Sales Training and Consulting for B2B Companies

sales training and consulting

Why invest in Sales Training and Consulting?

There are normally two reasons companies invest in our Sales Training and Consulting services. Firstly, they are often in a hurry to find sales growth and are looking for a short cut, a growth hack. 

Often these companies would eventually find the right strategies and tactics themselves, but they may be keen to capitalise on their first mover advantage or satisfy the needs of external investors. 

For these companies we provide a shortcut, we help them avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks that every growing  business experiences. 

When you engage with Klozers your team has access to over 70 years experience in B2B sales and marketing. 

Our sales training can help you get the best out of your team, alongside our consultancy services that will help you deploy the changes identified by our consultancy

Let’s take a closer look at why it makes so much sense to use sales training and consulting services together.

1. Why sales consulting compliments your sales training?

Many companies make the mistake of rushing into training as the solution to improving sales performance. 

Indeed, training may be part of the solution, but it is never the whole solution.  Before any training takes place it’s important to understand the root causes of the challenges within the sales department and only when we truly understand the problems can we prescribe the best possible solution. 

By rushing into training we would be assuming that everything else that affects sales is 100% perfect, and that is simply never the case. 

As with anything, the greater the investment upfront in terms of the diagnosis, the more effective the training will be. 

This is because the training can then be customised to meet the exact needs of the business which makes it much more impactful.

Sales Training and consulting companies

2. Why is Sales Training so effective?

Sales training builds both skills and confidence, and those are simply unbeatable in front of a customer.   

The best salespeople are like athletes and they are hungry to learn more and stay at the top of their game. 

The reason they are so good is that they are constantly looking for an edge, an advantage, and this keeps driving them forward. 

These are small but important things that make the difference and gets more deals over the line.  Our training is designed to keep your team at the top of their game and help them benefit from the very latest insights and industry best practice.

Our sales trainers work hard to keep your team engaged and motivated during training sessions, using a range of mediums to maintain their attention and inspire them.

Your sales trainer will help your team sell more effectively whether that be over the phone, in-person or online.

They can help them improve their lead generation, closing and account management skills, and provide indispensable mentoring services.

3. What happens before training takes place?

Before your training sessions begin, it’s important to identify what you want to get from them. As a sales training provider we offer bespoke services that are based on your specific needs and challenges.

We can provide a full sales consultancy service in advance of any training.  This would typically include an evaluation of your current sales unit in relation to sales maturity and best practice.

We can also provide full training needs analysis so you can gain a better understanding of your requirements before staring any training course.

For sales training to be effective, they need to be delivered in a way that maintains your teams’ attention, which means your sessions will include a great deal of interactivity.

Our sales training sessions include a range of demonstrations, exercises, games and roleplay.

Sales Consulting Services
Sales Consulting Services

4. What is the aim of Sales Training

Our goal as a provider is not to deliver sales training, but to deliver results. 

Therefore we believe the goal of Sales training is to help you meet a range of sales goals faster than you would if you were to continue without any intervention.

Not every company’s needs are the same, but businesses often invest in sales training because they want to improve their staff’s sales skills, close more deals, create more conversions, make their staff feel more supported, improve morale and boost the average value of their sales.

However, ultimately all of these lead to one overall benefit – an improvement in results. Some companies invest in training because they have identified a particular problem that needs addressing which is being caused by a skills gaps within their businesses.

Training may also benefit your team if they seem to be lacking direction, or are feeling unmotivated. A lack of motivation can often occur because staff are unclear on what their roles are, or because the current strategies they are using are not working.

In many occasions this is why Sales consultancy is a perfect fit alongside sales training as it can also help you identify and deal with additional challenges.

5. How can a Sales Consultant help our business?

A sales consultant will help your business by taking a close look at your current situation, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and helping you make positive changes to drive revenue growth.

If you are not currently meeting your sales targets, our sales consultants can help you find out why this is happening and develop strategies to address the issues.

Our experienced consultants can help with optimising your sales processes and ensuring you get the maximum conversion ratios from the leads you are generating.

With our years of experience in B2B sales our sales consultants can introduce you to specific resources that will support your business.

These can include lead generation, marketing, sales tracking, and training programmes and software that will give you a better insight into how your sales team are performing.

Sales Consulting System
Sales Consulting System

6. Adding Sales Experience to your Leadership Team

When you are immersed in the day-to-day running of your company, it can be hard to assess your situation objectively.

It’s often impossible to find anyone around you who is not objective as your team all have a role which in some way will make them subjective. 

Our sales consultants aren’t just there to identify problems that you weren’t previously aware of, we are completely hands on and happy to work alongside your team to implement any solutions.

Where applicable we will highlight your strengths and help you make the most of the resources that you currently have. In most cases this revolves around the creation of a sales plan, which we work with you to develop and if required are happy to help with executing against the plan. 

Our consultants will work with you to help you improve relationships between departments and colleagues. For instance, we are often called upon for detailed advice on aligning sales and marketing departments so you’re delivering coherent messages to your customers.

Indeed aligning sales and marketing is one of our most popular services.

7. Which Companies benefit the most from Consulting Services

We typically have two types of customers of our consulting services.  The first are larger organisations who already have a Sales Plan in place. 

They need help executing and delivering against the plan as they simply lack the internal resources to do this themselves.

The second group are those looking for external and objective advice.  In some cases they have seen a substantial decline in sales recently or aren’t meeting their targets they need to reach and hence are reaching out for support.

These businesses hire us because we have a track record of turning companies around. Alternately you may need external support if you have experienced changes in your industry and you’re struggling to keep up with your competitors.

Companies also may hire us because they feel missed sales targets are starting to affect morale and staff retention rates.

By investing in training and consultancy services, you can show your team you’re determined to improve and start achieving more.

8. Build a Selling System

It’s also common for companies to invest in sales consultancy services because their sales processes are confused and unclear, with team members pulling in different directions.

We are a huge advocate of having a selling system. Finance has a system, operations have a system so why not sales. Building a repeatable scalable selling system is simply a must for any business.

By mapping this out we can help your salespeople to understand how and where they can influence buyers and sell to people on different parts of their journey, helping you secure more sales.

Our consultants can also help you gain a richer understanding of the data available to you, from both your marketing automation and CRM platforms

In many cases our clients either don’t have enough data or they are overwhelmed by data, and miss out on the most important parts.  Either way we can help.  

In Conclusion

Sales is an ever changing environment and more and more businesses are improving their performance, staff retention rates and workplace morale. 

For most of use this means competition is tough and by investing in our sales training and consultancy services we can give you that edge you need to not just compete, but win.  

Sales consultants and trainers can provide invaluable mentorship, help you identify and eradicate weaknesses, and help you make the changes that you need to not only survive but prosper.

Our team can breathe new life into your organisation and inspire people throughout your company. Whether you’ve been missing your targets or are simply ready to build upon recent success and take your business to the next level, there are many great reasons for hiring sales training and consultancy professionals.

If you are ready to hire a sales trainer, sales consultant or both, come and talk with us.


Sales Coaching – Why it’s more important than ever

Sales Coaching

There’s a new way to deliver sales growth…

Don’t buy Sales Training until you’ve watched this video

1. Sales Coaching - Why Invest in Coaching?

At Klozers we love sales coaching.  Watching people or a company who had previously struggled, suddenly find their feet and take off, is one of the main benefits of our job. 

