360 Degree Sales Leadership Assessment

360 degree sales leadership assessment


In today’s competitive sales landscape, empowering your sales leaders with the right tools and insights is crucial for achieving consistent growth.

Our 360 degree sales leadership assessment provides a powerful leadership development solution, offering a comprehensive evaluation of sales management strengths and areas for development. 

This data-driven approach unlocks individual potential, fosters a positive feedback culture, and equips organisations to coach and develop their leaders.

Ultimately, our 360 feedback assessment empowers your sales leaders to excel and drive superior results for your organization.

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Leadership Development via Data-Driven Insights:

Success in sales hinges on a deep understanding of your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Traditional sales management methods often rely on anecdotal observations, which can be subjective and limit your ability to pinpoint specific areas for improvement.

This is where a 360 feedback assessment becomes invaluable. Our comprehensive 360 degree tool provides a wealth of data-driven insights across critical sales skills like communication, negotiation, customer focus, and prospecting.

Imagine the benefits of:

  • Identifying leadership strengths: By analyzing feedback from direct reports, managers, and potentially even customers, you can pinpoint the specific behaviors driving success in your sales leaders. This invaluable knowledge allows you to replicate these successful behaviors and strategies across your entire management team.
  • Uncovering hidden talent: The 360 process can reveal hidden strengths in unexpected areas. Self awareness and an understanding of ones own strengths are critical in any leadership role. 
  • Addressing skill gaps: The 360 degree feedback results provide a clear picture of areas where individuals can benefit from personal development. This data empowers you to create targeted coaching plans and training programs to address specific skill gaps efficiently.

The result? A sales leader equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to consistently exceed expectations. Data-driven insights from your 360 assessment translate into:

Increased conversion rates: By honing competencies like negotiation skills and customer focus, your sales managers will close more deals and boost your company’s revenue.

  • Improved customer satisfaction: When sales managers excel at building relationships, actively listening to concerns, and exceeding expectations, customer satisfaction increases.
  • Enhanced team collaboration: By fostering a culture of open communication and feedback, your sales team will work together more effectively towards achieving common goals.

Strengthen Your Sales Culture with Transparency and Feedback:

Building a thriving sales culture is essential for long-term success. Fostering an environment where your team feels motivated, supported, and empowered to achieve their full potential is a key ingredient in this recipe for success.

Transparency and feedback.

Traditional sales cultures can often be siloed, with limited communication and feedback flowing between team members and managers. This lack of transparency can lead to a number of challenges, including:

  • Misaligned goals: Sales managers might be unclear on the company’s overall objectives or how their individual efforts contribute to the bigger picture.
  • Low morale and engagement: Without regular feedback and recognition, sales managers can feel undervalued and disengaged, hindering their motivation and performance.
  • Limited knowledge sharing: When best practices and successful strategies are not openly shared, valuable knowledge remains siloed, hindering team-wide growth.

This is where our 360 feedback assessment steps in as a powerful tool for building a stronger sales culture.

Here’s how:

  • Promotes open communication: The 360 process encourages open and honest communication between all levels of the sales team. By providing and receiving feedback from direct reports, line managers and a self assessment, managers gain valuable insights into their work style and impact on others.
  • Fosters a culture of learning: By emphasizing feedback as a tool for growth and development, a 360 assessment creates a culture of self awareness and continuous learning. Team members become open to constructive criticism and actively seek out opportunities to improve.
  • Builds trust and collaboration: Transparency in feedback fosters trust and respect within the sales team. When colleagues openly share their strengths and areas for development, it creates a collaborative environment where everyone is invested in each other’s success.

Unlock Individual Potential with Personalized Development Plans:

Optimizing sales team performance requires nurturing the unique strengths and fostering the growth of each sales manager. A generic training approach often fails to address individual needs. This is where a 360 degree feedback assessment becomes a transformative tool, providing a data-driven foundation for personalized development plans.

Empowering Individual Growth:

The 360 degree assessment gathers multi-source feedback, offering a comprehensive view of a sales managers strengths and areas for development across critical areas like communication, prospecting, and negotiation. This granular data paints a clear picture of individual needs, allowing for targeted development plans.

