Own a Sales Training Franchise WITHOUT the Headaches

Own a Sales Training Franchise
WITHOUT the Headaches

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Klozers Partner Program - OWN YOUR FUTURE

Flexibility, Freedom, Proven Results

Why Choose a Klozers Partnership over a Sales Training Franchise

The desire to build a business that helps and supports others via powerful life and sales skills, is both inspiring and rewarding. However, the path you choose to achieve this impact is crucial. While sales training franchises represent a familiar business model, they might not be the best fit for everyone. Here’s why a partnership with Klozers, could be a more strategic and rewarding choice for you:

1. Break Free from Franchise Restrictions: Franchises typically impose strict guidelines and operational limitations on where you can sell. This lack of flexibility can stifle your ability to leverage your existing and future network, serving to limit your growth potential.  As a Klozers partner, you are encouraged to use your network and sell anywhere in the world.  You also don’t need to worry about market saturation, as we have restrictions on Partner numbers in every country to ensure we are not fighting each other for business.  

2. Customization and Tailored Content: Customers are moving away from generic training content and want bespoke, tailored solutions.  Contrary to the rigid structure of franchises, Klozers empowers you to tailor solutions to your unique market and client needs. Our modular course design allows you to adapt programs, pricing models, and delivery formats to resonate with your specific clientele. This agility allows you to position your services very differently from the competition and ultimately increases win rates.  

3. Focus on What You Do Best: Running a franchise can involve managing operational complexities like recruiting trainers, handling logistics, and navigating administrative hurdles. These tasks can easily divert your valuable resources and attention away from what you do best – selling. Partnering with Klozers liberates you from these burdens, allowing you to focus on your strengths – sales, marketing, and building your core business. We handle the training development, delivery, and support, ensuring your team remains laser-focused on client acquisition and growth.

4. Lower Investment, Higher Returns: Launching a franchise often requires significant upfront investments in fees, royalties, and infrastructure. These outlays can significantly impact your cash flow and initial profitability. Our partnership model offers a significantly lower entry cost and flexible revenue sharing options. You avoid hefty expenses associated with franchise ownership, maximizing your profitability from the outset. This lower investment barrier allows you to start generating returns faster and reinvest in scaling your business.

5. Saturated Market and Intense Competition: The sales training industry is already saturated with well-established franchises. Entering this competitive landscape as a new franchisee can be challenging, and you have to ask yourself, why would a potential customer would choose you, over a more experienced franchisee?  

6. Your Exit Strategy: Many franchisors restrict who you can sell your business to.  What’s more, when you do try to sell your business, they can sell your prospect a new franchise instead, leaving you with no exit.  Klozers Partner Program allows you to earn shares in Klozers which ensures you are building a financial nest egg for your family’s future

Partner Benefits

1. Access to Network Opportunities

Klozers Head Office receives enquiries for our sales training and coaching from all over the world.  We have a closing ratio of 42.22% of our MQL’s – yes, our marketing qualified leads.  This means we regularly win business all over the world and need support from our Partner Network to deliver the training. More and more of our training is delivered online and we pay our Partners to do this for us.  This is additional revenue that you don’t have to find and win – we do the heavy lifting for you.  

2. Dedicated Campaign Support

Unlike many franchises Klozers don’t just sell you a “sink or swim” franchise.  We are not successful until you are, so we provide dedicated sales and marketing campaigns for every new Partner to help you get off to the best possible start.  Our campaigns are all tested and proven to generate real sales leads for you by our head office, before we roll them out to the network.  

3. Leverage the Brand:

Partnering with Klozers instantly grants you access to a globally recognized brand with a proven track record of success. You don’t need to spend years developing your own brand, or training materials. We provide comprehensive training for your team and ongoing support, ensuring they possess the expertise and tools to deliver impactful programs to your clients. This is a significant advantage compared to starting from scratch with your own business or a franchise model.

4. Unlock Sustainable Revenue and Residual Income

Franchises often come with limited service offerings that end up capping your earning potential and limiting your long-term growth prospects. Our partnership model offers a variety of services that you can use to generate recurring and passive revenue streams.  As we grow these services will grow, increasing your ability to earn more.  

5. Attract Top Customers & Brands

Many companies have tried all the traditional sales training companies and are looking for new suppliers with new ideas.  By offering your clients Klozers ‘s easier for you to attract the brands in your market, and position yourself as their  strategic growth partner. This differentiation boosts your reputation as a leader in the sales training landscape. 

6. Earn Shares & Share in our Success

Klozers is a true partnership because you will share in our success.  Partners earn shares in Klozers based on their sales and as the value of Klozers increases, so does the Partners share value.  Our goal is to build a Partner community of the best salespeople (who can also deliver training and coaching).  

What makes Klozers Different?

Your number 1 Priority When you Launch your New Business is Sales
Here's how we help from Day 1

Go to Market Strategy

We work with Partners to develop a bespoke Go To market strategy for their region.

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Network Opportunities

After initial training you can immediately start to earn income from the Klozers Partner Network

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Market Differentiation

With thousands of Sandler trainers competing with you, how will you stand out from the crowd?

winning together

Big Enough to Win - Small Enough to Care

Are You a Sales Powerhouse?