However, as with anything in business, sales coaching must provide real value and a financial benefit to the business.  Unfortunately, many companies still do not invest in professional coaching for their salespeople and the most common reason for this is the cost. 

One could argue that if you can’t afford sales coaching then there is an even greater need for it.  Perhaps it’s easier for people to blame the cost, than for the coaching profession to admit they could do more to help justify the costs.

We were in that position ourselves until we changed the format of our own sales coaching in order to make it easier for our clients to measure the increases in their pipeline and the subsequent sales revenue that comes from this.  If you would like to learn more about this and how you can change your own sales coaching process then you can jump to the end here.

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2. Sales Training vs Sales Coaching - what's the difference?

Many people get confused between what is sales training and what is sales coaching.  Not only is training and coaching different, they also have different outputs which are really important.

Whereby sales training is about the transfer of knowledge, Sales Coaching is about the practical implementation of that knowledge in the field.

The easiest way to think of this is if your company has technical people like engineers or software developers.  The training is what a developer would go through to learn how to write the code.

The coaching is what the developer would need to turn the code into a meaningful application for your business. This means that coaching is the part that drives productivity in the sales team.

One of the main benefits of coaching is that it reinforces the new skills and techniques learnt during the training.  Without coaching studies show that up to 98% of knowledge is lost within 30 days.

In other words, one off event-based training sessions have a very limited impact on sales productivity.

3. When to coach and when not to coach

A recent study by Sales Coaching is one of the most productive activities for any sales team, however, not every sales rep is coachable.  Some salespeople have a “superiority complex” and don’t believe they can either learn or improve. 

This can be falsely reinforced by hitting sales targets that are too low or by being the top sales performer in a group.  Other people will not responding to coaching as improving sales invariably means changing sales behaviours and every human being struggles to change their behaviours.

The last reason some salespeople do not respond to coaching is because they are simply stuck in their own comfort zone and without any really powerful reason to change then they simply carry on as before.

The irony is of course that in the majority of cases these people are in the most need of training and coaching.  With that said, unless there are exceptional circumstances you should not invest time or money in coaching people who have no desire to improve. 

You must either accept them as they are and the potential negative impact they will have on the wider group, or you must have one of those ”management” conversations with them.

Get started with our Sales Performance Coaching

4. Sales Coaching Models

There are many sales coaching models and frameworks that you can choose from.  The one we use both internally and externally is the GROW model which we find provides the simplicity and flexibility we require.  

It’s worth noting that coaching in sales can be very different to other forms of coaching.  For example, in Exec coaching, coaches are encouraged not to provide the answers and to focus on the questions. 

This forces the coachee to come up with the answer and the though process is that because its their idea they are more likely to believe it and then act on it. 

In sales when there are potentially millions of dollars in terms of deal values up for grabs and time is of the essence, the best sales coaches will switch from a consultative coaching process to directive coaching whereby they are training, coaching and advising the coachee what they need to do.

Grow Sales Coaching Model
GROW Sales Coaching Model

Opportunities for Coaching

There are many areas within sales that lend themselves to sales coaching.  The most common areas Managers should be focussing on for coaching we have found are around:

Sales Activity
Lead Generation
Pipeline Coaching

Deal Coaching
Field Coaching
Pre-call planning
Post-call debriefing

5. Growing Sales Revenue

The more adept your employees become at selling, the more revenue they will generate for your business. We use the word employees because sales has changed and the most productive companies have people in every department that can sell to one degree or another. 

For example, many companies who have now aligned their sales and marketing now acknowledge that great salespeople can do marketing and great marketers can sell. 

Best in class companies have expanded this to their operations team who are now positioned as thought leaders and subject matter experts.  This helps build brand authority and helps to differentiate companies in the marketplace.

By investing in training based on the very latest strategies, techniques and market activity, you can gain a real edge over your competitors.

6. Virtual or Remote Sales Coaching

During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 many salespeople were forced to work from home. Homeworking was easier for some than others, however, many studies showed that people felt less connected and even unsettled when working from home. 

Many Field Salespeople who had spent their lives on out on the road where suddenly confined to their home and confronted with a completely new way of selling. These are exactly the sort of scenarios where coaching can help people adjust to new circumstances and maintain performance.

In many cases sales reps had to retrain on how to sell remotely using tools like MS Teams and Zoom.  Sales training and coaching can bring your remote team together and make it more than the sum of its parts.

The best sales trainers don’t just focus on boosting individual performance but foster a sense of teamwork and unity between your staff. To close big deals in the modern sales world takes a Team and not just one individual.  

If everyone is using a common sales language and are working together at the best of their abilities, you’re more likely to close bigger and better deals than ever before.

How to manage sales activity
Behavioural Sales Coaching

7. Increase Sales Productivity

Productivity can be difficult to measure in many roles, however, in sales there is a tangible figure every month that can be used as a good indicator. 

That’s not to say that your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) or other revenue goals are the only indicator of productivity, but it’s always the ultimate figure that sales reps are judged by. 

Whereby sales training is about the transfer of knowledge, Sales Coaching is about the practical implementation of that knowledge in the field.  This means that coaching is the part that drives productivity in the sales team. 

With studies showing that 83% of employees want to learn new skills sales training and coaching can make your team more productive and efficient. Quality sales coaching sessions can inspire your team and help them get out of a rut.

You may find that some of your employees feel that they know all there is to know about driving sales. However, the market is always changing, and what works one year isn’t always as effective 12 months later.

Some of your employees may have more sales potential than they think, and training and coaching can help them unlock this.

8. Closing Bigger and Better Deals

Many times human beings create their own glass ceilings and get stuck.  Salespeople are susceptible to this and often suffer from self limiting beliefs around deal sizes, sales behaviours and the whole sales process. 

Sales training can give your staff the skills they need to secure bigger, more lucrative deals, however without coaching they will quickly lose the new skills and revert back to type.

A good sales coach helps embed the new skills and strategies your sales reps learn in training and helps hold them accountable to using the new skills. As your team become more knowledgeable and confident, they’re more likely to close more deals and bigger ones. 

By using highly experienced sales coaches who live and breathe sales you are in effect fast tracking your team past all the typical problems they will encounter that slow down company growth.

Your team will learn about the latest best practices that they can follow whilst attempting to close deals. The more successful your sales reps become, the more their confidence will grow. Success breeds success.

9. Win More new Clients

Often the most difficult activity in sales is generating new business.  Sales prospecting, lead generation, whatever you call it in your business filling the top of your sales funnel is always a challenge in B2B sales.

The problem with prospecting is that nobody wants to do it, but it still needs to be done.  Many of the problems associated with sales prospecting are connected to the mindset of the sales reps. 

It’s easy to churn out 70 calls a day, and even when you achieve some success it’s difficult to get motivated to come back in day after day and make more calls. 

The job of the modern sales coach isn’t just to help improve your telephone skills, or the number of dials you make every day. A great sales coach will take a more strategic approach, and work with you on the bigger picture – revenue goals, sales coals, sales campaigns that dramatically increase your sales results.

This in turn helps to motivate and inspire your staff, and get them thinking more strategically about the sales process.   

The ROI on Exec Sales Coaching
Sales Coaching ROI

10. Coaching your Sales Team in a Structured Way

It’s common for companies to know exactly what kind of training their teams need. However, many companies are unclear about how the training should be structured.