Tailored Development Strategies:

By leveraging the 360 insights, you can create personalized development plans that address each sales managers specific skill gaps. This ensures they receive targeted training, coaching, and mentorship that directly impacts their performance and trajectory within the organization.

Focused Skill Development:

Instead of a broad-brush approach, salespeople can concentrate on honing specific skills identified through the 360 process. This focus translates into faster skill acquisition, improved confidence, and a higher return on investment for your development efforts.

Beyond Individual Improvement:

The benefits of personalized development plans extend far beyond individual improvement:

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: When employees feel their unique skills and development needs are valued, they become more engaged and invested in their work. This translates to higher morale, increased productivity, and a more positive work environment.
  • Empowered Career Development: By providing a clear roadmap for growth, you empower your sales team to take ownership of their careers. This fosters a culture of continuous learning and helps attract and retain top talent.
  • Measurable Sales Performance Improvement: Targeted development translates into a more skilled and confident sales team. With honed abilities in key areas like negotiation and customer focus, your team will close more deals and drive higher revenue growth.

Empowering Leadership Development

Building a high-performing sales team is dependant on good management and leadership. But how do you ensure your managers are equipped to provide the right guidance to each individual salesperson? How do you provide targeted personal development plans that provide a complete picture of the participants leadership skills? Our 360 degree feedback assessment, is a valuable tool that empowers managers with a tailored personal development plan based on: 1. their own answers from a self assessment, 2. feedback from direct reports, 3. feedback from their own line manager and 4. feedback from customers (optional).  

Traditional Coaching Challenges:

Sales managers often rely on anecdotal observations and limited data points for coaching, which can lead to:

  • Subjectivity: Coaching based on personal observations can be subjective, potentially overlooking key areas for improvement or neglecting hidden strengths.
  • Generic Advice: Without insights into individual skill gaps, managers might offer generic advice that doesn’t address a sales managers specific needs.
  • Missed Opportunities: Top performers’ strengths and successful strategies might remain unidentified, hindering knowledge sharing and team-wide growth.

The 360 Advantage:

A 360 feedback assessment provides organisations with a wealth of data-driven insights about their team members’ strengths and weaknesses. This comprehensive data empowers them to:

  • Identify Coaching Priorities: By analyzing feedback from peers, customers, and self-assessments, managers can pinpoint specific areas where each manager needs the most support and development.
  • Tailor Coaching Strategies: With a clear understanding of individual needs, managers can tailor their coaching approach to address specific skill gaps and leverage existing strengths. This ensures more targeted and effective coaching sessions.
  • Unlock Hidden Potential: The 360 process can reveal hidden strengths and successful strategies within the team. Organisations can then leverage these insights to identify top performers and replicate their success stories across the team.

Empowering Results:

By equipping managers with data-driven insights for coaching, you unlock a range of benefits:

  • Boosted Morale and Performance: Sales managers who receive targeted coaching based on their specific needs feel valued and supported. This leads to higher morale, increased self awareness, engagement, and ultimately, improved performance.
  • Stronger Team Performance: Effective coaching elevates the skills and knowledge of your entire sales team, leading to a collective boost in performance and achievement of sales goals.
  • Retention of Top Talent: Sales Managers who feel invested in by their managers and have clear opportunities for growth are more likely to stay with the company, reducing costly turnover and fostering a stable, highly skilled team.

User-Friendly 360 Degree Assessment Tool:

Implementing a 360 feedback process shouldn’t be a logistical nightmare. Our user-friendly 360 assessment tool is designed to streamline the process for both administrators and participants, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.


Positive Participant Experience:

  • Intuitive Interface: Our user-friendly interface makes completing self-assessments and providing anonymous feedback simple. Participants can navigate the platform easily, ensuring a positive experience.
  • Confidentiality Assured: We prioritize participant trust. Our platform ensures confidentiality throughout the process, giving users the confidence to provide honest and valuable feedback.
  • Mobile-Responsive Design: Access the assessment tool conveniently, anytime, and anywhere. Our mobile-responsive design allows participants to complete assessments or provide feedback on the go, maximizing flexibility.

