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DISC Training for Sales Success

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DISC Training for SALES - Top Question from Google

What DISC Personality is best for Sales?

Here’s the short answer:

In all our years of delivering sales training and coaching we can honestly say that we have worked with great salespeople from every quadrant.ย  Each DISC style has strengths and weaknesses and the best salespeople know how to manage these.

With that said, if you are selling into a vertical such as accountancy, where the group’s DISC culture is predominantly of a similar customer buying style,ย it is easier for salespeople who are from that same DISC style as the buyers, to build relationships and sell quickly.ย ย 

DISC is about preferences, there are no right or wrongs and there are no can do’s and can’t do’s.ย 

In this article we will cover...

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1. DISC training for sales success

Disc training is a valuable tool for everyone who is customer facing, whether they be in customer service or frontline sales. If like us you believe that people buy from people, you will understand that DISC is an effective way to help salespeople build relationships, gain rapport and sell more.

Disc training helps salespeople better understand themselves and others, so they can be more successful in their sales role.ย 

Our sales team training teaches people how to identify their own sales style, different personality types, and how to adjust their approach accordingly. With the right training, salespeople can gain powerful skills that will enable them to close deals and increase their overall sales performance.

2. What is a DISC personality test?

DISC is a personality test that helps us understand what we do and how we behave. DISC tests have been developed over many years from the original assessment, which was developed by William Marston Moulton who based his work around the teachings of Carl Jung and Jung’s book “The Emotions of Normal People”.

So what is DISC?ย  Well every human being regardless of race, colour or creed has a preferred style of behaviours that they exhibit.ย  Specifically, every Human Being has a preferred style of behaviours that fall into one of four categories D โ€“ I โ€“ S or C.ย  Sometimes we are accused of labelling people, or putting them into boxes when we do this, but please do not be offended.ย  This is no different to recognising that some people are left handed or that some people have blue eyes, or others have red hair.ย ย 

There is no right or wrong, and neither is there a better or best DISC style.ย  Each of the four quadrants has strengths and weaknesses and this just recognises that none of us are perfect.

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3. What are the four DISC personality types?

DISC tells us that every individual has a “preferred” way of doing and behaving. These ways predominantly fall within four main types or disc styles. These DISC styles are: D Profile,ย I Profile,ย S Profile and C Profile.

Whilst many companies attach words to the styles such as D for Dominance or I for Influencer, we prefer not to, as words on their own can be subjective as individuals can draw different conclusions and meanings from the same words.

The Four most common words used to identify disc styles are:

D – Dominance

I – Influencer

S – Steadiness

C – Compliance

Not every individual fits exactly into the four quadrants and some share the traits of two or more quadrants.ย  However, each individual does have a centre which is the DISC style they will default to under stress.ย ย 

In addition to their natural sales style, some individuals have an adjusted style or work mask. Whilst the natural style never changes, the work mask can change based on the individuals perceptions of what they need to do to be successful.ย 


4. What does DISC training do?

From a sales perspective a DISC sales profile has four main benefits as follows:

  1. DISC assessments help salespeople identify and understand their own personal DISC sales profile.ย  In addition to a 16 page report on their DISC sales style, each of our participants has the opportunity to book additional training and coaching.ย 

  2. DISC assessments helps salespeople understand different customer buying styles and quickly build stronger relationships with their customers, thus improving sales effectiveness.

  3. DISC assessments helps sales leaders understand the strengths and weaknesses of their sales team and identify where they will need the most support.

  4. DISC assessments helps sales leaders identify the best DISC sales profile among candidates as part of the hiring process.

5. How DISC training drives sales results

DISC sales does more than help improve communication and sales interactions. It empowers salespeople at every step of the sales process and gives each individual specific strategies they can use to improve their sales performance and the customer experience.

In sales we understand that each of us has a different way of selling and that’s what makes us unique. Without loosing our natural sales style, it’s important to acknowledge that our sales style will fit well with many customers, but it may not fit well with others.

Our DISC sales style, in certain circumstances may hurt us and negatively influence the prospect. By providing salespeople with their own disc sales profile you are enabling them to

  • Provide participants with the self knowledge and a deeper understanding of their own natural sales style.

  • Help participants explore their own natural strengths and weaknesses via the disc model.

  • Use the DISC sales model to quickly identify customers and their buying styles and then use that information to practice adapting their styles to each specific customer.

  • Discover specific strategies they can draw upon to improve sales interactions and further develop their own emotional intelligence.

  • Use DISC profiles by placing customers first and at the center of their communication style and build rapport fast.

  • Provide sales leaders with a disc sales map and list of sales priorities to help them manage, train and coach their sales team.

6. How much does DISC training cost?

Our DISC training costs ยฃ250 per person plus taxes and includes:

  • 1 x DISC sales assessment complete with in depth information in a 16 page report and a DISC sales profile.

  • 1 x Live, one on one training session delivered remotely with one of our DISC trainers.

  • For DISC sales of groups of 10 or more please contact us in advance.

We also provide DISC training on site, either on your premises, or at an external location of your choosing. Our workshops are highly interactive and designed to deliver the best possible DISC sales learning experience.
The DISC sales facilitation kit our trainers use is proprietary and not available to purchase.ย ย 

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