Structure is important because it ensures that the training sticks and is embedded in the organisation. Without any form of structure you will find participants forget up to 98% of what they learn in training.

Experienced sales training providers and coaches can help you examine your current sales culture and build a training programme that’s specifically tailored to your organisations needs.

A sales training provider can carry out research such as a training needs analysis before training and coaching takes place. Any sales training and coaching should also be aligned with the companies sales strategy. 

For example, if there is a need from the business to reduce customer churn the training and coaching on this topic might be a priority. 

Training can also be built around new product launches and sales campaigns and wherever possible should be built around your current sales challenges.

11. Boost Workplace Morale

Great sales coaching can also boost confidence and improve morale amongst your staff. Research by LinkedIn shows that 91% of people agree that teams that learn new skills together are more successful.

Furthermore 90% of people surveyed believe that team learning helps foster a sense of belonging to the organisation.

Whilst not everyone will, the majority of your team members are likely to appreciate the effort you’ve put into training them, and helping them improve their knowledge and skills.

Investing in training shows your staff that you care about their career development and want them to achieve more. If staff feel valued, they are more likely to meet their goals and stay with the organisation longer.

Employee satisfaction can be worth its weight is key when it achieving customer satisfaction and meeting business targets. Training can also refresh their knowledge so they can follow and new best practices and anything they may have forgotten or become unclear about.

Coaching Sales Behaviours
High Performance Sales Coaching

12. Increase Decision Making

Many companies struggle to grow because there are bottlenecks in their internal decision-making process.  These bottlenecks occur when sales reps do not have the confidence or knowledge to make any form of decision. 

This makes companies less agile and slow to react to changes in the market.  Many companies are investing in sales training and coaching in order to improve the decision-making skills of their sales leadership team.

Effective sales coaching can help your team recognise and capitalise on opportunities to drive not only your business forward, but their professional development too.

Sales trainers act as a sounding board and can listen to your Teams ideas and help them fine-tune them to make them more effective in real-world situations.

Other benefits of sales coaching are that your team can become more creative and you will foster an environment where they feel more comfortable discussing new ideas.

13. Product and Service Training

Buyers have very little time to spend with sales reps and when they do they want to talk to salespeople who understand their industry, their business and their own products and services. 

For new sales reps this can be a huge challenge as they get up to speed on products and services. 

Buyers expect salespeople to know all the answers to their questions, and their products inside out. including all their features and benefits. While training supports features and benefits, coaching provides the all important bridge between them, and what relevance and value they provide to the customer.   

Sales coaches can help reps gain a deeper, richer understanding of the context and relevance of the  products that they’re selling.  This in turn allows them to emphasise their value when discussing them with customers.

A quality sales coach will encourage your team members to talk about the most important features of your solutions, so your prospects can clearly see how beneficial they are, resulting in more sales success for everyone. 

14. Coaching Sales Managers

Many companies overlook one of the most important elements of any successful sales coaching program, namely the sales manager. 

In most cases a sales manager also fulfils the role of the sales coach and as such has a huge influence on the success of the sales team. 

Coaching sales people will have limited results if the overall coaching program does not include the sales manager. 

Modern sales managers set the bar in terms of productivity and sales performance, so unless they are learning and improving, neither will their  team be.

Most sales managers have neither been trained in sales management, let alone as a sales coach.

Running an effective sales coaching programme is very different from being a great sales person or sales manager. 

15. Virtual Selling

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns resulted in many traditional field sales reps being taken off the road and working from home. 

Despite most lockdowns having lifted the traditional field sales role has in some cases merged into a hybrid role and in other cases been removed completely. 

Virtual selling is here to stay and for most organisations this represented an immediate need for sales coaching and training to support reps in their changed environments. 

Sales Managers with no training as sales coaches where thrown into the limelight, and overnight were required to be the sales coach. 

In addition to their management duties, overnight they now had strategic coaching, tactical coaching, sales cycle coaching  team motivation, coaching sales calls, coaching underperforming sales reps, one on one meetings, group sessions to keep their team motivated, boost engagement maintain accountability and sales performance. 

All this whilst managing their own performance and continuing to meet the revenue and sales goals and overall sales success of the organisation.  Sales managers need support, they need professional development programs themselves if they are in turn expected to support other team members. 

Remote selling requires a different skill set and different coaching techniques in order to deliver results.  

16. In Conclusion

If you’re interested in providing structured and effective sales coaching program that’s specifically based on your needs, we would love to talk with you. Sales coaching can reverse any negative sales trends, make your team more adept at selling, improve your sales processes and increase morale within your workforce.

By getting your sales leaders on board and involved in the training and coaching process, you can increase the chances of the training being successful.

Sales coaching can also unite sales teams, help you close bigger, better and more lucrative deals, enhance your revenue, help you win new clients, and retain existing ones. Few companies regret their decision to invest in sales coaching.

Klozers has different sales coaching programs available for salespeople, sales managers and business leaders.  We have built our business on our ability to train and coach sales professionals across various industries and love what we do. 

Cara Membina Corong Jualan SaaS

corong jualan saas

1. Apakah itu Corong Jualan?

Corong jualan ialah urutan tindakan, peristiwa atau peringkat yang dilalui pengguna sebelum membeli produk atau perkhidmatan. Corong jualan direka bentuk untuk membolehkan pemasar menjejak, merekod dan mengoptimumkan proses jualan untuk meningkatkan hasil.

Anda boleh mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang latihan jualan SaaS kami di sini .

2. Bagaimana untuk membina Corong Jualan SaaS

Corong jualan SaaS anda ialah bahagian penting dalam kejayaan Apl anda. Jika anda menawarkan apl SaaS maka mencipta corong jualan yang boleh berulang, berskala dan boleh dijejaki ialah salah satu langkah penting yang perlu anda ambil.

Kedengaran mudah? Kemudian fikir semula. Corong jualan adalah tempat banyak syarikat baru beralih ke perjuangan menjana pendapatan, dan dalam banyak kes gagal.

Sebelum mula membina corong anda adalah wajar mempertimbangkan di mana anda berada dalam perjalanan apl anda.

3. Tiga peringkat utama pembangunan SaaS

Malangnya, dalam jualan tidak pernah ada penyelesaian satu saiz yang sesuai untuk semua, dan titik permulaan untuk membina corong jualan SaaS bergantung pada tempat anda berada, dari segi tiga peringkat utama perniagaan SaaS?

Adakah anda di:
Fasa 1 : permulaan perjalanan di mana Pengasas dan pasukan utama masih cuba untuk mewujudkan kesesuaian produk/pasaran.

Fasa 2 : di mana pengasas dan ahli pasukan utama telah membuktikan kesesuaian produk/pasaran dan membuktikan mereka boleh melaksanakan sistem dan proses yang boleh digunakan oleh orang lain untuk menjual.

Fasa 3 , halangan terakhir di mana anda mempunyai kesesuaian pasaran produk yang terbukti, anda telah mengenal pasti dan membuktikan sistem dan proses yang betul untuk penskalaan dan anda kini bersedia untuk meningkatkan jualan anda, menumpukan pada pemerolehan pelanggan dan membina MRR anda.

Strategi yang anda gunakan untuk membina corong jualan SaaS akan berbeza-beza bergantung pada perkara yang anda pelajari dalam Langkah 1 di atas.