Investing in Efficiency:

Our user-friendly 360 degree tool saves you valuable time and resources:

  • Reduced Administrative Overhead: Automate tasks and streamline workflows for a more efficient feedback process.
  • Increased Participation Rates: A user-friendly experience encourages participation, leading to a more comprehensive data set for accurate insights.
  • Faster Time to Results: Streamlined processes ensure a quicker turnaround time for feedback reports, allowing you to act upon valuable data and implement development plans sooner.

Skills and Competencies in the 360 Degree Sales Leadership Assessment:


  • The ability to clearly and concisely convey information to others, both verbally and in writing.
  • Includes active listening skills, tailoring communication styles to different audiences, and effectively presenting information.


  • Treating everyone with courtesy and professionalism, regardless of their position or background.
  • Demonstrates respect by valuing and acknowledging the contributions of others, and avoiding discriminatory or offensive communication.


  • Proactively acknowledging and praising the achievements of colleagues.
  • Providing specific and meaningful feedback that motivates and fosters a culture of appreciation.
  • Creating opportunities for others to learn and grow professionally.

Performance & Accountability:

  • Setting clear and achievable goals for oneself and taking ownership of responsibilities.
  • Demonstrates initiative, follows through on commitments, and holds oneself accountable for results.
  • Seeks help proactively when needed and manages time effectively to meet deadlines.


  • Actively seeking out new ideas and solutions to improve processes and achieve goals.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to challenge the status quo and embraces opportunities to learn and adapt.
  • Open to trying new things and learning from failures.

Managing Change:

  • Adapting effectively to change within the organization, such as new sales procedures, policies, or technologies.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude towards change, proactively communicates changes to colleagues, and manages the transition effectively.

Work Process:

  • Organizing work effectively, prioritizing tasks efficiently, and meeting internal and external deadlines consistently.
  • Demonstrates attention to detail and accuracy in work processes.
  • Proactively identifies and resolves any issues related to workflow.

Strategic Alignment:

  • Possessing a clear understanding of the company’s mission, vision, and strategic goals.
  • Can effectively align personal work efforts and goals with the company’s strategic direction.
  • Contributes to the achievement of the company’s strategic objectives.

Customer Focus: (Optional)

  • Actively understanding and prioritizing customer needs and concerns.
  • Building rapport and trust with customers, fostering long-term relationships.
  • Clearly and persuasively communicating the value proposition of products and services.
  • Proactively seeking out and addressing potential customer concerns, exceeding their expectations.

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The 360 Degree Process

What happens after I place my order?

  1. You will receive a receipt and confirmation via email.
  2. You will be assigned a coach who will contact you via email within 24 hours.
  3. Your coach will provide you with three different links to:
  • Instructions and a self-assessment for your chosen participant to answer their own questions
  • Instructions and an assessment for line the manager of the chosen participant
  • Instructions and an assessment for the co-workers of the chosen participant
Feedback Session
This 360 assessment includes an individual 90 minute, 121 session for the participant to receive feedback from a senior coach. The feedback includes a .pdf report and recommendations to be included in a development plan.  

The 121 session can only be arranged after all your chosen feedback participants have completed the survey.  

As every business and its people are unique, it’s not unusual for people to still have questions.  You can book a no obligation call with one of our coaches who can answer any questions you have.


Alternately you can email us via the contact us page and request a free sample report.  


I never really enjoyed sales and selling until I did some training with Klozers.  If you’re wondering about the investment and if it’s worth it, I can only share my experience.  Of the many strategies and techniques I learned, every single one was relevant, however, one strategy in particular on negotiation has earned our business over £100k every year.  This stuff just works.
William Fairhurst – Managing Director, ECS

Iain is an outstanding sales trainer and coach. He has played a crucial role in helping us develop a thoroughly professional and industry leading sales and customer service team. Having worked with us for two years, he has become our trusted advisor on all matters related to our sales strategy. His passion for what he does is infectious and I would highly recommend having a conversation with Iain to see if he could help your company’s sales performance.

Steve Tigar – CEO Money Dashboard

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