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1. Sales Training in Manchester for B2B Sellers

Welcome to Klozers.

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience, the best learning content and the best sales trainers because that means you will come back to us.

We are a specialist B2B Sales Training & Coaching company and we’re confident we can help you with your Sales Training needs, in and around Greater Manchester and the M62 Corridor. We are a specialist B2B Sales Training & Coaching company and would love to work with you. Choosing a new training supplier is important and we would encourage you to check around our website here so you get a feel for the type of training we deliver, the training and workshop style we use and lastly, and most importantly, the results that we deliver.

Our Trainers still “hunt” for a living so unless they bring in new business, they don’t get paid. This means they have to both know and be able to implement every sales strategy and tactic we teach. This means the content we provide is up to date, relevant and effective. Whether it’s making a cold call live in class, or launching into a Management Role-play, our training is real life and not simply theory from a text book.

Please note: all our courses are available for online delivery.

2. Sales Training Courses in Manchester

All our Sales Training Courses in Manchester are based on the Consultative Selling Process. If you are not familiar with this it is more of a style of selling rather than a methodology like SPIN, Miller Heiman or Challenger. This is important to you because Methodologies come and go, and the strategies and tactics that you will learn on any of our courses can be used independently, or in conjunction with any previous training your people have had. Quite simply, we want our learners to keep all the good stuff they already know and do well, and simply add our selling strategies on top to turbo charge them.

The Consultative Sales Process is very popular with what we call Non Selling Professionals who don’t have sales in their job title, but nonetheless are customer facing and need to drive revenue. These could be Engineers, Consultants, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Accountants, Technicians, Architects, Commercial Directors or Service Managers and personnel.

These people like the Consultative selling approach as it leverages their expertise and doesn’t make them feel like a salesy double glazing person. Because they like the approach, they find it easier to adopt which means better results for you and your business.

  • 1 or 2 Day courses available
  • Training & delivered by experienced Sales Leaders
  • Choose between our premises, your premises, or external venues
  • Specialist Workshop Facilitation for Sales Teams
  • Bespoke 90 Day Action Plans for every attendee
  • Post training support for attendees
Sales Training Courses - London
Sales Training in Manchester

Klozers trainers are delivering training every week throughout the UK rotating around our main business hubs in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh Scotland.

We also deliver bespoke training In-house and can customise our content to match your exact needs if required. There is a minimum requirement of 6 people however we know from experience CEOs’, Managers and even Receptionists love our training and each take something away that is relevant to their role.

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3. Sales Training in Manchester Delivery Venue

In Manchester we use the Manchester Marriott Airport Hotel, Hale Rd, Hale Barns, Manchester WA15 8XW.

This is just off the M56 and 2 miles from Manchester Airport. We use this location to provide easy access for international clients and people joining from both the M62 corridor and the nearby M6 motorway.

Manchester via Road

Manchester via Air

Overnight Accommodation

Overnight accommodation is available at the Marriott starting fro around £80 per night. You can contact and book a room at the Marriott via:

Manchester Airport Marriott

Tel: 0161 904 0301

London Marriott Hotel Meeting Room
Sales Training in Manchester

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4. Your Sales Trainer in Manchester

Our Lead Sales Trainer Iain Swanston is responsible for our training and delivery in Manchester. With over 35 years sales experience Iain is a Sales Veteran however despite Iain’s age he is a thought leader on Digital Selling that generates brand awareness and tangible sales results.

Iain works full time in B2B sales spending half his time on the road selling and training and the other half of his time delivering Online Sales Coaching to clients all over the UK, Europe and North America.

Iain Swanston Bio
Sales Training in Manchester- Trainer Bio Iain Swanston


If you have any questions regarding the course then you are welcome to schedule a conference call with Iain who will be happy to talk through the content and make sure that the course is a good fit for your needs. You can arrange a call with Iain via joanne @

Klozers have developed an Online Sales Coaching portal using Microsoft Teams technology to be able to support our clients before and after their training course. Once you’re booking has been confirmed you will receive an invite to join the Coaching Portal where you will get the opportunity to request your trainer covers any specific topics that are important to you. In order to access the Portal you will require a Microsoft email account. If you do not have an O365 account you can sign up for a free Microsoft email via Outlook.

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5. Post Course Support

It’s important that any training is turned into actions and new behaviours, so as part of every course attendees complete a 90 day action plan. Attendees choose for themselves the actions and new behaviours that they commit to after the training course, and we support these changes via our Online Sales Coaching portal built on Microsoft Teams.

The portal contains chat, email, voice and conferencing technology so our trainers can answer any questions and continue to support you after the training.

  • Proven Coaching Frameworks
  • Support the practical application of new sales skills in the field
  • Mentor & Support Future Leaders
  • Project based coaching for large deals
  • Mentor & Support Non Sales Professionals
  • Easy to Follow Videos, Audio, Workbooks & Training Sessions
Consultative Selling Skills CourseSupport
Sales Training Course Support

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6. Sales Training Reviews

“I normally do not do many recommendations, however having been in International sales for over 35 years in various business development roles, I would have no hesitation in recommending Iain to any corporate organisation wishing to improve their orders received revenues from their sales team. I had the pleasure of attending one Iain’s sessions in Manchester and was more than impressed on his coaching, training methodologies and delivery style. Any sales director/manager should hire Iain to improve their company’s sales performance and closure ratios.”

Roddie Beat

“I attended Iain’s training and as someone relatively new to sales I was apprehensive. Iain was very quick to put everyone at ease with his approachable and friendly personality. The skills, techniques and theories transformed my approach and thinking about sales and my confidence and success grew. I can honestly say I left class excited to put into practise and test out the theories that I had learnt. Iain is a fantastic facilitator and this is a great course for salespeople at any stage in their career.”

Gemma Connell

“I attended the inaugural Microsoft Scotland Sales Academy Boot Camp run by Iain. Iain’s performance was outstanding. He put body and soul into the sessions, encouraged nothing less from us and inspired us to explore, digest and ultimately understand some challenging sales methods. He reinforced the Selling System with extra insights and experience from his own career in selling with passion and sometimes humility which further added to the impact of the subject matter. I highly recommend Iain to anyone who needs coaching in his portfolio of topics. I guarantee you will come out, not just having learnt new things, but also feeling privileged to have met someone who you know you will enjoy meeting again many times! “

Andy Hamilton

Check out more reviews on our Sales Training Reviews page.

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