Jadi untuk tujuan latihan ini saya akan menganggap anda berada di Langkah 1. Jika anda masih bergelut untuk membina corong jualan pada langkah 2 dan 3 maka sama ada anda terlepas sesuatu pada langkah 1 atau sesuatu telah berubah yang menyebabkan semua yang anda pelajari pada langkah 1 berhenti berfungsi.

4. Bina corong pemasaran sebelum corong jualan anda

Dengan mana-mana perniagaan adalah penting untuk anda menyediakan keadaan optimum untuk pasukan jualan anda berjaya. Dalam dunia SaaS tidak mencukupi untuk mempunyai tapak web yang hebat, anda memerlukan tapak web yang:

a) boleh didapati oleh produk dan perkhidmatan anda dalam enjin carian utama – Google, Bing, Yahoo & YouTube
b) boleh didapati dengan masalah yang anda selesaikan dalam enjin carian utama – Google, Bing, Yahoo & YouTube
c) boleh menukar trafik web kepada pemasaran petunjuk yang layak

Banyak syarikat mengabaikan perkara ini dan tergesa-gesa membina pasukan jualan keluar. Hakikatnya ialah setiap prospek berpotensi yang diminati oleh Pasukan keluar anda akan pergi ke tapak web anda untuk membuat penyelidikan lanjut.

Melainkan pengalaman web adalah sama atau lebih besar daripada pengalaman prospek dengan pasukan keluar anda, mereka akan segera dimatikan.

Untuk membina corong pemasaran anda mesti mencipta “kandungan pertama pengguna yang menarik”. Ini adalah kandungan yang sedang dicari oleh pengguna secara aktif bukan kandungan yang ingin didorong oleh pasukan jualan dan pemasaran anda.

Corong pemasaran SaaS anda ialah bahagian penting dalam strategi jualan Masuk anda. Untuk melakukan ini dengan jayanya, anda perlu mencipta kandungan berkualiti tinggi pada setiap peringkat perjalanan pembeli seperti yang ditunjukkan di bawah.

Kandungan harus menceritakan kisah jenama anda secara halus dan kejayaan yang telah anda bawa kepada pengguna lain. Jadikan pengguna awal anda sebagai Pahlawan bukan anda.

TOFU – Bahagian atas corong
Bahagian pertama corong jualan anda atau dikenali sebagai TOFU ialah peringkat kesedaran corong tersebut. Prospek menyedari masalah yang mereka hadapi dan sedang menyiasat penyelesaiannya.

Tapak web anda mesti mempunyai kandungan yang membincangkan masalah ini dan meletakkan syarikat anda sebagai Pakar Perkara . Kandungan yang paling popular di sini ialah:

Bagaimana untuk membimbing
Video penerangan
Catatan blog
Magnet Plumbum

Pada peringkat ini, prospek berada dalam mod penyelidikan, bukan mod membeli dan hanya mengumpul maklumat.

Prospek anda mungkin tidak berminat dengan penyelesaian pada peringkat ini kerana mereka masih cuba untuk mendiagnosis sendiri masalah mereka sendiri dengan tepat. Tidak mungkin prospek anda ingin bercakap dengan jualan pada peringkat ini.

Kami mengesyorkan anda menggunakan automasi pemasaran untuk menjejak artikel/halaman mana prospek anda memasuki tapak kerana ini adalah masalah yang menjadi perhatian utama mereka. Mengetahui perkara ini boleh memudahkan jualan untuk mengadakan perbualan yang berkaitan dengan mereka.

Anda juga mungkin berjaya melibatkan prospek dengan chatbots di tapak anda, namun ramai yang mahu kekal tanpa nama pada peringkat ini.

Tengah Corong
Pertengahan corong jualan anda ialah apabila prospek mula menilai penyelesaian khusus berdasarkan apa yang mereka pelajari pada peringkat 1. Bahagian tengah kandungan corong termasuk:

Kajian kes

Dari segi praktikal, mereka akan membuat beberapa bentuk senarai pendek pembekal yang berpotensi, dan mereka kemudiannya akan menggali lebih dalam butiran setiap penyelesaian yang berpotensi.

Pada peringkat ini prospek mungkin masih tidak terlibat dengan anda kerana mereka selalunya hanya menyelidik bagi pihak orang lain dalam organisasi mereka sendiri dan keutamaan mereka adalah pengumpulan maklumat.

Bahagian bawah Corong
Pada masa prospek anda telah mencapai bahagian bawah corong pemasaran anda dalam banyak kes mereka telah “membeli” satu pembekal atau penyelesaian tertentu.

Mereka telah membuat keputusan sebahagian besarnya mengenai pengalaman web mereka tentang jenama, pemesejan jualan anda dan keupayaan anda untuk meletakkan diri anda bukan sahaja sebagai pemimpin walaupun tetapi sebagai pemimpin pemikiran yang memahami masalah mereka.

Bahagian bawah kandungan Corong akan termasuk perkara seperti:

penetapan harga
Jadual perbandingan

Untuk penyelesaian yang lebih mudah dengan harga lebih rendah, anda akan mendapati mereka kini bersedia untuk mengambil percubaan jika anda menawarkan Seruan Tindakan (CTA) yang kukuh, manakala untuk penyelesaian yang lebih mahal dan kompleks, mereka kini akan terlibat dengan jualan.

Imej di bawah menunjukkan di mana corong pemasaran mudah beralih ke troli beli-belah dan jualan B2B yang lebih kompleks beralih kepada petunjuk untuk jualan.

Kejayaan bukan terletak pada memilih model yang betul, tetapi membina model anda sendiri berdasarkan data dan percubaan dan kesilapan.

Corong Pemasaran SaaS yang ringkas
Corong Jualan SaaS

Kebanyakan perisian pemasaran kini menjejaki tingkah laku pengguna di tapak web anda dan mungkin menggunakan pemarkahan petunjuk untuk memaklumkan jurujual apabila masa terbaik untuk mendekati prospek secara proaktif.

Dari pengalaman kami sendiri, masanya hampir selalu kepada awal dan program pemupukan utama yang jelas adalah sama berkesan.

Untuk melakukan ini, anda harus membina dalam pemasaran anda sekurang-kurangnya tiga magnet utama berbeza yang akan membantu anda menjadikan pelawat web anda menjadi pelanggan supaya anda boleh terus berhubung.

5. Pengiklanan untuk mengisi Corong Jualan anda

Banyak syarikat berjaya mengisi corong jualan mereka melalui pengiklanan. Pengiklanan digital telah matang ke tahap yang membolehkan penjejakan dan pelaporan yang ketara membolehkan anda memahami Nisbah Penukaran dan CAC anda dalam masa beberapa minggu.

Pada peringkat pertama, kami akan menyokong “Kempen Penyasaran Semula”. Ini hanyalah proses meletakkan tambahan di hadapan orang yang telah melawat tapak web anda.

Kajian menunjukkan penyasaran semula adalah tujuh kali lebih berkesan daripada kempen baharu, itulah sebabnya kami menganjurkan ini sebagai titik permulaan.

Strategi ini berfungsi dengan sangat baik dengan kempen pemasaran kandungan yang kuat. Saluran tambah yang paling popular untuk B2B ialah LinkedIn, namun, banyak syarikat juga telah berjaya dengan Facebook dan Instagram.