While a passion for sales training is valuable, at Klozers, we’re looking for a specific breed of entrepreneurial sales leaders who are ready to build their own business by leveraging our brand and expertise. If you identify with the following traits, partnering with Klozers could be the launchpad for your next venture:

1. Proven Sales Prowess: You have a demonstrably successful track record in exceeding sales targets and building strong client relationships. You thrive in the competitive landscape and possess a natural ability to identify needs, present solutions, and close deals.

2. Entrepreneurial Spirit: You dream of owning your own business and shaping your own destiny. You have the drive, ambition, and resourcefulness to build something from the ground up, embracing both challenges and opportunities.

3. Leadership Acumen: You possess the ability to inspire, motivate, and guide others. You see the potential in people and enjoy building high-performing teams that consistently deliver results.

4. Client-Centric Mindset: Your focus goes beyond closing deals – you truly care about your clients’ success. You build trust, understand their unique needs, and deliver solutions that drive tangible results, fostering long-term partnerships.

5. Growth-Oriented Vision: You’re not content with the status quo – you constantly seek to learn, adapt, and expand your horizons. You have a clear vision for growth and possess the strategic thinking to translate it into actionable plans.

6. Passion for Impact: You’re driven by more than just personal success – you want to make a positive impact on individuals, businesses, and your community. Partnering with Klozers allows you to empower teams, unlock growth potential, and contribute to economic prosperity.

Don’t be mistaken: while you don’t need to be a seasoned sales trainer, understanding the value proposition of sales training and its impact on businesses is crucial. However, what truly sets our partners apart is their sales expertise and entrepreneurial drive.

If you see yourself in this description and are ready to build a thriving business while empowering others, we encourage you to explore a Klozers partnership. Contact us today to learn more!

Information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial, investment, or legal advice. Users are encouraged to consult with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

Arrange a no obligation call where you can talk with us and discover if Klozers Partner Program, is the right opportunity for you.  

Turn Your Sales Passion into Profits: The Klozers Partner Program, Redefined

Ready to build a thriving business around your love for sales? Forget expensive franchises and restrictive structures. Klozers’ innovative partner program offers a flexible, profitable path to success.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Start smart, not broke: Unlike traditional franchise investment, we don’t have a crippling initial franchise fee – our fees are staged. We believe in supporting your successful business, not hindering it.
  • Master the proven sales process: Our step-by-step system maximizes efficiency and equips you to close deals effectively, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.
  • Your experience matters: Leverage your sales and business expertise in the booming B2B sector. We’re not looking for people with prior experience as sales trainers – we want individuals with great sales and business experience.  
  • Ditch the franchise fees: Invest wisely with our staged payment plan throughout your first year. Focus on what matters most: becoming a sales powerhouse.
  • Beyond sales, build knowledge: We don’t just teach you to sell, we teach you to build a sustainable business. From strategy to exit planning, we’ve got you covered.
  • Future-proof your career: The sales industry is recession-proof, and Klozers provides a secure foundation for your growth. Learn from the best, apply your skills, and thrive.
  • Personalized support and solutions: No two businesses are alike. Our Exec Sales Coaching goes beyond sales support and includes our best business coaching strategies tailored to your clients specific needs.
  • Work where you thrive: Say goodbye to rigid schedules. With Klozers, you have the flexibility to work from home, adapt your approach, and explore opportunities that suit you. Get the work life balance you desire.
  • More than franchisees, entrepreneurs: We empower you to become a successful entrepreneur, guiding your investment for maximum impact on your earnings.
  • Unlock your clients potential: Witness your clients transformation from sales professional to impactful leaders. Klozers’ partner program makes that powerful difference.
  • Engage your team: Grow a profitable business with confidence. We help you equip your team with the right tools and unlock their sales potential.
  • Coaching for real leaders: Our mission is to create inspiring sales leaders. We offer practical sales and business coaching that empowers you to transform your team and master both inbound and outbound sales.
  • Success at your fingertips: Not just In-person training – you can download it! We offer a variety of digital programs to support your clients online both live and pre-recorded.
  • Join a community of success: Build your business on a solid foundation. Thousands of sales professionals have already embraced our proven sales and life skills.
  • Get doors open, win deals: Sales is a contact sport. We equip you with the skills to connect with prospects and secure those winning deals all you need to bring is your hunger for success.
  • Love what you do: We love sales, and you should too. This is a full-time commitment where you’ll need a diverse skillset not just business development. Every company in the world has someone responsible for sales.
  • Cut through the noise: Filter out distractions and focus on what truly matters. Our coaching helps you prioritize actions that drive results in this booming sector and set you up for a flying start.
  • Replicate success, build your own: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Leverage our proven strategies in sales and marketing and build a thriving business on a foundation of sales excellence. 
  • Leave mediocrity behind: Outshine the competition with Klozers’ proven value proposition. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace consistent wins.
  • Own your future, ditch the fees: As a business owner, ditch the fear of upfront costs and struggling in a new market. Our partner program empowers you to become your own boss without breaking the bank.
  • A unique path to success: Our innovative model prioritizes your growth with our comprehensive training and support.  Your passion and business acumen is required.  
  • Expand your reach: Cater to a diverse clientele with our programs covering SMEs, Mid Market, and Enterprise accounts. Choose your niche and grow at your own pace with a client base in your local area or outside it.
  • Franchise opportunities redefined: Go beyond the traditional franchise model. Klozers offers the chance to earn shares in the company, that way we all grow together.

Are you ready to turn your sales passion into profit? Join the Klozers partner program and unlock your entrepreneurial potential. Minimum Investment required.