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Sales Training in Rhein Main

Results Driven Sales Training in Frankfurt Rhein Main from the B2B Sales Experts

Welcome to Klozers

We deliver best in class Sales Training Courses in Darmstadt and the Rhein Main region, or onsite at your business premises across Buckinghamshire and Northants.   

We would love to work with you and your team to help you win more business.  Whether you have a new team or more experienced sales people we have the trainers, and the best sales courses to help get you started.  Our courses cover everything from how to find more prospects, engaging customers, following a sales process, closing deals and increasing sales across the board.  

We encourage you to look around our website and access the free resources we have available.  In addition please be sure to read the reviews that previous participants on our training courses have kindly left.  

In addition to our Sales Training courses in Rhein Main we also deliver training in Cologne,  Berlin, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hannover, Munich, Munster, Rhein Palatinate, Stuttgart and Ulm. We also deliver bespoke training In-house and can customise our content to match your exact needs if required.

We can also work with your sales managers team to design a bespoke sales training course that meets the exact business requirements and those of your sales team.

Why Choose Klozers

We have a successful track record of delivering our sales training courses over the last 10 years.  With that said, most of our clients choose Klozers for one of the following three reasons:

1. Outbound and Inbound. Traditional training companies focus on outbound activity which is great and does get results.  However, outbound is only 50% of sales and our team have built an impressive record as Inbound experts.  This is much more than just answering inbound calls – we are experts at making your phone ring and outlook ping.  Our team design powerful sales campaigns that generate real leads for your business. 

2. Real world training, not theory.  The course content we teach doesn’t come from books and theories.  Everything we teach comes from the exact sales strategies and tactics that we use to grow our own business.  We’ll even show you the results, warts and all before you implement them in your business.  

3. Real world Sales Trainers. Whilst many companies use corporate trainers each of our team of highly experienced trainers, still has to sell as part of their role.  This ensures our sales trainers are still firmly rooted in the real world, and current in their thinking and best practices. Our real world trainers ensure your sales team receives a real world experience.    

We love sales and would love the opportunity to work with you and your sales team.   

Sales Training in Rhein Main

We deliver our Sales Training Courses in the Rhein Main area at the Welcome Hotel, Karolinenplatz 4, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany. 

This hotel is located in Darmstadt city centre and is conveniently located for both the science and conference centre. 

Please note: in-house sales training courses delivered on your business premises and online training is also available.  


Sales Training Courses in Rhein Main

Each of our proven sales training courses are centred around either the role/function of sales people or the skills required to be successful in modern selling.

Sales courses available include Telephone Sales Skills Training, SaaS Sales Training, Consultative Sales Training Course, Lead Generation Training Course. Key Account Management Training Course and LinkedIn Sales Training Course.

Furthermore, we also provide training on Sales Management to support your leadership team.  

Our sales courses come in either a 1 day or 2 day format, but are also designed for online delivery. 

Your Sales Trainers in the Rhein Main region

verkaufstraining rhein main
Sales Training in Rhien Main

Meet Susie

In Darmstadt and the Rhien Main Region our training is delivered by our DACH sales team. 

Based nearby in Cologne, Susie is fluent in German having spent most of her sales life in Germany.  Susie was a successful sales professional and sales manager before moving into sales training and coaching. 

Susie has delivered training to companies working across Professional Services, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology, SaaS, Pharmaceutical, Defence, Automotive, Telecoms, Construction & Food & Drink.

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Sales Training in Rhien Main

Meet Christian

Christian, a native German and seasoned sales trainer, has established a remarkable track record of successful sales across different markets. Whether it’s construction, packaging, or numerous service industries, his extensive sales experience provides him with a profound understanding of the complete sales process.

Christian’s area of expertise lies in SaaS and telephone sales, and his enthusiasm drives him to develop interactive and hands-on training workshops.

Sales Skills Training in Rhein Main

We are committed to ensuring that you get the most from ever training course and there are certain steps that you should take before the sales training takes place:

  1. Complete the pre-course questionnaire to advise us of your priorities in terms of training needs.
  2. Discuss internally how you will support and hold attendees accountable after the training to ensure the new strategies and tactics are implemented.
  3. Ensure attendees attend the monthly post course support sessions to ensure they keep learning and improving.

If you have any questions regarding our sales training courses then you are welcome to schedule a conference call and we will be happy to talk through the content and make sure that the course you choose is a good fit for your needs. 

Sales Coaching in Rhein Main

Sales training is great, however, some of our clients take this to the next level and enrol their teams on professional sales coaching.  Whether it’s reinforcement and embedding of new skills learned during training, or sales performance coaching we can help.  Whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered with our Online Sales Coaching portal

  • Proven Coaching Frameworks
  • Support the practical application of new sales skills in the field
  • Mentor & Support Future Leaders
  • Project based coaching for large deals
  • Mentor & Support Non Sales Professionals
  • Easy to Follow Videos, Audio and Workbooks

Reviews of Sales Training in Frankfurt Rhein Main Region

ain has helped me; reduce my sales cycle, increase my selling time and set myself aside from the competition by approaching business that works against the tried/tested Features and Benefits system. Would highly recommend to experienced sales professionals who think they can’t improve any further – you can with Iain’s guidance! Brace yourself for some uncomfortable techniques that become instinctive but highly effective! His service may or may not be a good fit for your business, if it’s a no, at least you can still be friends. It’s just business.”

Cathie Swan – Account Manager, Saphire Solutions

I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot from Iain, who has great ideas and advice. I’d definitely recommend any sales person to get in contact with Iain and his team!”

Lauran Beelan – Sales Manager, SKAN AG

Klozers helped our business achieve great results. Their due care and attention to focus not only on the sales process and execution but to also consider and hence incorporate business and marketing strategy into the wider planning helped us to realise our potential as a team and as a business.Personally, Iain was able to coach me very well on what my focus should be as a business manager and I would highly recommend him and his team to other businesses.”

Richard Matthews – Business Intelligence, Altair

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