Tidak perlu dikatakan ini akan ditakrifkan oleh khalayak anda. Pengiklanan boleh digunakan dalam corong mudah untuk memacu jualan dan yang lebih kompleks untuk mendorong pertanyaan baharu untuk wakil jualan.

Jualan yang lebih kompleks mungkin memerlukan urutan yang ditentukan di mana pengguna mengklik dan mengiklankan untuk menerima magnet petunjuk dengan setiap petunjuk berharga $3.

Jika anda kemudiannya berjaya menukar 5% daripada petunjuk baharu ini, anda boleh mengaitkan $60 setiap jualan daripada pengiklanan kepada CAC anda.

Anda boleh membina urutan atau model yang boleh dijejaki daripada sebarang aktiviti bukan sahaja pengiklanan. Contohnya, acara, webinar dan telejualan membolehkan anda memahami aktiviti mana yang paling berkesan kos bukan sahaja untuk mengisi corong anda, tetapi sebenarnya menukar kepada pesanan.

6. Cara Membina Corong Jualan SaaS

Corong jualan anda akan berbeza-beza bergantung pada strategi jualan anda. Adakah anda menjual Apl anda secara langsung atau adakah anda menjual melalui rakan kongsi? Saluran manakah yang telah anda putuskan untuk fokus pada mulanya?

1. Kenal pasti Profil Prospek Sempurna anda. Ini ialah versi wakil jualan persona pemasaran. Ia termasuk semua yang akan disertakan oleh persona pemasaran, serta beberapa maklumat tambahan yang membantu jualan memahami dan berkomunikasi pada tahap yang lebih mendalam dengan prospek.

Templat Profil Prospek Jualan
Templat Profil Prospek Jualan

2. Bina pemesejan jualan anda. Sebahagian daripada kesesuaian produk/pasaran ialah memahami masalah perniagaan dan atau peribadi yang diselesaikan oleh produk anda.

Dalam pengalaman kami perkhidmatan SaaS yang paling berjaya ialah penyelesaian perniagaan yang menyelesaikan masalah perniagaan.

Sebaik sahaja anda memahami bagaimana ini berkaitan dengan produk/perkhidmatan anda sendiri pada tahap yang mendalam, anda boleh mula membina pemesejan jualan anda.

Ini adalah perkataan dan bahasa bernuansa yang telah anda buktikan bahawa prospek berhubung dengannya. Tidak cukup mengetahui tentang perniagaan dan penyelesaian anda sendiri, anda harus tahu tentang pelanggan anda.

Anda harus tahu dengan tepat bagaimana penyelesaian anda membantu pelanggan anda menjimatkan wang, menjana wang dan menjadikan kehidupan mereka lebih mudah.

3. Kempen Penjanaan Utama.

Sebaik sahaja anda telah mengenal pasti prospek sasaran anda dan membina pemesejan jualan anda, anda perlu mula bekerja pada kempen Penjanaan Utama.

Terdapat dua pendekatan utama untuk Penjanaan Peneraju seperti berikut:

a) Penjanaan Peneraju Masuk. Kempen penjanaan petunjuk masuk ialah tempat prospek menghubungi anda terlebih dahulu. Mereka boleh mengisi borang di halaman web anda, menelefon anda atau menghantar e-mel kepada anda. Untuk menjana petunjuk jualan masuk, anda perlu melakukan beberapa bentuk penciptaan kandungan, kempen iklan, webinar, program rujukan atau SEO.

b) Penjanaan petunjuk keluar. Kempen penjanaan petunjuk keluar ialah tempat anda menghubungi prospek melalui telefon, e-mel, mel terus, acara atau pemasaran berasaskan akaun. Kempen keluar selalu bermakna anda perlu membina pasukan kata keluar yang mungkin mahal.

Majoriti syarikat SaaS menggunakan gabungan masuk dan keluar, walau bagaimanapun, mereka hampir selalu memberi penekanan pada satu lebih daripada yang lain.

Sebagai panduan yang sangat kasar, perkhidmatan SaaS yang berkos lebih rendah dan menyasarkan PKS adalah diterajui pemasaran dan mempunyai tumpuan utama Masuk.

Perkhidmatan SaaS yang lebih berbelanja dan menyasarkan Pasaran Pertengahan kepada organisasi Perusahaan akan mempunyai pendekatan yang lebih diterajui jualan melalui Pemasaran Berasaskan Akaun.

7. Apakah Peringkat Corong Jualan SaaS?

corong jualan saas
Cara Membina Corong Jualan SaaS

Peringkat corong jualan anda hanyalah satu siri langkah yang dilalui oleh prospek anda untuk membuat pesanan.

Peringkat ini boleh berbeza-beza dan tiada satu corong yang boleh anda gunakan pada setiap apl. Walaupun peringkatnya sama, kaedah yang anda gunakan untuk memindahkan prospek melalui corong mungkin berbeza-beza.

Corong jualan anda ialah tempat yang bagus untuk mula mengumpul data untuk mengukur prestasi dan membuat penambahbaikan dari semasa ke semasa.

Secara umum, prospek harus bergerak melalui corong jualan secepat mungkin – ini dipanggil kitaran jualan atau kelajuan paip.

Mengukur kelajuan prospek bergerak melalui kitaran membolehkan anda mengenal pasti sekatan dalam corong anda dan kawasan di mana prospek perlahan.

Titik “melekat” ini adalah tempat anda harus melihat untuk membuat penambahbaikan.

8. Bilakah saya boleh menunjukkan produk SaaS saya kepada pelanggan?

Masa demo aplikasi SaaS dalam proses jualan telah menjadi subjek perbincangan bagi banyak syarikat.

Jawapan malangnya kepada soalan itu ialah “terpulang”. Banyak syarikat berjaya mendemonstrasikan apl mereka pada permulaan proses jualan, walau bagaimanapun, terdapat juga ramai yang membuat demo pada permulaan dan kemudiannya prospek mereka hilang ke dalam lubang hitam mel suara dan e-mel yang tidak dijawab.

Pendek kata, penyelesaian yang lebih murah dan mudah, maka lebih awal dalam proses anda boleh demo dan penyelesaian yang lebih mahal dan kompleks demo harus ditolak sejauh mungkin dalam proses penjualan.

tunjuk cara aplikasi saas
Cara Membina Corong Jualan SaaS

Realitinya ialah terdapat kecenderungan untuk Usahawan dan jurujual tergesa-gesa untuk mendemonstrasikan aplikasi mereka, dengan harapan demo itu akan meyakinkan prospek untuk mendaftar.

Walaupun prospek itu layak dan sesuai, demo tanpa sebarang bentuk diagnosis kesakitan prospek berada dalam bahaya kehilangan prospek.

Prospek anda perlu tahu bahawa anda tahu dan anda memahami dunia mereka. Ini hanya boleh dicapai melalui penyoalan yang bijak dan disasarkan. Jika anda ingin mempercepatkan jualan, perlahankan jualan.

Demo biasanya merupakan titik leveraj terbesar jurujual dan jika anda memberikannya tidak lama lagi anda akan kehilangan leveraj dan kemungkinan besar prospek.

Sebagai peraturan umum – tolak demo apl sejauh mungkin dalam proses jualan anda.

Demo memerlukan masa dan wang terutamanya untuk jualan yang kompleks di mana lebih kerap daripada tidak demo yang dipesan lebih dahulu diperlukan.

