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What is a LinkedIn Workshop

A LinkedIn workshop is a training session that focuses on teaching people how to use LinkedIn effectively. This could include topics such as creating a strong profile, networking with others, and using LinkedIn to find job opportunities.

A LinkedIn workshop might be offered by a professional training organization, a college or university, or a company that provides social media training. It could be held in-person or online, and could be a single session or a series of sessions. The goal of a LinkedIn workshop is to help participants learn how to use LinkedIn to their advantage in their professional lives.

In this article we will cover...

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1. LinkedIn Workshops - Introduction

In today’s digital age, social selling is more relevant than ever. It’s about connecting and interacting with customers on social media networks and LinkedIn is the daddy of them all. LinkedIn is a platform with 720 million B2B decision makers that helps businesses find and create professional relationships.

Whilst originally designed as a job search platform for recruiters, LinkedIn is now the home of social selling and business development on the web.

Through our LinkedIn training workshops, you’ll learn all the strategies and tools to engage your exact target audience. Also, you’ll understand LinkedIn-specific features to develop professional connections and build both your personal, and your company’s presence on the platform.

In this post, we’ll discuss the basics of social selling on LinkedIn and how to get it right.

For details on LinkedIn training workshops and how you can book a workshop, please use visit the Book a Call page.

2. Create a professional LinkedIn profile

Your personal LinkedIn profile is like the landing page on a website. Not only does it showcase your personal brand, it acts to generate leads and new business for you. YourΒ LinkedIn profileΒ can be found by existing connections as well as potential clients, completing their due diligence before contacting you.

LinkedIn provides a handy wizard on sign up to help complete your professional profile. Be sure to go further than just adding your expertise and include details on your professional knowledge and interests.

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Personal Profile - LinkedIn Training Workshops

3. Build your Professional Network

Most people on LinkedIn simply connect with potential new clients and then forget about building relationships.

LinkedIn is a business networking platform so after you have connected with prospects you should continue to interact with them (not sell to them).

How do you do this? The basics are simple – Like, Share and Comment on their content.Β Β 

The reality is the harder you try and sell to someone, the more they will resist you, especially on LinkedIn.

4. Interact, Interact and then Interact some more

Most people are unsure of the best way to generate leads and win new business on LinkedIn.

The easiest way to explain this is to treat LinkedIn like traditional in-person networking – if you wouldn’t say it or do it in-person, then don’t do it online.

Not interacting on LinkedIn is like turning up to a traditional networking event and then sitting in the cloakroom all afternoon.

Once you’ve related your Ideal Client Profile to your target audience on LinkedIn, then you need to interact with them.

Network with fellow industry professionals and potential new clients and like, comment and share their content.

5. Focus on great content

Your marketing team should already be sharing insightful content via your company page on LinkedIn.

So, you should re-post this adding your own personal insights and tips.

Avoid over sharing sales content on your products and services, and instead, focus on industry content that is educational and helps position your company as the Subject Matter Experts.

We advocate no more than one piece of sales content every three posts, and a minimum of one piece of sales content every five posts.

If you don’t have your own content, you can curate content from other sites and share content from your own connections.

Linkedin Training Workshops
LinkedIn Training Workshops

6. Social Selling Techniques - serve before selling

In line with Emersons Law of Compensation on LinkedIn, givers gain.

Prospects will not buy from you until they know, like and trust you. If you want prospects to trust you, you must first give value. The LinkedIn platform is essentially a digital marketing platform that allows you to nurture prospects and potential clients.Β Β 

Yes, you can purchase a LinkedIn automation tool and run what we call scorched earth campaigns, but these tools damage your personal and company brand, as well as putting your account at risk of closure as they are against LinkedIn’s rules.

You should also be aware that when other users block you on LinkedIn, you are blocked for life, not just while you are employed in your current role. This makes success in future jobs much more difficult.

7. Create a Content Schedule

Posting content regularly is a great way to position your business on LinkedIn and a content schedule is an important part of your planning.

From our own experience, the maximum you should be posting content is 1 per day for national brands, and twice per day for international brands to cater for the time differences.Β 

The minimum we would recommend you use LinkedIn to post content in order to be successful is twice per week.

According to research from Hubspot the best times to post your sales and marketing content on LinkedIn is:

Between 12pm – 3pm, 3pm – 6pm, or 6pm – 9pm.

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

8. Build a Foundation

From a business development stance, unless you already have a strong social media presence, your tactics may not work in the short term.Β 

Think of LinkedIn as a mini-website where you place relevant information. That information is like seeds, and in order to benefit from those seeds, you must first feed and nurture them regularly.Β 

Don’t sow the seeds and turn up the next day expecting a Harvest. Why should potential customers do business with you from the start? Share content that explains why.

LinkedIn Workshops
LinkedIn Training Course

9. Evaluate what works

LinkedIn is a moving goal post and what works can change. In addition to the type of marketing content you post, evaluate the content type. Short Form vs Long Form, Video vs text, Carousel vs .PDF and Polls. You would be surprised at how different the results can be.

Comparing performance to a single image post with text:

Document posts get 2.2 to 3.4x more reach

Polls get 2.1 to 2.9x more reach

Carousel posts get 1.8 to 2.3x more reach

Text and multiple pictures (montage) gets 1.2 to 1.6 times more reach.

10. Training Format

As a company we believe in work-based learning. This teaching style focuses on getting learners out of the classroom and learning via doing.Β 

Our LinkedIn training is designed around your learning priorities and where possible, we adjust the training content to fit your needs.Β  Rather than theory based, each workshop provides a hands-on approach on how to use LinkedIn.Β 

Each training course is delivered either In-person, or remotely online via a one-day workshop, or half day workshop.

11. LinkedIn Workshops

Klozers provides LinkedIn training workshops both in-person and remotely online. Our LinkedIn training will give your team the comprehensive training they need to identify potential customers, connect with them. and sell to them as effectively and in as non spammy a way as possible.

Our Sales Trainers will help you design and deliver training workshops that are bespoke to your business.

Each session will build on the existing knowledge of your business development team and how they use LinkedIn. We provide ongoing support for your people and your leadership team to ensure you connect and talk to more potential new clients and generate real sales and revenue.

If you are interested and would like to find out more about our LinkedIn Training, you can book a call with one of our LinkedIn training specialists here.

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