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Coaching for Entrepreneurs to Fast Track Sales

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1. Executive Sales Coaching for Entrepreneurs

If you have a great product or service but still aren’t getting the revenues you deserve, then it’s important that you take action and change in order to grow your business.

Our Exec Sales Coaching for Entrepreneurs programme will support you through the changes to make sure you get the success you are looking for.

Most Entrepreneurs choose us because of our ability to drive new growth which is important, but there is much more to sales than simply finding new customers.

In order to build your business you need to be able to retain and grow those customers.

Entrepreneur Coaching Services

Our Entrepreneur Coaching services are a support mechanism to help you through the inevitable highs and lows of starting and running your own business. Our coaches provide proven strategies to help you grow and hold you accountable to implementing those strategies in your business.

Please check out the video below before making any decision.

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2. Scaling Up SMEs

We offer a premium coaching service which we accept is not for everyone, however, before making any decision please watch the video below on Sales Strategy. If you still choose not to engage us then you will at least have discovered a Strategy to grow your business.

Hopefully after watching this video you will understand the value we place on being able to deliver real results to you and your business. We aim to demonstrate best practice in everything we do.

What stage is your business?

We work with Entrepreneurs from those still building their value proposition and proving their product market fit, through to those who already have a successful product or service and are ready to scale. Mistakes at any stage along the way can cost thousands, and set you back years. Our experienced team can help you transform your sales and make it the differentiator in the market place. If you want to grow your business, sales has to be a priority?

Business Coach vs Sales Coach

Although we do run a successful business ourselves, we do not claim to be Business Coaches or offer Business Coaching. The majority of our clients are business owners, but they don’t come to us because they can’t run a business. Far from it, they are often very good at running a business, however the Sales component in the business has never taken off, and rather than continue to struggle, they take action by engaging with us to grow their business.

Many business owners come from what we describe as an product/service background, meaning they are experts at the product or service they provide. In most cases they have had no formal or informal support on sales and marketing, and this at some stage, can begin to hold their business back.

As the business owner, the buck stops with them as they are ultimately responsible for the sales revenues in the business, and as a coach we act as there trusted advisor on everything connected to sales and marketing.

Business Coaching vs Sales Coaching

Whilst we are happy to support and advise, we do not provide business coaching in the traditional sense. Our coaching business is far more focussed on sales and marketing to help you grow your business. There is, however, a cross over, as we often advise on issues such as the business strategy, sales and marketing strategy, and people strategy within the sales department.

There is typically lots of support available for business owners to help them with running a business. Good sales and marketing support is less common, but arguably more important.

The analogy we would use is one of a Doctor and Consultant Your business coach and business coaching in general is like a Doctor for your business and can advise on generic issues. A sales coach and sales coaching is much more akin to the specialist Consultant that you turn to for a specific requirement.

Small Business Owners

Small Business owners often have different challenges as they constantly juggle and multitask between trying to win new business and delivering from an operational standpoint. Whilst running a small business can be very rewarding many business owners discover along the way that they have only given themselves a low paid job with all the headaches of business ownership.

Suddenly giving up a successful career doesn’t seem as appealing as they first thought, motivation starts to wain and it can become an ever decreasing circle.

Many spend too many hours at work and miss out on important family life. This is usually unsustainable and finding a healthy balance between work and family commitments is important.

In nearly every case, the stress and anxiety associated with running a business can be alleviated with more orders. We have found winning new business and building a successful sales machine are the key to success, and the best cure for stress and anxiety.

We help business owners develop proven marketing systems and processes that deliver self qualified leads consistently. The future of your business affects your own personal future and as your coach we are here to help you build the future you want.

3. Individual Sales Coaching

This programme provides dedicated coaching for entrepreneurs to help them transform their sales teams and increase their sales growth. You will be allocated one of our business coaches each of who is an expert at growing sales.

There is no quick fix or magic wand solution to improve revenue, however, there is a systematic & process driven approach that will improve your sales results.

No two individuals are the same and we work with you to ensure that every solution is tailored for you, your people and your business.

Many of our clients come from a Technical or Operational background and have no prior experience of sales. Our Role as your Business Coach is to both support and challenge you through the changes that you will be making to improve your organisations overall Sales capabilities and effectiveness.

We do this by using a combination of coaching, but where necessary, this is backed up by our training.

So whether you’ve 10 weeks experience or 10 years, we’ve got everything you need.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs
Business Coaching Example – Value Ladder

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4. Who Should Join Coaching for Entrepreneurs?

Our Online Sales Coaching is exclusively for Founders & Business Owners who want to make changes at a Strategic level to their sales organisation.

*Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

*Chief Executive Officers

*Managing Directors

*Company Founders

5. Typical Sales Problems We Fix

*No Long Term Growth Strategy

*No Sales Structure or Process

*Roller Coaster revenues

*Salespeople not engaged and low productivity

*Long Sales Cycles

*No Selling system

*Good Salespeople leave and poor Salespeople stay

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6. What do I need to join the Coaching for Entrepreneurs Programme?

This programme is designed for Entrepreneurs and Leaders who are committed to taking action that will systematically improve their Sales Strategy, Structure, Process, Management, People, Technology and Client Management.

We believe in being completely upfront and honest with our clients so please ensure this programme is right for you.

You must have the authority and budget to make changes necessary. The budget will vary from literally zero, to hundreds of thousands of pounds and will completely depend on your situation.

As an example, you may require to hire new or additional Salespeople, or you may require a new CRM system.

It’s possible to spend no money at all and “bootstrap” your business, however, you will still need the authority to make the changes necessary to increase your sales.