Sebarang demo yang dipesan lebih dahulu mesti dihantar hanya kepada pembuat keputusan kanan pada pasukan pembeli prospek. Jika sesuai, anda juga boleh mempunyai dua demo dalam proses jualan – tidak ada peraturan selain jika ia berfungsi lakukannya.

Kebanyakan wakil jualan membuat kesilapan menggunakan bahagian proses jualan ini untuk menerangkan manfaat produk dengan lebih terperinci.

Apabila anda memberitahu anda tidak menjual. Gunakan soalan penyiasatan yang bijak untuk mendapatkan prospek memberitahu anda bagaimana penyelesaian itu akan menyelesaikan masalah perniagaan mereka.

Anda harus mengelak daripada bercakap tentang ciri yang anda percaya berkaitan dengannya. Jika anda tidak mendedahkan perkara ini dalam peringkat penemuan proses jualan, sememangnya berisiko untuk memperkenalkan apa-apa yang baharu di bawah proses tersebut.

Untuk penyelesaian yang lebih mudah dengan harga yang lebih rendah, anda akan mendapati mereka kini bersedia untuk menjalani percubaan, manakala untuk penyelesaian yang lebih mahal dan kompleks, mereka kini akan terlibat dengan wakil jualan.

Untuk menunjukkan bahawa mereka telah menjalankan usaha wajar mereka akan sentiasa bercakap dengan dua atau tiga pembekal yang berpotensi.

Ini tidak semestinya untuk mengurangkan harga pembekal, tetapi kadangkala mereka perlu mengesahkan kepada kumpulan pembelian yang lebih luas dalam organisasi mereka mengapa mereka mempunyai keutamaan.

Percubaan apl juga merupakan cara yang baik untuk membuat pengguna mendaftar, namun, nisbah penukaran percubaan untuk ditutup biasanya lemah dalam kebanyakan kes SaaS.

Bergantung pada harga, anda boleh menawarkan percubaan terurus, supaya mereka boleh menilai perisian anda semasa anda mengurusnya lebih jauh di bawah proses jualan.

Semasa percubaan, prospek dapat melihat bagaimana produk akan berfungsi untuk mereka dalam amalan. Adalah penting untuk menentukan masa percubaan dengan bijak dan memastikan anda telah bersetuju terlebih dahulu apa yang berlaku jika percubaan itu berjaya.

Kami telah mencipta grafik di atas untuk cuba menerangkan secara visual cara ini mungkin berfungsi untuk organisasi anda.

Perlu diperhatikan dalam contoh, majoriti CAC anda akan menjadi pemasaran, manakala dalam corong yang lebih kompleks kos anda akan termasuk pemasaran, jualan + penerimaan pelanggan.

9. Contoh Corong Jualan SaaS

Corong jualan di bawah adalah contoh. Anda TIDAK seharusnya meniru ini melainkan ia sesuai dengan proses jualan anda.

Mereka direka bentuk untuk menjadi titik permulaan bagi mereka yang ingin membangunkan corong jualan.

Seperti yang anda lihat daripada grafik, terdapat banyak alternatif kepada peringkat yang digunakan untuk membentuk corong jualan anda bergantung pada jenis corong yang anda cipta.

Untuk corong digital semata-mata anda boleh mempunyai:

Lead Magnet Landing page – tempat prospek tiba selepas mengklik pada iklan anda
Halaman Pengesahan – mengesahkan tawaran, percubaan atau pembelian percuma anda
Halaman Upsell – di mana prospek mempunyai peluang untuk menambah perkhidmatan tambahan atau menaik taraf
Halaman pembayaran – tempat prospek membayar untuk perkhidmatan tersebut
Halaman Tahniah atau Terima Kasih – di mana anda boleh menandatangani prospek pos dengan langkah seterusnya yang sesuai.

Corong Jualan dengan Saluran Paip
Cara Membina Corong Jualan SaaS

10. Metrik corong jualan SaaS

Mengenai metrik, kami percaya ini ialah metrik dan KPI operasi jualan biasa yang biasa digunakan oleh kebanyakan orang. Tidak perlu dikatakan metrik ini penting dan anda harus merekod dan melaporkannya.

LTT – Membawa kepada penukaran percubaan
Ini ialah bilangan petunjuk yang telah menukar kepada percubaan.

DCR – Nisbah penukaran demo
Bilangan demo yang berjaya menukar ke peringkat seterusnya dalam proses jualan.

TTS – Penukaran percubaan kepada jualan
Ini ialah bilangan prospek pada percubaan percuma yang telah menukar kepada pelanggan berbayar.

LTV – Nilai Sepanjang Hayat pelanggan
Ini ialah purata jumlah nilai yang akan dibelanjakan oleh pelanggan sebelum meninggalkan perkhidmatan. Ironinya ini boleh menjadi lebih sukar untuk mengukur lebih baik produk anda kerana, tanpa pelanggan meninggalkan anda tidak akan tahu berapa lama mereka tinggal dan jumlah nilai mereka kepada perniagaan.

Churn – Bilangan pelanggan yang pergi
Pelanggan akan pergi dan itu tidak selalu menjadi perkara yang buruk. Jika pelanggan yang keluar sesuai dengan ICP (Profil Pelanggan Ideal) anda maka anda menghadapi masalah. Pelanggan yang meninggalkan yang tidak sesuai dengan ICP anda mungkin membebaskan sumber berharga yang boleh dibelanjakan untuk ICP anda.

MRR – Pendapatan berulang bulanan
Hasil berulang bulanan memberi anda gambaran keseluruhan kejayaan anda, namun, ia hanyalah gambaran keseluruhan dan anda perlu melihat butiran dalam data untuk mendapatkan gambaran yang lebih tepat.

ARR – Hasil berulang tahunan
Hasil berulang tahunan memberikan gambaran keseluruhan perniagaan yang baik, tetapi seperti MRR, anda harus mengkaji semua data untuk mendapatkan gambaran yang lebih tepat tentang kesihatan usaha niaga anda.

Kitaran Jualan – Masa dari hubungan awal hingga pesanan tertutup
Ini biasanya singkatan untuk penyelesaian yang lebih mudah bernilai rendah dan lebih lama untuk jualan Perusahaan yang kompleks. Contohnya, jualan kepada bank Tahap 1 mungkin mengambil masa 18 bulan dari hubungan awal hingga ditutup.

CAC – Kos Pemerolehan Pelanggan
Adalah penting untuk memahami kos anda untuk memperoleh seorang pelanggan. Dalam dunia yang ideal, anda akan menemui perkara ini dalam fasa awal perniagaan apabila anda membuktikan cadangan nilai. Tanpa angka ini adalah mustahil untuk dimasukkan ke dalam sistem dan proses untuk meningkatkan perniagaan kerana anda tidak akan tahu berapa banyak yang boleh anda belanjakan untuk pemasaran dan jualan bahagian hadapan.

Churn Negatif –
Pergolakan negatif ialah metrik pertumbuhan yang berkuasa yang menunjukkan bahawa hasil daripada jualan tinggi dan jualan silang pelanggan sedia ada menghilangkan hasil yang hilang apabila pelanggan pergi.

11. Penyerahan Cadangan SaaS

Selepas demo terakhir, anda tidak boleh menawarkan untuk menghantar cadangan.

Cadangan memerlukan masa dan wang dan jika prospek anda berminat mereka akan meminta anda untuk cadangan.

