewhat disconnected from the decision making part of the sales process, and not necessarily linked to buying.  Our sales trainers will help you fix this by working with your sales managers to develop a strategy and sales process that drives improvements and conversions through your entire sales funnel.

6. Time management

In sales it is very rare to find sales reps who are not busy.  Unfortunately busy does not equal effective and a critical part of sales performance is time management.  What we choose to do with our time all day every day, has a direct link to our sales results. 

Time management plays a  significantly part in achieving your sales goals

Forbes reveals that a top in house salesperson spends more than 32. 5% of the time selling their products. Unfortunately sales is the easiest job in which to become distracted and lose time.

Our sales management training will teach you about the different time management practices and how you can implement them with your sales team.

These practices may include prioritizing tasks, setting deadlines, batch tasking, planning your day, and project management. 

7. The art of persuasion

Part of sales and marketing is the art of persuasion.  Story telling and strategies like sales seeding are essential skills that help you win more leads and ultimately new business. Presentations tell, stories sell, so we are huge advocates of story telling and would love to work with you to capture  your own stories to promote your brand. 

Accelerated Learning Techniques

Sales Training on its own is great, however, the real value to any sales professional or company is when the sales training is implemented. 

To aid this process and make implementation both easier and faster we have a range of sales frameworks, tools and templates that are highly customisable. 

These sales tools increase both understanding and learning retention for all our participants regardless of their learning style. 

Inhouse Sales Training Courses
Sales Skills Workshops

Sales Kick Offs & Conferences

In addition to providing training for sales kick offs and  conferences many of our clients prefer to deliver in house training away from their normal place of business.  

Our team includes experienced event planners who can support your internal team in designing and planning your sales events.

Alternately they can take on the ownership of the entire event leaving you to focus on your business as usual activities.  

One day sales training courses
Professional Sales Trainers

Experienced Sales Trainers

We have a great team of sales trainers at Klozers who bring a wide range of skills having worked across many industries.  

As a team each of us still actively sells as part of our role, which ensures everything we teach is grounded in reality and not classroom theory.


How to Pick the Best In House Sales Training

With the increasing demand for various refresher or beginner in-house sales training courses, there has been significant growth in the number of companies offering training. These options can make it daunting to choose the appropriate option for your needs. Choosing the best provider or training platform is essential if you are to meet or exceed your sales goals. 

Therefore, before choosing the learning partner for your training, we recommend researching the available options thoroughly. Your sales training partner should be credible and reputable and have a track record of helping organisations meet similar development needs and goals . 

Here are the top factors to consider when looking for the appropriate in-house training:

In House Training Checklist

Check reviews from previous clients

Consider both the pre and post training support available

Consider the approach – does it fit both technically and culturally

Consider the trainer – does the trainer have the experience and skills

Does the course format and curriculum match your training needs

We would love to work with you and support your sales team in reaching their sales goals.  Please book a call with one of our team and we will answer any questions you may have.  


In House Sales Training - Reviews

From my initial enquiry, Klozers were exceptionally responsive and helpful.They listened and understood our SaaS and sales development needs clearly and worked with us to develop a comprehensive learning programme which is now starting to deliver excellent results for our business already.Throughout the programme, Klozers continued to provide added value and develop new ideas with us.I cannot recommend them highly enough and would be pleased to work with them again.”

Daniel Leaver – HR Leader, Global Marine

I am the founder of Urban Yoga Lab and I took the Consultative Selling Skills & B2B Lead Generation course. The course was really amazing – it helped me to learn so many things I had no idea before. From SEO to sales strategies and from best webinars practices to adopting a consultative approach in sales, Klozers realy taught me everything. Their sales coach was amazing, giving me fantastic advice, and helping me recognize what makes our brand really unique. Big thanks to him and their entire team! If you have any second thoughts to buy their programme I gurantee you wont regret it. They are THE BEST!”

Alex Kafka – Founder, Urban Yogalab

Klozers are great! All the sales ‘Training’ I have had up to meeting Iain Swanston at Klozers has been just that – ‘Training’. What Iain and Klozers offer that is transferable from class-room to board-room is to develop an understanding of the business I work in and apply proven techniques that will work but need adapting. I now refer to this as Sales Coaching, which for me is very different to training. Iain is a great Coach and I learn from every session we have together. He is also on hand by phone or email to bounce ideas around and make sure I am on the right track! Thanks Iain!”

Nik Hood – Commercial Director, Technonicol Group

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