Your biggest investment will be the time and energy you spend thinking and working on Sales. If you are not engaged in the sales function of your business it’s unlikely we can help you. That doesn’t mean you have to be selling, but you do have to be actively leading.

It’s impossible to get the huge increases in Sales Growth that you are looking for on your own so you will need to engage the team around you. We can help with this, however, your Leadership style may need to change in order for you to do this.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, you must be coachable. This means you will need to have an open mind, and on occasion, you will need to try things that you don’t believe will work. Our job isn’t to agree with you, we are here to challenge as well as support you.

Business Coaching – Leadership-Styles

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7. Strategic Solutions vs Tactical Solutions

This Coaching programme is focussed on Strategic solutions that will dramatically increase your revenues and help you grow and scale your business.

Tactical sales solutions are important and may be relevant for you, however, they will only transition your business to the next level. Our Business Coaching programme is designed to radically transform your sales and move them up 10 levels.

As an example you may decide that your salespeople need training and you may be correct. Training is however only a tactical move and needs to be rooted in your overall Sales Improvement Plan.

Entrepreneurs Short & Long Term Sales Strategy
Business Coaching – Short & Long Term Sales Strategy

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8. How does the Coaching Programme Work?

Most Leaders come to us with specific challenges which we incorporate into our coaching programme. Solving these challenges may be the only thing you need us for, however, we have a process which often uncovers other areas for growth. We are happy to just work on your challenges or work on the business as a whole. This is how we dramatically ramp up your growth and scale your business. After an initial consultation we assign a coach to you who will help you through the following process:

Step 1. Benchmarking & Assessing

It’s impossible to build a plan without know your starting point so we spend time benchmarking your sales organisation against Best Practice. This is done via a combination of surveys, interviews, data and conversations with you, on your personal and business goals. The more hard data we have from you the better, as this will help us both make smarter decisions. If you have no data we will advise you on which data you will need to start collecting and which systems you should be using to collect the data.

Step 2. Build a Sales Improvement Plan

From our initial benchmarking and discovery in Step 1 we will work with you to create a bespoke SIP (Sales Improvement Plan). This plan is the vision for the Sales component of your business. The plan will include a Short Term Sales Strategy (0-12 months) and a long term Strategy (12 months +). Our goal is to identify the “Big Bets” from your products or services portfolio and create a long term sales strategy to supersede the short term strategy as quickly as possible, and we explain why in the programme.

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Step 3. Easy Wins (Short Term Sales Strategy)

From your SIP we will work with you to find the easy wins that will first generate new revenue and secondly build confidence in you and your team. The timeline is wholly dependent on you and your team which means that we can go as fast or as slow as your circumstances dictate. The more time that you and your team spend working your Sales Plan the quicker you will see results. The usual timeline for the early wins ranges from 1 month to 3 months.

Step 4. Big Bets (Long Term Sales Strategy)

Your “Big Bets”  are your most profitable and easy to deliver products or services that we will focus on as part of the Long Term sales strategy for your business. We will build everything around these in the first instance however, your Big Bets may change from year to year dependent on your business requirements and the market.

Your coach will work with you to bring everything together into a one page action sheet (available via our online system) with powerful goals to ensure you and your team get the sales results you deserve.

Step 5. Action Planning

Action planning is an important part of the process as it helps hold everyone accountable to the vision, actions and goals that have been agreed. Often, accountability causes huge problems and where possible we recommend you make accountability a priority alongside your business values.

Step 6. Execution

We work with you to execute and deliver on your Sales Improvement Plan. We expect to complete steps 1 – 6 in the first 3 months of working with you which allows us 6 months to work with you in the Execution phase and help you reach the goals you have set yourself.

When you hire us our goal as your coach is to be as flexible as possible and we do whatever it takes to get results. Please note there are often multiple sessions involved in each of the above steps. Each session is planned in advance and you will be provided with an agenda for every session.

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10. Sales Coaching Portal

Our Coaching tools and resources are designed to be accessible when you need them, not simply when we have a call scheduled. In order to achieve this we have created a secure and robust Coaching Platform inside Microsoft Teams. From inside Teams we can:

  • Chat
  • Email
  • Conference Call
  • Video
  • Create & Track Plans
  • Work on Sales Opportunities
  • Store & share documents
  • Coaching Guides
  • Training & Videos
  • Templates, Guides & Tools
Sales Coaching Solutions - Portal
Online Business Coaching Portal

Please note you will require a Microsoft Outlook email account (Free) to access the coaching platform. If you are using Office 365 you can sign in via this account.

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11. Reviews from Coaching Clients

Klozers helped our business achieve great results. Their due care and attention to focus not only on the sales process and execution but to also consider and hence incorporate business and marketing strategy into the wider planning helped us to realise our potential as a team and as a business.

Personally, Iain was able to coach me very well on what my focus should be as a business manager and I would highly recommend him and his team to other businesses.”

Richard Matthews – Commercial Director LettingRef

Iain is an outstanding sales trainer and coach. He has played a crucial role in helping us develop a thoroughly professional and industry leading sales and customer service team. Having worked with us for two years, he has become our trusted advisor on all matters related to our sales strategy. His passion for what he does is infectious and I would highly recommend having a conversation with Iain to see if he could help your company’s sales performance.

Steve Tigar – CEO Money Dashboard

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12. What does the Exec Coaching Programme Include?

Programme Contents

  • Benchmarking & Assessments
  • Bespoke Sales Improvement Plan
  • Grow your business – Short & Long Term Sales Strategy
  • 2 x Coaching Calls per month
  • Unlimited chat, email and phone support in between calls
Coaching for Entrepreneurs
Grow your business – Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Applications to join our Exec Sales Coaching programme are available from joanne

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