Jika prospek anda tidak meminta cadangan daripada anda maka ia memberitahu anda bahawa mereka tidak berminat untuk bekerja dengan anda dan anda perlu meneruskan proses jualan untuk memahami di mana anda telah silap.

Apabila proses jualan terhenti, ia jarang berlaku kerana sesuatu yang anda telah lakukan salah pada masa itu – lebih kerap, ia adalah sesuatu yang anda terlepas lebih awal dalam proses jualan.

Pastikan anda yakin semua faedah perisian telah diterangkan dengan jelas kepada mereka dan dipetakan mengikut keperluan mereka yang dinyatakan.

Jika boleh, sentiasa dapatkan White Knight anda untuk membantu anda mencipta cadangan dan rasa semak versi draf dengan mereka sebelum menghantar salinan rasmi.

Sebelum menghantar cadangan anda, anda mesti mempunyai pemahaman yang jelas tentang langkah seterusnya jika anda menang atau kalah.

Tanpa ini, anda berkemungkinan besar menghabiskan tiga bulan berikutnya mengejar hantu dalam mel suara.

12. Menentukan harga kontrak SaaS anda

Banyak syarikat menyediakan harga terhad atau tiada langsung di tapak web mereka kerana mereka tidak mahu pesaing mereka melihat harga mereka, atau mereka fikir ia akan menakutkan bakal pelanggan.

Anda harus berbangga dengan harga anda dan nilai yang anda bawa. Biarkan persaingan melemahkan anda dan mengikat semua sumber mereka pada tawaran yang tidak menguntungkan.

Orang jarang membeli penyelesaian yang paling murah, jadi biarkan prospek anda melemahkan anda.

Jika anda masih bimbang untuk meletakkan harga anda di tapak web anda, fikirkan tentang perasaan anda apabila anda menyelidik penyelesaian yang anda minati hanya untuk mendapati halaman harga penuh dengan POA.

Jika anda seperti kebanyakan orang, anda mendapati ini benar-benar menjengkelkan dan segera beralih kepada pembekal berpotensi seterusnya.

Akhir sekali, kelebihan lain untuk memaparkan harga anda dengan bangga ialah ia melayakkan sesiapa sahaja yang tidak bersedia untuk melabur pada tahap itu.

Ini boleh menjimatkan banyak masa dan sumber anda dengan prospek yang mempunyai tahap belanjawan yang berbeza.

Terdapat banyak strategi harga yang tersedia untuk anda, namun, dari pengalaman kami, satu-satunya perkara yang dijamin, ialah anda akan menukar harga anda.

Sebagai peraturan asas jika harga anda ditetapkan terlalu tinggi untuk kontrak jangka pendek atau percubaan berbayar, prospek mungkin gagal untuk mengalami manfaat penuh perisian sebelum kontrak tamat dan mereka mungkin memutuskan untuk tidak memperbaharui .

Jika boleh, anda harus memberi ganjaran kepada prospek semasa tempoh percubaan untuk menambah maklumat dan menggunakan perkhidmatan tersebut.

Contohnya, tawarkan percubaan yang lebih pendek dan beri insentif kepada pengguna jika mereka melengkapkan persediaan profil/akaun mereka.

Tawarkan tempoh percuma lagi menggalakkan mereka menggunakan produk sebagai contoh jika mereka memuat naik data ke dalam sistem.

Ideanya adalah untuk “menyertai” pengguna baharu anda langkah demi langkah dan menjadikan produk anda selekat mungkin.
Jika prospek mahu meneruskan, anda harus menggunakan kontrak dengan tandatangan digital untuk mempercepatkan proses jualan.

Jangan sekali-kali menghantar kontrak dalam e-mel atau pautan ke kontrak digital kerana ini boleh diabaikan dengan mudah.

Susun untuk mendapatkan prospek melalui telefon dan bercakap melalui kontrak dengan mereka. Sebaik sahaja mereka bersetuju dengan segala-galanya dalam kontrak hanya minta mereka menandatangani semasa anda mempunyai mereka di telefon.

Dengan cara ini anda mengekalkan kawalan ke atas proses jualan.

13. Mengapa corong jualan sangat penting untuk penyedia SaaS

Banyak perniagaan telah gagal selepas bergelut untuk melaksanakan corong jualan. Pemasaran dan penjualan produk SaaS boleh menjadi sangat mencabar, dan kemungkinan pelanggan sasaran anda sudah terharu dengan tawaran daripada vendor perisian yang bersaing.

Fikirkan tentang bahagian belanjawan sedia ada pembeli yang mana anda akan memenangi hasil. Apakah pesaing langsung atau tidak langsung yang akan anda ambil belanjawan?

Anda mungkin bersaing dengan beberapa jenama terbesar dan paling berkuasa di dunia yang menyediakan penyelesaian generik kepada masalah yang sama yang anda selesaikan.

Ini bermakna anda perlu menawarkan sesuatu yang tersendiri yang sebenarnya diperlukan oleh pelanggan anda.

Kajian CB Insights mengatakan 42% daripada syarikat permulaan SaaS gagal kerana mereka menawarkan produk yang tidak diperlukan pelanggan sasaran mereka.

Meyakinkan bakal pelanggan perisian anda menawarkan nilai tulen adalah penting.

Mengapa permulaan saas gagal

14. Menguruskan jangkaan prospek

Mencipta corong jualan adalah tentang membina perjalanan dari pelawat web, kepada pelanggan dan melalui tunjuk cara dan jejak dan berakhir dengan kontrak ditandatangani.

Corong jualan anda harus menekankan setiap peringkat utama yang akan dilalui oleh prospek anda dalam perjalanan mereka ke perjanjian yang dibuat.

Bersikap terbuka, lebih awal dan kongsi peringkat proses terlebih dahulu dengan prospek anda.
Anda harus memberi perhatian yang teliti kepada sebarang titik geseran yang mungkin berlaku semasa prospek anda melalui saluran jualan anda.

Ini akan memberi anda peluang untuk membuat penambahbaikan pada corong anda pada masa hadapan.
Apa yang paling penting ialah anda merekodkan semua titik data dalam corong jualan anda.

Ini akan membantu anda membuat keputusan berdasarkan fakta dan bukannya perasaan hati anda. Ia boleh mengambil masa untuk corong jualan anda menjadi berkesan sepenuhnya dan anda mungkin perlu membuat beberapa pemurnian sebelum anda mempunyai corong jualan yang benar-benar dioptimumkan.

Ramai pelanggan tidak mempunyai pemahaman yang mendalam tentang perkara yang mereka perlukan apabila mereka mula-mula bertemu dengan anda. Menyediakan penyelesaian bukan hanya produk dengan membantu prospek membuat hubungan antara kedua-duanya.

Apa yang benar juga ialah pengguna sering membeli apa yang mereka mahu bukan apa yang mereka perlukan.

Inilah sebabnya mengapa sangat penting untuk bertanya soalan yang disasarkan supaya anda boleh menentukan dengan tepat keperluan mereka supaya anda boleh meletakkan perisian anda dengan cara yang paling menguntungkan.

Soalan-soalan ini juga akan memberitahu anda sejauh mana mereka perlu membuat keputusan.

