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Funnel Sprint is a unique 90 day programme designed to generate a high volume of sales leads in the shortest possible time.

Funnel Sprint steals the proven principles of the Scrum framework and combines them with the latest marketing, lead generation, sales strategies and tactics.  Using 3 x 30 day sprints you can then rapidly transform your sales funnel with both new and qualified sales deals.  

Each Sprint is designed as a framework in its self allowing your team to continue the methodology after the 90 day period.

Funnel Sprint Sales Funnel training course

This programme is designed for companies as a whole not any one individual.  No one person can transform a sales pipeline on 90 days, but working together as a team you can.  In order to get the maximum benefits of the programme attendees need to include:

  • Someone from your Leadership Team.  This is because Funnel Sprint is a completely different way of sales and marketing and you will need someone with authority to drive the changes through.
  • Someone from Marketing.  This is because one of the goals of the programme is to align your sales and marketing teams so together, they become more productive.
  • Someone from Sales.  This is because we need someone to support the outbound part of the programme and engage new prospects.

Please note:  We encourage you to bring as many people as you can into the programme as this will only multiply the results.  There is a maximum of 15 people per company allowed per cohort.

Funnel sprint for saas companies

This programme is great for:

  • New Product or Service Launch
  • Relaunch a Product or Service
  • Launch a New Business Quarter
  • New Sales & Marketing Campaigns
  • Kickstart a Tired Sales Team
  • Support a New Sales Strategy
  • Reinforce a Sales Conference Theme
  • Account Based Marketing


Workshop 1.1). Introduce your team to the Funnel Sprint methodology and agree high level sales goals.

Workshop 1.2). Create a working project plan, define goals, scope and action plans. 

Workshop 1.3). Create a list of project tools available and those that are required. 


Workshop 2.1). Design and agree sales messaging for all campaign assets.

Workshop 2.2). Engage with target audience and analyse feedback.

Workshop 2.3). Retarget & repeat for missed audience. 


Workshop 3.1). Repurpose x 10 all assets

Workshop 3.2). Deliver the Value to target audience

Workshop 3.3). Embed the process. Refine and go again. 

saas funnel sprint

Funnel Sprint workshops start on the first Tuesday of every month and are delivered LIVE online via our online learning portal inside Microsoft Teams.

The workshops follow an easy step by step process where your coach helps you create your own bespoke sales campaign following the Funnel Sprint blueprint.

Each workshop lasts 90 minutes and is focussed on the practical application of the Funnel Sprint process. 

Unlike traditional training Funnel Sprint is based on completing real sales and marketing activities.   People learn by doing rather than following theory from text books in a classroom.

We use a workshop methodology where we have a blended mix of theory where appropriate, whilst focussing the majority of the time on real life sales and marketing activities required to rapidly fill your sales funnel. 

Attendees are guided through each session and individually have responsibilities allocated as part of the overall project plan. 

This ensures each attendee remains engaged and learning in a positive and supportive environment.

Each workshop lasts for 90 minutes to ensure attendees can absorb the new strategies and tactics covered.

Funnel Sprint is intense and hard work, but hugely rewarding.


All participants have direct access to a coach throughout each of the three x 30 day sprints via chat, email and phone. 

In addition to our coaches we have over 100 templates and tools to help participants adopt and implement the Funnel Sprint process. 

With a library of over 100 hours of training material, if your question is sales and marketing related we can help.


Sales Tools - B2B Frameworks

What level of experience do attendees require?

Experience is great however, what more important is a willingness to learn, try new ideas and work hard.  This programme is intense and requires 100% commitment.

Does your Funnel Sprint fit with other selling systems and methodologies?

Yes. If you have already trained your salespeople, Funnel Sprint works alongside all of the major selling systems, such as Miller Heiman, Richardson, SPIN or Solution Selling.

Will Funnel Sprint cover the sales topics that are important to me?

Yes, as long as your questions are sales and marketing related we can help.

What industries does the training cover?

Our sales training and coaching is specific to Business to Business selling, not to any specific vertical. We do however have lots of experience in IT, Pharma, Technology, SaaS, Professional Services, Digital Media, Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Banking, Software and Financial Services.

Can you deliver Funnel Sprint on site?

Sorry no.  This programme is only available for online delivery.

Can you deliver Funnel Sprint Internationally?

Yes, we have delivered sales training across North America, Europe, Middle East & Asia.

Please use the “Book a call” function below to speak to one of our coaches.

As every business and its people are unique, it’s not unusual for people to still have questions.  You can book a no obligation call with one of our coaches who can answer any questions you have.


Iain has helped me; reduce my sales cycle, increase my selling time and set myself aside from the competition by approaching business that works against the tried/tested Features and Benefits system. Would highly recommend to experienced sales professionals who think they can’t improve any further – you can with Iain’s guidance! Brace yourself for some uncomfortable techniques that become instinctive but highly effective!
Cathie Swan – Account Manager

From my initial enquiry, Klozers were exceptionally responsive and helpful. They listened and understood our SaaS and sales development needs clearly and worked with us to develop a comprehensive learning programme which is now starting to deliver excellent results for our business already. Throughout the programme, Klozers continued to provide added value and develop new ideas with us. I cannot recommend them highly enough and would be pleased to work with them again.

Danny Lever – HR Manager, Global Marine Power

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