15. Kebangkitan penyelesaian SaaS

Nampaknya segala-galanya di dunia kini dikuasakan dalam talian oleh Aplikasi SaaS. Daripada Netflix dan Amazon Prime ke LinkedIn dan Microsoft M365, kami kini dikelilingi oleh penyelesaian SaaS dalam satu perihalan atau yang lain.

Dari segi kewangan SaaS masuk akal kerana ia mengelakkan perbelanjaan modal yang besar di hadapan dan mengurangkan risiko penyelesaian.

Lagipun, jika ia tidak berfungsi, anda biasanya hanya terkunci dalam tempoh maksimum 12 bulan. Kelebihan lain SaaS termasuk cara ia biasanya cepat digunakan dan tidak memerlukan penyelenggaraan di pihak pelanggan.

Peningkatan biasanya dihantar secara automatik, dengan pelanggan biasanya ditawarkan tahap perkhidmatan yang terjamin.

Sandaran dan pemulihan data biasanya dijalankan bagi pihak pelanggan, supaya mereka boleh menumpukan pada perkara yang terbaik yang mereka lakukan, selamat dengan pengetahuan bahawa segala-galanya dikendalikan oleh pembangun perisian itu sendiri.

Lockdown telah mengecas turbo SaaS
Kerja jarak jauh semakin meningkat walaupun sebelum wabak, jadi hakikat bahawa produk SaaS membenarkan individu bekerja dan bekerjasama dari mana-mana sahaja telah membantu untuk membenamkan SaaS lebih mendalam dalam kehidupan seharian kita.

Terdapat beribu-ribu produk baharu produk SaaS sedang dibangunkan di setiap negara di seluruh dunia jadi persaingan adalah sengit, namun, tiada penghujung yang jelas kepada selera pengguna dan perniagaan terhadap penyelesaian SaaS.

Corong jualan yang koheren boleh menjadi perbezaan antara produk anda menjadi kejayaan viral dan dipaksa untuk kembali ke papan lukisan.

How to Sell to BIG Companies

How to Sell to Big Companies

Discover how to Find, Kloze and Grow Large Enterprise Accounts

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How to sell to big companies
How to sell to big companies

How to Sell to Big Companies. In order to sell to big companies you need to first create a shortlist of targets that meet your perfect prospect profile. Next, focus all your sales and marketing resources to research and create a unique sales approach for multiple contacts within the big company you are selling to.

What’s Inside



Introduction to Enterprise Selling

Selecting the right targets

Segmenting your accounts

Mastering the complex sale

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The Door Opener

Right content, right contact, right time

How to write persuasive copy

The cadence of big account selling

The profitable, easy to deliver and replicate offer



What to say to Big Companies

How to control the sales conversation

The Contact Plan

Listen & Learn LIVE over the coaches shoulder

Your personal Action Plan

Course Author

How to sell your app to big companies

Iain Swanston

Founder, Klozers

After 35 years in B2B sales Iain just loves solving sales problems.
If you’ve ever attended one of his live events you’ll know, even during the breaks and after the event he always likes talking about sales. Iain is an Author, Speaker & our Lead Sales Coach.
Iain is on a mission to make sales easier for B2B companies and their salespeople.

“In the short time I’ve been working with Klozers I’ve used his guidance to develop positive new sales activities, techniques and a mindset that has significantly helped my sales confidence. As a results I’ve already seen excellent performance benefits that are directly attributable to working to the coaching.”

Alan Wood

Scotland Director

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

“This was my first ever sales training and genuinely still the most pertinent in my sales career. Iain taught us how to take leads through the sales journey from lead to opportunity to closure, I still use these skills today and encourage my colleagues to do the same. My earnings have more than doubled since Iain gave that pertinent training and his latest blogs have been shared internally between our sales and marketing teams as the advice rings true to what we are currently working on as a department”

Lynne Hall

Strategic Accounts Manager

E-On Energy

My coach was really flexible and was happy to talk in between my scheduled coaching slots, especially when I had burning questions and needed support fast. The debriefing calls we had after my sales meetings not only helped me understand where I could improve, they also gave me the right words to say, in the right sequence and at the right time.

Elliott Boll

Enterprise Learning Consultant


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How to sell to big companies
How to sell an app to big companies

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How to sell to a big company
Remote Sales Coaching – Sales Playbook

“The first session was full of useful and practical sales information. I took so many notes and have come away with exercises I will carry out to help further clarify our approach to sales. I would highly recommend”

Rebecca Pick


Pick Protection

“Great training session with so much information packed into an hour. Looking forward to completing sessions 2 and 3. “

Max Anderson


SuperBot Experts

Very insightful content from Klozers this afternoon. Thank you Iain Swanston for the invite to attend. This shall be hugely beneficial for our business moving forward and I am looking forward to putting my learning into practice

Laurie Wilson

Regional Sales Manager

CMP Products

Learn How to Sell to Big Companies

If you are new to sales at some stage you will want to learn how to sell to big companies.   It’s common for most ambitious sales people and businesses, yet this can be a challenging or even, a near impossible experience. 

For example, finding the right people to talk with (yes there will also be more than one decision maker) can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, and then trying to coordinate all these decision makers can be like herding cats. 

The longer sales cycles that inevitably arise from having multiple decision makers in a complex sale, then frustrate most sales people as time drags on. 

The large revenues that Enterprise sales can deliver, more often than not, prove so elusive that the salespeople give up and focus on smaller opportunities, they know they can convert. 

However, in some circumstances it can take the same amount of sales resources to convert a small opportunity as it does when selling the same product or service to a big company, so don’t give up just yet.

Learn More, Sell More, Earn More

How to sell your app to a big company
How to sell your app to a big company

How to Sell an Idea to a Big Company

Maybe you don’t have a product or service but instead you have an idea that you want to sell. It’s the sames process and the fact is, it is possible to sell to big companies and large enterprise organisations, although it does need a slightly different approach.

The first FREE 60 minute session in this course walks you through the preparation and planning required before you approach big companies.

When you sell to big companies you may also need some additional sales resources that are not as commonly used when selling to smaller organisations, such as a Business Case, a Cost Benefit Analysis – don’t worry we’ve got templates you can use for all of these.

If this sounds like lots of work, then Yes it is, and because of this many companies will not rely on any one individual, instead they will work as a team to win large accounts. Part of that team should include Marketing in order that you can target the right people in the buying organisation, with the right messaging, at the right time.

Run the sales campaign as a mini project with scope, roles and responsibilities, costings, objectives and milestones. Needless to say that it usually makes sense to be targeting more than one big company if you are going to do this professionally, but don’t make the mistake of having too many, as the campaign can then turn into a marketing initiative which by their very nature are more generic.

The key to success is that all the messaging must be bespoke and relevant to every target which takes time, which is time that you won’t have if you have too many targets. Again this course covers everything you need.

Before you start selling to big companies there are however two important considerations you should address as follows:

1) Does your company have the capability to successfully deliver a project on the scale that a big company will require?
In most cases you will only get one chance to sell to a big company and delivering success for your first big company will also give you a reference point that will help you sell to other big companies.

2) Does your company have the financial resources required to sell to a big company?

If you buy materials in January to create stock for February and have agreed 90 day payment terms this means you have to run 150 days without being paid. Some small businesses are not sufficiently funded to do this, so be careful what you wish for.

Selling to big companies can transform your business, but like most things in life that are worthwhile it’s usually not easy and doesn’t happen overnight, but it certainly can be worth it.

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How to sell to big companies

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